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Watch: Sneak Peek at Sports Jeopardy!

Watch the first few questions from Wednesday’s premiere of the Jeopardy! spinoff.

Wednesday, September 24th, sees the launch of Sports Jeopardy! on Crackle. The show pits three contestants against each other to see who knows the most about the world of sports using the Jeopardy! format. At stake is a $5,000 prize and the chance to play a $50,000 final match at the end of the season. Dan Patrick hosts.

Before the debut of the eagerly anticipated quiz show, Crackle has posted a preview of game play so you can see what to expect. The good news is if you’re not a gigantic sports junkie, there are still questions to play along with so don’t feel excluded. Take a look above.

You can watch the show on Crackle’s website or any streaming service where Crackle is provided, like Apple TV, Roku, smart TV apps, or anywhere else. Sports Jeopardy! is the first of its kind streaming-only game show with actual broadcast production values and prizes so our fingers are crossed that it’s a huge success so we can have more of these pop up.

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  1. The Starkman

    Still don’t like the 4 per category but he is keeping more to the jeopardy cadence as I expected…which is good will watch but not sure if it will be a repeat viewing…better than I was expecting when I heard only 4 questions per category to “Let dan be dan” questions are also challenging enough.

  2. Genuine question out curiosity. What difference in the enjoyment of the game does 4 or 5 questions make? I don’t see how that will affect anything from a viewer standpoint in terms of fun and enjoyment. They don’t have the budget of the syndicated show, nor the time (web shoes the length of TV shows won’t work). They had to do something. Seems more than fine really.

  3. Brad G

    I have the Scene-It ESPN Sports Edition game, which Dan Patrick hosts. He’s actually an excellent game show host and it shows here. I’m looking forward to watching this series.

  4. The Starkman

    watching the episode the issue is how long dan is taking, if it was only 20 minutes that’s fine but he’s going almost groucho length with the contestant interviews…he’s good and its not as bad as I feared…but these are looonnng amounts of downtime and that’s my issue, have a 5th question have more gameplay

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