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The Loot, The Warrant: Exploring the Myth of the Lost Carmen Sandiego, Part 2

The Loot, The Warrant: Exploring the Myth of the Lost Carmen Sandiego, Part 2
Christian Carrion

I reached out to Bob Boden.

If there was ever a true friend to game shows, Bob “TV Bob” Boden is the one. A native New Yorker, UCLA graduate and fellow game show expert, Bob parlayed his lifelong love of the television game show into a career during which he’s supervised and helped develop shows like Family Game Night, Russian Roulette, To Tell The Truth, Cram, Lingo, Friend or Foe, Scrabble Showdown, Don’t Forget The Lyrics, Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck, Family Feud, and Funny You Should Ask. Bob was the co-creator of the FOX big-money quiz game Greed, as well as the executive producer of GSN’s Emmy-nominated The Chase, on which he was kind enough to cast me as a contestant in 2013. He’s currently the Executive Vice President of Production and Development for Byron Allen’s company Entertainment Studios. 

Bob has also been a friend to Buzzerblog for about as long as Buzzerblog has been around. He’s been supportive of all of our various endeavors, and cheerfully so. Bob even helped us develop an original game show format and optioned it from us through his independent production company. It’s a good story. I’ll tell you sometime.

I emailed Bob.

Hey Bob—

Hope you and your family are well. Curious to know how much involvement, if any, did you have in the production/planning/etc. of the original Carmen Sandiego series back in the 90s? I’m working on a piece about lost media for Buzzerblog, and one particular episode of this series (with a contestant injury) has been mentioned to me many times…interested to know if you could provide some insight.

Hope to hear from you soon!

– Christian.

Within the hour, Bob replied:

Hey Christian—

Nice to hear from you! All good by me, I hope you too.

I had nothing to do with WITWICS, but I’m good friends with Howard Blumenthal, who created and produced it.  If you don’t know him, I’m happy to make the connection for you. No need to involve Jim McKay or Gene Rayburn.

Let me know. Stay safe.

All the best,

With heartfelt gratitude for his beautifully obscure game show pun, I said:

That would be wonderful. I’d be very appreciative of that, Bob. Thank you so much!

Bob emailed me back, again within the hour, but this time with a new email address included:


Say a virtual hello. Howard, Christian is a game show expert and enthusiast, and one of the principles of my go-site for game show information, Buzzerblog.  Christian, Howard is a long-time friend who happens to have created and produced Carmen Sandiego, so there is nobody better to handle your inquiry.  I know that you two will hit it off, and I now pass this off to you…

Continued in part 3.

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