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Fresh out the box. Stop—look and watch.

Watch: Victoria Wins $100,000 on Wheel of Fortune

May 18, 2021 |

Wheel of Fortune gave away one of its biggest prizes on Monday’s show.

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Watch: “The Price is Right” Contestant Sees Appearance for the First Time 63 Years Later

September 21, 2020 |

Watch the reactions and recollections of a Price is Right contestant seeing her appearance for the first time over six decades later.

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What to Expect from the New “Weakest Link”

September 14, 2020 |

Watch the first preview for the revival of Weakest Link, plus read about some changes to expect.

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Watch: Donald Fear Wins £1,000,000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

September 11, 2020 |

The British version of Millionaire just had its first winner in 14 years. Watch the winning moment!

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Watch: Ryan Almost Wins a Million on Press Your Luck

July 13, 2020 |

Last night’s Press Your Luck was one for the record books. Check out Ryan Basch’s exciting Big Bucks Bonanza round. This is why game shows are the best and there’s few better than Press Your Luck.Read More

Watch: Two Extremely Painful Overbids on “The Price is Right”

November 15, 2019 |

If you think the first overbid of $481 was rough, just wait for the second one.

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Watch: Intense Buzzer Beater Round on 25 Words or Less

November 13, 2019 |

Does Chad and his team get Fancy within the time limit to advance to the bonus round?

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Watch: Haydee’s Big Money Cards (Card Sharks)

June 29, 2019 |

Can someone make the Card Sharks theme available for purchase? Also wow what a bet.

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Watch: ABC’s Holey Moley Mixes Mini Golf with Wipeout…and We’re Excited

June 17, 2019 |

Extreme mini golf is going primetime on ABC June 20th.

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