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How To Get On A Game Show



Applying for Shows

Here’s a handy index on where to check for new casting notices over the web.

GSN Casting – For shows like The Chase, Chain Reaction and Skin Wars.
NBC Casting – For shows like American Ninja Warrior, Hollywood Game Night and if you really wanted to, The Voice.
Family Feud Casting – You can either apply online or in person.
Cast Iron Productions – Cast Iron Productions is one of the casting agencies that networks use for on-the-air and upcoming game show productions.
BuzzerBlog Casting – Whenever we get casting notices, we do our best to post about them here or on our Facebook page.


For most people, the road to getting on Jeopardy! starts with the Online Test. You can follow that link to see when the next online test will be. You can take a practice test by following this link.

The J-Archive is the best resource for Jeopardy! trivia. Every clue of the past season and almost every clue from the modern run of Jeopardy! exist, answers and questions, on this site. You’ll also find a wagering calculator for Final Jeopardy!.

Also, read over the archives at for in depth analysis from fans and former contestants alike.

If you want to test your buzzer speed, crank up the Jeopardy! home video game to its hardest difficulty.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Apply for the show. Millionaire generally has audition dates in NYC and select locations nationwide.

WWTBAM and Friends by Ludia has a lot of good material from the show to test yourself with.

It’s also not a bad idea to watch old episodes and learn from them. Millionaire’s writing style is obtuse, but critically thinking about each question and breaking down each question to its basic elements will get you very far in answering them confidently.

Wheel of Fortune

Apply for the show. Their online application lives at that previous link, but the Wheelmobile traverses the nation. Follow @WheelOfFortune on Twitter to find out their latest locations.

The absolute best source for Wheel of Fortune audition material is our good friends at Buy-A-Vowel Boards. They’ve compiled this incredibly exhaustive guide on how to excel with your limited time at Wheelmobile audition events, and one of their members has crafted this compendium of every puzzle from last season, which tend to get recycled in tests. So maybe memorize this list.

If you pass the Wheelmobile audition and get invited to a final audition, Buy-A-Vowel has you covered with this exhaustive guide for the final audition.

And, if you need a refresher on the alphabet, here’s a helpful toy that you may find useful.

The Chase

The book I used to study for the Chase was this Trivia Pursuit book. It was easy to go through and helped me get into a good mindset before I walked on stage.

I also used this Knowledge Trainer app to brush up on more difficult trivia, and to work on getting questions correctly quickly. It helped a lot, and I highly recommend it.

The last thing I used was the Chase app (although I used the UK version) to practice strategy for bringing money to the table and working on timing and speed to put the Chaser on the ropes. It helped.