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Watch: David Gives the Greatest Clue in Game Show History on Celebrity Name Game

“I told you to watch the mouth”

There’s really not a lot that can be said about this clip from Celebrity Name Game. You just need to watch. David has to describe, “folks famous for being a traitor or tattletale.” Deep Throat was one of the identities.

I don’t know if it was David’s enthusiastic motions or his sound effects, but this is up in the list of tops clues ever given on a game show. Just…watch.

  • Kevin Solomon

    I try not to use the word “epic” loosely, but in terms of hilarity….


  • Netstryke

    Poor Steve Harvey might’ve fainted at the sight if this was The Feud! This moment might just have saved Celebrity Name Game!!

  • Brandon Taylor

    Somewhere, Dick Clark must have been rolling in his grave. Whether he was laughing or covering his ears… that part I don’t know. And Gilbert Gottfried… He must have been yelling, “YOU FOOL! YOU FOOL! YOU FOOL!” at the guy.

    That was CHAOTIC, was what THAT was.

  • Josh Miller


  • TheOriginalDonald

    Lisa Ann thinks that guy was a LITTLE TOO INTO WHAT HE WAS DOING!

  • Mike Santonato

    I credit Margaret Cho for keeping probably the second-most composed face (besides Craiggie) of the non-players in that clip…