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Watch: The Price is Right Revamps Clock Game

Watch: The Price is Right Revamps Clock Game

One of The Price is Right‘s oldest games is getting a makeover.

If you missed Cory’s post on our Facebook today, you’ll want to watch below.  Executive producer Mike Richards teased a classic game would be refurbished for the CBS game show’s 43rd season.  Price revealed to Yahoo TV today that the game is Clock Game. The classic pricing game will receive a 21st century makeover which you can watch in full this Friday, September 26th.

The Price is Right pricing game “Clock Game” has been in rotation since September 1972. Beyond a new coat of paint, the game has always stayed the same. This is its first major set change since the game’s inception over 40 years ago. The rules won’t change same so fans will have no issue getting into the gear of this. Click here to take a look, courtesy Yahoo TV.

Clock Game 2014

Image courtesy Yahoo TV

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  1. Brad G

    Does anyone else notice a similarity between this new design and “Countdown” (especially the font)? It’s weird, but I like it!

  2. Brad G

    By the font, I mean the 1996 logo/titles. I know it’s different now.

  3. CarShark

    It’s looks like Zsa Zsa Gabor’s stopwatch.

  4. Devin de Gruyl

    Now if only George would give us the value of the bonus prize, we’d be golden…

  5. Netstryke

    Clocky got Tricked Out! I love the fact they kept the original title font. it’s been brought up to modern times. Now… Can 3 Strikes be next?

  6. John C

    Personally I don’t like it at all. It looks like Magic # had a child with a bathroom scale

  7. The Starkman

    They kept the font but made it look like a giant stopwatch…love it…should have been done years ago

  8. No More Political Parties

    Probably a lot of crying and strokes over at Golden Road.

  9. TheOriginalDonald


  10. LJ Johnson

    It actually looks pretty good. I appreciate that they kept the title font the same.

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