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Game Show Debut Week, Part Two, Begins Today

Game Show Debut Week, Part Two, Begins Today
Alex Davis

Price is Right, Let’s Make A Deal, and Celebrity Name Game are all back today.

If last week’s onslaught of new game shows wasn’t enough for you, this week makes is even bigger. CBS’s daytime block and the newest syndicated game entry are back for new seasons, each with a few changes you’ll want to keep your eyes posted for.

Celebrity Name Game returns in syndication today, check your local listings. Emmy-winning host Craig Ferguson returns, and if the preview videos are anything to go by this season is going to get more weird and funny, stretching the boundaries of the genre more. If you’re fans of Craig Ferguson’s old talk show you’ll know that this is an awfully good thing. The game, where teams of contestants partner with a celebrity and try to guess famous people, places, or things based on descriptions, returns mostly the same.

Let’s Make A Deal is back on CBS Daytime today (check your local listings). The show’s biggest addition for premiere week is the Mega Deal, where lucky contestants can trade the Big Deal of the Day for a chance to win every prize on the show for the day. Each day it’s not won, the chances get easier for the next day. Beyond a change in studio which may bring some set tweaks, the same show you know and love is back.

The Price is Right, 11AM ET on CBS, may excite people most. This week is Decades week, where each day presents a new era of Price, from the 70s to today. The set and stars will be dressed to fit the decade. Watch out because a brand new game, Vend-O-Price, also debuts. The show has a new, very cool home base area as well.

Lots to watch today. What are you looking forward to?


  1. Darkbeer

    Some of what I took away today…
    First off, I like the new “Home Base” for TPIR, it does add some pop to the set.
    Second, wow, I loved the use of the original music, it was interesting listening to it on my HDTV Stereo system, made me appreciate the Stereo feature, but glad they opted to run the Mono feed, especially the opening segment, and all the old music. Also they did a great job on the period outfits, and show some history, such as the “opening speech” that Drew Carey read that was the same words that Bob Barker said on episode one, and that the first game was Any Number. Should be a fun rest of the week…
    As for LMAD, well, they got shrunk, a lot of changes have been happening at the Sunset Bronson Studios in LA (Home of KTLA), and looks like the construction forced LMAD to move down the road to Raleigh Studios, The Audience is a lot smaller, as are the curtains/doors and many of the props have been “shrunk” to match the size of the new studio. The smaller audience might be a benefit for the show in logistics, but I presume some games, like the winding road contest will no longer be offered due to smaller pathways. As for the Mega Deal, I do like the fact the make the contestant pick which one they would choose before opening the doors, so you still get the reveal if the contestant doesn’t pick the big deal. But still, one out of 7, and gets one less each day it isn’t won during the week still leaves a 1 in 3 chance on Friday IF the contestant wins the Big Deal (and nobody won the Mega Deal earlier in the week), So not the best odds, since only one or 2 should be offered the chance to go for it, and the fact that no cash is part of the “all merchandise prizes”, but if they do it for a few weeks during the year, we might get lucky with a big winner.
    But it is a lot different than when my Uncle used to be a Cameraman for LMAD with Monty Hall when it was filmed at ABC in Hollywood. (Another studio long gone…)
    So far, the positives are much higher than the negatives for the LMAD/TPIR block.

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