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ITV Studios America Set to Import Saturday Night Takeaway

The popular British variety show is looking for a home stateside.

Networks are looking for new variety and unscripted formats, and ITV Studios America thinks it has the answer. The group has announced it is shopping the Saturday Night Takeaway format to the United States.

The series, which launched in 2002, is hosted and produced by popular British entertainers Ant & Dec. Each episode features games, celebrity guests, comedy sketches, and musical acts. The show also ends with a “Win the Ads” game where a contestant pulled from the audience can win items displayed during commercials during one of the network’s shows.

No network has signed on yet but ITV Studios America is shopping the format around and given its pretty big success in the United Kingdom, it wouldn’t be that shocking to see it here as summer filler, and on a day that’s not Saturday. That’s just television suicide at this point.

Take a look at a full episode above. Is this something you’d watch in America?



  1. bjwanlund

    Ehh. okay, this seems fine. Let’s get someone to bring Countdown over to the States (even if it’s a different name for the same format) next, please. Especially since it’s now ITV Studios that produces it. (I’d be real interested to see if they brought over the Richard Whiteley episodes too.)

  2. Benjamin Kellogg

    Pretty darned entertaining show! Good point about the Saturday Night timeslot as a tough sell here in the States, but I think it’s still crazy enough to work (maybe pair it with “Hollywood Game Night?”). Not to mention it’d have to get past the variety show stigma, but crazier things have happened. I say let’s give it a go!

  3. Travis Eberle

    I routinely watch this when episodes pop up (though I’m more interested in the game bits than the variety show bits and the End of the Show Show, but that’s mostly because Ant&Dec are just that good at their job.

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