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Channel 4 Pilots Yalli Productions Format Who Gets Nothing

Channel 4 Pilots Yalli Productions Format Who Gets Nothing

Would you agree to take home nothing while others win tens of thousands of pounds?

That’s the question Channel 4 is asking with their newest pilot. Yalli Productions is recording a pilot of the format Who Gets Nothing for the network at the start of November. The game is a mix of the former Fox reality game Unan1mous and ITV’s past quiz show Divided.

In Who Gets Nothing, contestants will compete to win a share of the prize fund. The catch is it will be divided into ten unequal amounts. It can be anything up to £500,000. However, one share with be £0.

Over the course of an hour the contestants have to decide how the money will be shared between them and who gets nothing. All the money must be divided by the end of the final round. If they can’t agree and it’s not, the team leaves with nothing.

The series was commissioned for Channel 4 by Madeleine Knight.


  1. John Burkhart

    Divided was awful, this will be no better. I hate the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

  2. bencalebrod .

    Agreed. It’s obvious that pretty much every team will leave with nothing, as no one will agree to leave with nothing just so total strangers will leave with thousnads.

  3. Keshihead

    Yes, I absolutely HATED Divided as well with how greedy some players were, refusing to budge from taking the biggest share and letting them all go away with something, so to make it ten people and have one of them leave with nothing WILL leave many a bad taste in the mouth

  4. ooboh

    I liked Divided, but I would’ve liked it way more if they had ditched the prisoner’s dilemma.

  5. Kevin L. Montgomery

    This show would fail miserably in America…

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