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Watch: David Gives the Greatest Clue in Game Show History on Celebrity Name Game

“I told you to watch the mouth”

There’s really not a lot that can be said about this clip from Celebrity Name Game. You just need to watch. David has to describe, “folks famous for being a traitor or tattletale.” Deep Throat was one of the identities.

I don’t know if it was David’s enthusiastic motions or his sound effects, but this is up in the list of tops clues ever given on a game show. Just…watch.


  1. Kevin Solomon

    I try not to use the word “epic” loosely, but in terms of hilarity….


  2. Netstryke

    Poor Steve Harvey might’ve fainted at the sight if this was The Feud! This moment might just have saved Celebrity Name Game!!

  3. Brandon Taylor

    Somewhere, Dick Clark must have been rolling in his grave. Whether he was laughing or covering his ears… that part I don’t know. And Gilbert Gottfried… He must have been yelling, “YOU FOOL! YOU FOOL! YOU FOOL!” at the guy.

    That was CHAOTIC, was what THAT was.

  4. Josh Miller


  5. TheOriginalDonald

    Lisa Ann thinks that guy was a LITTLE TOO INTO WHAT HE WAS DOING!

  6. Mike Santonato

    I credit Margaret Cho for keeping probably the second-most composed face (besides Craiggie) of the non-players in that clip…

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