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“To Tell The Truth” Is Coming Back

“To Tell The Truth” Is Coming Back

FremantleMedia North America and producer Jeff Gaspin are set to launch an updated version of the classic panel game. announced today that FremantleMedia North America is teaming with producers Jeff Gaspin and George Moll to revive the classic game show To Tell The Truth.

Eyed for a possible primetime network slot, the new version of Truth will be an “update of the familiar format with a surprising new twist that adds action and suspense and raises the stakes.

ToTellTheTruthOriginally hosted by Bud Collyer, To Tell The Truth premiered on CBS in 1956 and stayed on the air until 1968. The following year, Garry Moore took over as host of a syndicated version that lasted until 1977, by which time Joe Garagiola became host following Moore’s retirement. Another syndicated version ran in the early 80s hosted by Canadian personality Robin Ward. NBC revived the show in 1990 with hosts Gordon Elliott, Lynn Swann, and Alex Trebek. 2000 saw yet another syndicated Truth, hosted by future Family Feud host John O’Hurley. If the new version is successful in making it to air, To Tell The Truth will join The Price Is Right as one of the only two game shows in television history to air first-run episodes in seven consecutive decades.

To Tell The Truth, along with the majority of the Goodson-Todman game show productions from the 40s through the 90s, are properties of FremantleMedia. The new Truth will be brought out to potential buyers shortly.


  1. Josh Woo

    “If the new version is successful in making it to air, To Tell The Truth will become the first game show in television history to air first-run episodes in seven consecutive decades.”

    Technically, hasn’t The Price is Right already done this? ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, ’10s. Unless my math is off, that’s seven decades to me.

  2. pacdude

    You’re technically correct; unless The New Price is Right doesn’t count and is a separate show. It’s all semantics anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

  3. The Starkman

    With the age of internet celebs and youtube I dunno how you can get enough contestants people haven’t seen…then again it can still work its a fun idea tho I dunno if network primetime makes sense, always saw it as syndicated filler.

  4. WhiteHatBobby

    It would only be fitting for Christopher Hart to sit on one chair for an episode and be called “Tell The Truth’s very own,” and sit in the rightmost chair on stage (leftmost to viewers), in a tuxedo. That would continue the show’s great legacy, or even have his wife or children take the seat too.

  5. Wayne_Stevens

    I think for the most part, celebrity driven shows/panel shows are dead.

    Yes, Celebrity Game Night is doing good enough for NBC to keep it on, but overall I think the popularity just isn’t what it used to be for two reasons:

    1. the determination of annointing someone to be a “celebrity” has been watered down to anyone who has had their picture taken.

    2. the draw of this type of programming in the past was so in the three channel universe, we could “see the stars” and see them as themselves. With TMZ, and all the other paparazzi websites, anyone who wants to see a “celebrity” acting like a regular person, or a moron can do that anytime.

    I always liked TTTT, but I just don’t see it working so much today.

  6. pacdude

    This will not ever happen.

  7. ooboh


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