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Ratings: Family Feud Continues Rise to the Top

Ratings: Family Feud Continues Rise to the Top

Watch your backs, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!.

In 2010 John O’Hurley was just wrapping up his run on Family Feud, with the show on the verge of cancellation and around a 1.5 rating. Did you think that we’d possibly see it become the most watched game show in the country? As of the ratings report for the week ending October 12th, it’s only 0.6 points behind toppling Wheel of Fortune to become number one.

Feud is currently standing at a 5.8. That’s a 35% increase year-to-date. That places it only 0.4 points behind Jeopardy! (6.2) and 0.6 behind Wheel of Fortune (6.4) in total viewers. In the important women 25-54 demographic, Family Feud is now the most watched show in the country. It beat Judge Judy, 3.0 to a 2.9.

Watch out for the next few weeks. Feud has bee getting a good amount of attention recently due to some viral moments and that tends to help the figures. It stands an actual shot at being the most watched game show in the country by the end of the year.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire is starting to look like it’s coming to a close. The most recent figure is 1.9, down 5%. Couple that with the fact that the show’s current renewal period ends this season and ABC has announced a new hour-long talk show with Tyra Banks, and it’s just not looking good, sadly. Celebrity Name Game managed to get some good news, though. It’s up 9% to a 1.2 and is tied with The Meredith Vieira Show for the second best rookie show of the year, only losing to court show Hot Bench by 0.3.


  1. David Downs

    As much as I complain about how often it’s rerun elsewhere (which isn’t Feud’s fault, admittedly), this shows just how having a good host with energy and how having great promotion can propel a show. That’s something Wheel has lacked in recent years, and it shows in the product, which, with only some exceptions, has become quite tedious to watch the last five years (at least for me).

    Hopefully Feud keeps this roll going, and maybe inspires the competition to try harder, too.

  2. Kevin L. Montgomery

    Steve Harvey turned FF into a show full of sexual innuendo and tasteless jokes. That’s why I don’t watch it anymore. Pretty soon, viewers will get tired of it and the show will finally get cancelled. I cannot believe you actually enjoy watching this crap, David.

  3. David Downs

    I simply said that they keep getting higher ratings, which could force Sony to try harder to maintain their position. That doesn’t mean I’m a regular viewer. I’d love to see Wheel and Jeopardy remain on top, but if viewers prefer something else, then their voice will be heard. Will Steve’s act grow old eventually? Probably. But I’m just glad a show is out there to push the competition, which (in theory) will raise all the shows up down the line.

  4. I still believe that viewers will eventually get tired of the adult humor and horrible gameplay. The families they have on these days are so dumb. I agree with you on the point that Wheel & Jeopardy need some fresh ideas to stay on top of the ratings, especially Wheel. I believe that the Prize Puzzle round really stinks. There are rumors that Alex Trebek may retire from Jeopardy in a couple of years; maybe a new host could energize that show. I’m glad Trebek brought back his famous mustache at the start of this season. I hope he keeps it.

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