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Moschino’s Winter 2019 Show Was Inspired By The Price is Right

February 26, 2019 |

Models on rotating turntables holding price placards—and someone dressed as a TV dinner?! Read More

Card Sharks Next in Line for Reboot; Now Casting

February 25, 2019 |

Card Sharks looks to be the next show potentially coming back from the dead. A revival is now casting.

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Black and White Price is Right Coming to Buzzr

February 25, 2019 |

TV listings for Buzzr are showing the 1950s-era Price is Right will be arriving this March.

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Press Your Luck Revival Now Casting

February 21, 2019 |

The Whammies are back and coming to ABC!

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Nickelodeon Revives “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”

February 14, 2019 |

WWE star John Cena will host the second revival of the popular game show.

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NBC Orders Series of UK Game Show Small Fortune

February 12, 2019 |

The big-money little-set game show hosted by Dermot O’Leary is coming to NBC.

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Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour Appears on Buzzr

February 1, 2019 |

The digital sub-channel has a four-hour marathon of the obscure show scheduled for February 17.

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WATCH: This is What Losing a Million Dollars in Half a Second Looks Like

January 12, 2019 |

Wheel of Fortune was just about as painful as it gets last night.

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Watch: Painful $2 Showcase Overbid on The Price is Right

January 3, 2019 |

Today’s Showcases result from The Price is Right are just about as painful as it gets.

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Netflix to Launch Sleep Deprivation Game Show Awake

January 2, 2019 |

Netflix is continuing to diversify their portfolio with a studio-based traditional game show.

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