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Susan Campagnone Wins $1,000,000 on Monopoly Millionaires’ Club

Alex Davis

A second person has entered the Monopoly Millionaires’ Club.

The syndicated game show Monopoly Millionaires’ Club is giving away big money quickly. The series gave away its second million dollar top prize this weekend. Susan Campagnone, a grandmother from Cranston, Rhode Island, won $1,000,000 on the Billy Gardell-hosted game.

Susan gambled the $25,000 she won earlier in the show for the chance to play the big Monopoly board. To win, Susan had to circle the board once in five rolls, landing exactly on Go. However, she landed on a Chance space which presented four cards. She managed to pick the one that says Advance To Go, avoiding Go To Jail, and claimed the million dollar top prize. Her audience section also split $200,000.

Take a look at the big win above.

Christopher Jackson of Atlanta was the first winner, landing exactly on Go. You can check that out here.


  1. Darkbeer

    Does anyone know how many “players” besides the main contestant sits in each section? Just curious how the $200,000 has to be split…

  2. brianboyko

    What I find interesting about MMC is that it really is one of the best *designed* games out there. It’s got a similar dynamic to “Deal or No Deal” with the picking of random numbers and the idea of expected value, but there *is* skill involved in the games. In a way, it’s impossible to play Deal or No Deal poorly because the banker always makes an offer slightly lower than expected value (EV), whereas there are scenarios in many of the games where the expected value has to be calculated (and since I don’t see pen and paper, players must do it in their heads.) This is a game for people who really know how to calculate EV.

    Of course, since the game only selects *lottery winners* as contestants, by default, the entire contestant pool has been self-selected as to be people who don’t make EV calculations.

    I’d love to see this show on a network, funded by advertising, rather than being funded by state lotteries. I think the production is absolutely DAMN well done, the hosting is really well done (and was a brilliant choice, considering the “High Roller/Vegas” feel of the rest of the game.) Damn good show.

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