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Ken Jennings Plays Who Wants to be a Millionaire November 14th

Ken Jennings Plays Who Wants to be a Millionaire November 14th

The game show legend will attempt to be the first person to beat the game in over ten years.

Ken Jennings is back to beat one more quiz show. The former Jeopardy! champion will play a special edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire starting Friday, November 14th, and finishing Monday, November 17th.

Ken plays during the show’s Guinness World Records Edition themed week. Ken is currently the second biggest winner in US game show history. During his run on Jeopardy! Ken won 74 games, beat 149 opponents, and won over $2.5 million. Now he just needs to answer 14 questions correctly to take home another million and end this decade-plus-long drought.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire has mostly been in a rut, winnings-wise, over the past few seasons. No one has beat the game since May 2003. The last person to win a million, during the special “Tournament of Ten” which guaranteed a winner, was 2009.

It looks like this could be Millionaire‘s last season potentially, and if anyone can give us one more winner before they close shop, it’s Ken.  Fingers crossed.


  1. ooboh

    Millionaire was basically asking for this, seeing as they haven’t had a proper millionaire in 10+ years.

  2. Kevin L. Montgomery

    If Ken had won Jeopardy’s “Battle Of The Decades”, he wouldn’t be doing this. I think he’s just doing this to one-up Brad Rutter and to make people forget that Brad “pwned” him in both the Ultimate ToC and Battle Of The Decades. The IBM Challenge doesn’t count because that whole thing was fixed from the get go.

  3. Wayne_Stevens

    notice how this is a carryover contestant on a friday? they never do that. they want an extra few days of buzz.

    if he is first up on friday, that means he will at least see the $500k question on monday. if he is after someone else on friday, well im sure he’ll make it to level two.

    he chickened out on 5th grader, and i’ll guess he’ll do the same here.

    my prediction is a 250k win after walking from the sight of the 500k question on monday.

  4. Brandon Taylor

    How can it have been fixed? IBM was just that good.

  5. David Howell

    With that sort of technology it was basically a case of when Watson was ready for primetime (well, early evening syndication technically). The aim was probably for the challenge to take place when Watson would be able to give them a game; turned out it was a blowout at the buzzer.

    To answer the previous post, it’s pretty obvious that this is the chase at Rutter. (In any case, I thought Jennings was already ahead after his $500k win on Fifth Grader – a result I expect him to duplicate here. I’d have given him a decent shot at the million when there were two jumps – then he’d only have needed two of the final four assuming he made it safely through the first tier – but now he needs three.)

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