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Price is Right EP Mike Richards Teases Updated Games and New Doors

Price is Right EP Mike Richards Teases Updated Games and New Doors

What pricing game do you think is coming back?

CBS’s long-running daytime game show The Price is Right has started taping its 43rd season. Each year the Drew Carey-hosted show adds a tweak here or there, both to the games and the set itself, to excite viewers for the premiere. Executive producer Mike Richards dangled a large carrot in front of fan’s faces this afternoon. Check out his Tweet from earlier today.

So we’re getting a game from the dead, a revamp of a current game, and new doors. I’ve got no idea what the doors could be but it’s a pretty safe bet we’re sticking with the squares so your guess is as good as mine. The most exciting of those updates is the reboot of a past game. What could it be?

One game that hasn’t been technically retired, though it’s been a long time since it’s been played, is Credit Card. That’s the last non-retired game yet to be played. Its last playing was season 37.


It wouldn’t be a massive shock to see the new game be Credit Card, since this has been teased for some time. However, it can’t hurt to have a wish list for other games. What game would you like to see return? I think I speak for quite a few people around my age bracket in saying that it would be pretty fun to see Superball back.



  1. Aaron Sanders

    Though there’s no chance for it, it would be nice for Give or Keep to return.

  2. amnewsboy

    Just an observation, but on the TPIR Facebook games (Slots/Bingo), they’ve been brought in Bump (Bingo/Slots), Super Ball, Gallery Game, Hurdles, Joker, Penny Ante, and On the Nose (Slots). Perhaps Fremantle is using that to gauge what kind of game fans would want to see? (I mean, it’s a long-shot, but still logically valid.)

    Of those, I think Bump, Hurdles, and Penny Ante have a shot at coming back. Super Ball COULD come back (I mean, just buy a skeeball table and some paint). I think the rest are gone forever.

  3. Ryan Bates

    Ooooh, Penny Ante would be great to get back.

  4. I bet it will be Credit Card, but of course, I’d love to see Superball return.

  5. Netstryke

    I think 3 Strikes could get the update and I think either Bump or Superball

  6. Darryl Heine

    I think Credit Card might return, and maybe Stack the Deck may get a rebooted rule. That’s what I’m guessing.

  7. Darryl Heine

    But don’t bring back Shower Game or Telephone Game or Finish Line or Professor Price!

  8. The Starkman

    Give or Keep was usurped by the awesome and sadly underrated (likely cuz it used the same setup as stalwarts race game and take two) Buy or Sell which was an awesome game and was sad to see it go.
    We do know that Carey and Richards do look at the deep past for the games (remember when check game came out of left field) so don’t rule out games like Bump, Superball (With many newer games being more drawn out like Rat Race can see it) or Super Saver (although the word of god about the rules and near lawsuit seemed to pull the plug on the desire of fans to bring that back)
    It seems like TPIR is slowly weaning fans into the 21st century with games, quietly replacing readouts with monitors, games like doublecross (Which is too close to push over for my liking) and other small tweaks that keep the 70s vibe alive but still has good tech to it.
    therefore my guesses for the games coming back are all games done in by poor technology at the time. So I would say Super Saver, Penny Ante or Hurdles (Given rat race I can see hurdles actually.
    As for the game getting a face lift…keeping with the trend..I’d say Pathfinder just a wild guess tho

  9. Mike Santonato

    Possible (but unlikely) comeback: Fortune Hunter (hearkened back to Prof. Price, in that some mental skill was needed to eliminate numbers/items that didn’t belong). Would like to see SuperBall or Hit Me come back, maybe a Clock Game makeover (?) (it worked for Card Game)…

  10. James M. Fabiano

    The correct answer: Professor Price 😉

  11. Wayne_Stevens

    I will guess updated look will be clock game, and game brought back the poker game.

    Ok, I’m not a regular watcher, so if they still play poker game sorry about that. I just haven’t seen it when I do get to watch.

  12. ooboh

    They better not bring back the old Bullseye.

  13. Wayne_Stevens

    Does anyone else think 3 Strikes either needs a rule change or will soon disappear? The game takes so long now, and with continuing commercial creep there just won’t be time for that game using the current format.

  14. ftjlurk

    Here’s how to revive Professor Price. Give the contestant the first two numbers in the price of the car. They’re usually the easiest anyway. The final three numbers are answers to trivia questions in three different categories. The contestant picks a category and Drew reads the question after reminding the audience not to help. Of course, all of the questions would have single-digit numerical answers, such as “What number did LeBron James wear with the Miami Heat?” (Answer, 6). After each question, the contestant guesses where that number goes in the price of the car. Correct answers earn apples and wrong answers earn lemons. Getting three apples before three lemons wins the game

  15. CarShark

    I wouldn’t like Super Ball personally because it takes so long. I’d hate to see how rushed the rest of the line-up would have to be to make up for it. I would rather see the other Super…Super Saver. Especially because of the way it was retired. One Barker mistake and out it went.

  16. DJR in TN

    Superball would be a nice change. It isn’t the time killer many say it is.

    Funny to see how the nuts on golden road obsess with the door and set changes. They don’t get out much.

  17. antonspivack

    Maybe they should just give away the first of the five numbers like they did in some playings.

  18. Will

    Seems extremely likely that Cliffhangers is the game with the new look. It qualifies as a “famous game” and stopped seeing normal playtime in the final 25% of the season.
    Returning game? Nowhere near as clear cut. I’d love to see a return of Give or Keep, personally.

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