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Watch: Kyle Sweeps the Bonus Board on Celebrity Name Game

Alex Davis

This is why Craig Ferguson won an Emmy.

It finally happened yesterday on Celebrity Name Game. For the first time a contestant swept a round, clearing all 10 topics in 45 seconds. It also came at a great time…in the end game. Kyle played perfectly with Cat Deeley and Ross Matthews and beat the bonus round himself, winning him and his partner Ray $20,000 which they hope to use on a wedding.

There’s still time to kill at the end of the episode, though. What does Craig do? Craig tricks Ray into thinking Kyle got none and has to beat it himself. It’s a great moment and shows why Craig won the Emmy for best host and why he (and the show) deserve so much more recognition. Take a look above.

By the way, if they look familiar, it’s because this is Second Chance Week where former contestants come back for another shot at $20,000. This pair had another memorable moment earlier this season with a round regarding Joseph-Gordon Levitt and a threesome. Re-watch it below.



  1. C Brian Devinney

    Good job, Kyle and Ray (okay Kyle.. LOL) and Craig Fergy deserves ALL the awards!

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