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Whispers: UK Quiz Pointless Coming to America?

Whispers: UK Quiz Pointless Coming to America?

Pointless trophies could be handed out to Americans soon.

Thanks to reader Nicholas Todor for forwarding this conversation on Twitter from Chaser Mark Labbett. Labbett may have confirmed an American adaptation of the quiz show Pointless in the works for 2015.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but it’s a nice thought to know we may be getting another import since the success of The Chase.

For those who haven’t seen an episode of Pointless, check out the episode below. The premise is simple: Each question on the show was asked to 100 people for 100 seconds prior to filming. Teams try to come up with correct answers that the fewest people said in the survey. The lower the score, the better. A “Pointless” answer is an answer none of the 100 people said.


  1. Josh Woo

    Oh please let this happen. I won’t go into the whole host speculation debate yet (it’s still far too early) but PLEASE let this happen.

  2. Kevin Solomon

    This is SUCH a good show! Really hope it comes over!

  3. DC

    Agreed, I liked the format and the concept. They will probably tweak it a bit, but, hopefully not too much. Have to wonder if they’ll make it “high stakes” somehow (guess that depends on if it is coming over as a daytime or prime time concept). I could see a “ladder” type of game though (maybe after a head to head round) where you have to get lower and lower #’s to advance to the next money “rung”, with the final being having to get a “pointless” answer for whatever the top prize is (somewhere between $250k-$1m).

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