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What we think of the things we think about.

Review: BattleBots

June 22, 2015 | 4

ABC brings on perfect summer fun with gears, sparks, and scrap.

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Review: BOOM!

June 21, 2015 |

Boom blows the other Fox summer game show offerings out of the water.

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Review: 500 Questions

May 18, 2015 | 15

ABC’s new quiz show is an unfortunate modern norm: a good game wrapped in poor, confusing production decisions.

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Review: 1000 Heartbeats

February 23, 2015 | 1

This unique quizzer takes concepts from everywhere and blends them into one engaging, fulfilling hour of television.

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Review: Perfection for iOS

January 7, 2015 |

Barnstorm Games continues to be the undisputed king of mobile game shows with another accurate translation: BBC’s Perfection.

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Review: Sports Jeopardy!

September 24, 2014 | 22

Dan Patrick’s ready for the majors, but Sports Jeopardy! is still in Spring Training.

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Review: Celebrity Name Game

September 23, 2014 | 8

Game shows should strive to be as fun, engaging, and enjoyable as Celebrity Name Game.

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Review: Idiotest

August 13, 2014 | 9

How many letters are in the alphabet? If you answered “11”, then this is the show for you.

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Review: Pawnography (History)

July 11, 2014 | 4

It’s just like Win Ben Stein’s Money. Just without most of the fun until the end.

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