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America’s Got Talent: Week 2

America’s Got Talent: Week 2

It’s only the second week of the new season, and the talent is bigger and better.

This week’s auditions on AGT featured dancers, an extreme pogo stick stunt team, motorcycle riders and more. Here are the three acts that caught our attention:

1. David & Leeman

I always enjoy a good magic act. Presentation is key, and you can tell how well a trick is executed just by the reaction from the audience. These two have great charisma and their delivery is clean. With a touch of comedy and a unique trick, this is an act I’m excited to see move further along in the competition.

2. Miguel Dakota

Miguel instantly connected with the audience with his stage presence. His voice definitely has potential, and maybe some nerves got to him in this round. His guitar playing is good, and maybe future rounds will make him open up a bit more.

3. The Willis Clan

Here we have 12 siblings with an age range of three years old to 21. Together, they put on a performance that has an eerie resemblance to the Von Trapp family. The Willis family sings, dances and plays instruments. It’s a fun performance that features good vocals from the eldest daughter.

  • pacdude

    That magic act was brilliant. It’s all about the angles. I’d like to see more magic like this.

  • Yeah, I agree. This was especially good for a first act, and more of the classic magic in its style, long since lost in what it used to be. Magic of the late 19th/early 20th centuries focused so much on amazing feats, spells, or the like they could have on people. In addition, it was also humorous magic. I can’t really remember ever seeing an act like that, AGT or otherwise. Only letdown to me was letting Mandel know there would be a glove that early, if only because it’s a weird pleasure of mine to see him squirm when people are about to touch his head. Lots more magicians are on the way, though, someone from my university (Mat Franco) is set to appear likely next week (even he isn’t sure).