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Fall 2015 Syndication Offerings Include Mind of a Man, What’s My Line, and More

Fall 2015 Syndication Offerings Include Mind of a Man, What’s My Line, and More

Networks are looking to games for the Fall 2015 season.

The Fall 2014 season just started but we’re already looking ahead to the Fall 2015 season. TVNewsCheck named some upcoming developments in syndication, some known and some complete surprises, as viable syndicated sitcoms, a major winner for local stations, are few and far between today.

Sony Pictures Television is pitching the cancelled GSN game show Mind of a Man, hosted by original host DeRay Davis. The series ended after one season this year. Sony is pitching it as a companion to Family Feud, but as we’ve seen from Celebrity Name Game‘s so-so ratings, that doesn’t necessarily mean a winner.

As we previously announced, Fremantle and Debmar-Mercury is developing a revival of the classic panel game What’s My Line. A pilot was done recently. No news has come since then, though. Not syndicated but Fremantle is at MIPCOM this week pitching a primetime revival of To Tell The Truth as well.

At this time Monopoly Millionaire’s Club, the new syndicated lottery game show, has been picked up in 95% of the country. The series will tie in with a new lottery ticket and each show lets one lucky player win up to $1,000,000 on the famous Monopoly board.

Not only is Celebrity Name Game‘s outlook not good, but Who Wants to be a Millionaire may be on the chopping block. The series is only renewed through this season and Terry Crews hasn’t helped ratings. It’s down in viewers 18-49 year-to-year and just flat in 25-54, so be on the lookout.

There may be more help coming, though. TVNewsCheck says CBS is considering a revival of Hollywood Squares, last seen ten years ago. NBC also has Hollywood Game Night, recently renewed for a third primetime season, in its arsenal for consideration.

Comedy games are the big thing now due to Family Feud‘s surge. The show is now the number one game show in demographics, and is less than a point away from being overall number one in viewers.


  1. Pierre Jason Kelly

    Moam in 2015? I was guessing Idiotest by 2016 if it gets cancelled.

  2. Wayne_Stevens

    uh, yeah, all you station owners…you see we have this sorta game show that failed miserably on a network marketed to those that love game shows…you want a piece of the action? You know you do…

  3. Mike Santonato

    CBS must’ve seen how Hip Hop Squares did on MTV2, and think the original can come back. Casting TBD…also, how about Australia’s M$M as “Big Money Minute”? Basically an all-cash SOTC as they have it…

  4. Darryl Heine

    Do you think the 2015 CBS revival of Hollywood Squares might replace either “The Price is Right” (after 43 seasons) or the network’s 2 remaining soaps (either “Young and the Restless” or “The Bold and the Beautiful”), but not “The Talk” or “Let’s Make a Deal”?

  5. TheOriginalDonald

    Mike Rowe MUST host What’s My LIne?!

  6. David Downs

    I doubt that Squares (or any other show) would be network-exclusive. It’d work better as a syndicated show IMO.

  7. DeVares M. Moore

    I think CBS is pitching H2 for syndication.

  8. DeVares M. Moore

    Who is surprised that Millionaire’s on the brink of cancellation? And, it’s not really Terry Crews’s fault. It’s that dreaded move to Connecticut that’s gonna be the fatal blow to the show (Ask Deal or No Deal how that move worked out for them). As for Name Game, its problem is getting A-list celebrities to play the game. It’s all celebrities that haven’t done anything in a while.

  9. Darryl Heine

    Is this the last season for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in syndication? And will Steve Harvey come back for his 6th. Family Feud season?

  10. Wayne_Stevens

    How is this the fault of Connecticut? I really doubt anyone cares where the show is filmed because while watching, it looks just like a TV soundstage where a show would take place. Doesn’t matter if it’s in New Mexico or the old one.

    The show is failing because nobody has won the game in more than 10 years. For a few of those years, the writing was just horrible enough to keep the game impossible to win.

    The last three seasons, and this one, the writing has been much better and the game much more possible to play. However, they keep putting on the most moronic contestants that burn lifelines even when blatantly given the answer within the question.

    Really, did we have such horrible contestants during the Regis era when it was a random drawing from a phone in test? I’d have to say no. This show can easily go back to the original format of fastest finger with ten contestants. Then they can give a test to everyone, and any who pass can be in the contestant pool for a random draw. Bring ten to the studio per taping day as they tape an entire week in a single day. Have those ten in fastest finger to determine who comes up next to the hot seat. Keep the writing the way it has been the past few years and the show is back to being great to watch.

    Too little, too late I’m afraid.

  11. Matthew Brewer

    I just want to say this, if Squares does comes back next year… it would be perfect as the 2015-2016 season would help the show celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary!!! (I know the show started in 1966 but if you count the pilot, it would be 50 years since the concept was made)

  12. ImHomerJay

    Connecticut? No one outside of hard-core geeks knows, let alone cares, about it being in Connecticut. The show is visually indistinguishable. The show had a nice decade-plus run, and reached the end of its lifecycle, at least for now. That’s not the host’s fault, nor the city’s.

    The show is a goner, with the ABC owned stations picking up the latest chat-fest from the corporate family.

  13. Kevin L. Montgomery

    Mind Of A Man didn’t work on cable, and it sure as hell won’t work in syndication…

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