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Watch: First Look at Millionaire with Chris Harrison

Alex Davis

The suspense, the classic play, and the incredibly dark set are back.

In just a few weeks, the new season of Who Wants to be a Millionaire with host Chris Harrison launches. On September 14th viewers can expect to see many changes beyond the host. The classic format, with escalating money values and question difficulty, returns, as well as the 50:50 Lifeline.

Want to preview what you’ll be seeing come mid-September? Take a look above at your first promo for Millionaire. It’s definitely got a different vibe this year. They’re stressing the drama, tension, and return of what made the show the phenomenon it became. From our nerdy viewpoint it also looks like the set gets awfully dark on the bigger money levels, mimicking the set blackouts from the previous seasons. We’ve missed those the last few years.

Excited for the new season?


  1. Joe Birdsong

    I’m a big fan of comedian hosted game shows… when the format calls for it. Millionaire, at it’s heart, it’s soul, has always been about the drama of life changing money. So I’m very pleased they went with a traditional host. Given his reality background, he should do great and building the suspense on those final answers.

    It looks like they played with some of the color palette with the lights, and I’m hoping they aren’t afraid to flat out turn them off for those higher level questions. Part of the fun of the old show was that the elaborate set could magically disappear once the contestant hit $250,000 and up.

    I don’t mind they retained the standing positions, I think it will had an extra kick of energy that had always been lacking when the contestant just sat and looked down at a screen. It is a slight bummer to see the music is still the new stuff. It isn’t horrible, but it can be repetitive. Now that we know questions will get progressively harder, maybe they can tinker with it so the chords go slightly up for each question, like they used to do.

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