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Wheel of Fortune Premieres Sept 15th with Teachers Week

On September 15th, Wheel of Fortune kicks off its 32nd season with Teachers Week.

All the contestants will be teachers spinning the Wheel for the new higher dollar amounts and ultimately hoping to play for the $1 Million grand prize.

DanHWtc Minimums have been increased on both the Wheel and bonus round wheel for the new season. The new minimum on the Wheel is $500, up from $300, and the new bonus round wheel now gives contestants a chance at a minimum of $32,000 in cash or a new car. EDITOR’S NOTE: Why $32,000? It’s because it’s the 32nd season. Now stop asking.

Also, during a puzzle with the “Same Letter” category, when a contestant calls the “same letter” in the puzzle, they will have an additional $1000 added to their total.

Fun stuff coming up ahead. Critics are claiming that not enough is being done to the Wheel to spice things up. What do you think?


  1. Myke25

    Two things I’d like to see someday:
    1) Raise the cost of buying a vowel. Except for the dark days on CBS Daytime, the cost of a vowel has stayed at $250. That is now half the value of the minimum dollar amount on the wheel. I think making vowels cost $1,000 would lead to more strategy and make vowel purchases less automatic after the first spin. (Besides, IMO, only sissies buy vowels!)
    2) Keep the $2,500 and $3,500 wedges on the wheel for the rest of the show. Too often, the player who wins the Prize Puzzle wins the game. Keeping one or two higher-dollar wedges around might make things more competitive.

    Why $32,000? Seems like an odd amount. $30,000 was fine.

  2. pacdude

    Because it’s the 32nd season.

  3. Wayne_Stevens

    1. Get rid of the “ooh, you won round three, here, have a bonus round”. Way too often, whoever wins the prize puzzle wins the game, and it’s even worse now that we have the wedge that allows the player to keep going without spinning the wheel.

    2. Find a way to have the puzzle on the screen more often. With all the slick editing to allow for more puzzles and more commercial creep, the puzzle isn’t shown nearly as long as in prior years.

  4. Josh Woo

    The wheel’s minimum is up from $300, actually, but…technicalities. It’s still higher, and making me a little jealous. I kept hitting what’s now that yellow $700 when it was still $400…I could’ve had an extra $300 per letter!

    –Season 31 contestant who still won the game without winning the Prize Puzzle

    (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

  5. Chris K

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Fix the rules so that the prize from the Prize Puzzle is just a bonus, and does NOT count towards the final total.

  6. MarioGS

    “Wheel Inflation”… They did it wrong. Nobody had a problem with $300 as the minimum. People have been asking for years now to close the huge gap between $900 and $5000 and they STILL haven’t done it. Now the arrangement of values is pretty boring. Plus, any one consonant now gives you enough money for two vowels. This was the perfect opportunity to change the cost to at least $500, but now they deserve to be more like $750.

    And the biggest flaw with last season wasn’t fixed… having the Express Wedge with the Prize Puzzle at all times. The Prize Puzzle just needs to go. Nobody likes it (except for maybe the people who win it), and the puzzles that come with it usually make me cringe, plus the trips are often way too expensive. They use way too many puzzles themed to the week, too. It’s like nothing can be just “plain” on WOF anymore.

    I don’t mind the $1,000 Same Letter bonus, but the $32K in the Bonus Round (which will be $33K next season and so on) is just plain unnecessary. That extra money could’ve gone towards putting a $1500 or $2000 wedge on the Wheel.

  7. ooboh

    OH GOD, CORY, did you see it?

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