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GSN Revives Chain Reaction

GSN Revives Chain Reaction

New episodes are set to debut later this year.

GSN is reviving yet another of its older original series. Chain Reaction is set to make a comeback later this year. These will be the first episodes since 2007. 40 new episodes have been ordered. Sony Pictures Television, who owns a majority of GSN, is producing the series and Vincent Rubino, who was behind GSN’s The Newlywed Game and CBS’s Million Dollar Password, will produce the series this go-around. Host of the original GSN version, Dylan Lane, is not expected to return.

Each half-hour episode features teams competing to link words together in a chain. Each word above or below links to the current one in some way. GSN’s version ran for two seasons, from 2006 to 2007. This itself was a revival of an NBC version which aired in 1980 hosted by Bill Cullen.

The host or airdate has not been announced yet, but it will debut sometime in 2015. GSN is already airing a revival of one of their originals from the same time period, Baggage, Wednesdays at 10:00PM ET.


  1. Wayne_Stevens

    This time around, can we please not have the host ask the flying spaghetti monster if the contestant is correct after every guess? The host can just as easily say yes or no as some unseen entity pushing a bell or a buzzer.

  2. Steve H.

    Get rid of that stupid gambling round and just make the 4th round worth $400 each.

  3. I feel like one of the few who thought Dylan Lane worked well with the format. Chain Reaction isn’t exactly frenetic, as far as game shows go, and Dylan’s relaxed, conversational style of hosting worked well. If he grew out of his awkwardness a little, they’d be a perfect match.

    I fear GSN is going to make another casting decision that places too much of the emphasis on the host, like Bill Engvall hosting Lingo.

  4. wkyken

    Alex, you mentioned that Sony owns the format. Does that include the “Go!” end game?

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