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Top 5 Game Shows To Watch While Stoned

Top 5 Game Shows To Watch While Stoned

The best compliment to the munchies is something fun, colorful and not-so-taxing on the brain.

There’s nothing better than kicking back with a bunch of food, a packed bowl and a great selection of game shows. Here’s a list of five game shows that are perfect after an awesome sesh.

Note: Hey, if it’s not legal where you live, don’t smoke weed. Also, if you’re a kid under 21, don’t smoke weed. Your brain’s still soft and malleable. Wait until you’re older and your best years are behind you. You’ll need the weed to cope.

If you’re at a [2]: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is great when you’re baked because it’s not a difficult game to play. Ever play hangman? Can you read? Perfect, you can play Wheel of Fortune. Even better: if you squint, all you see is colors and lights and inertia. If you’re the kind of person that could zone out looking at a lava lamp, you’ll love watching Wheel. Surprisingly, Wheel is challenging enough when you’re buzzed to still enjoy the game.

If you’re at a [4]: Press Your Luck

So, Wheel didn’t have enough lights for you? Well, toke up and load up an episode of Press Your Luck. It’s the 80s classic that acts like one giant video game, which is perfect for being straight-up high. You’ve got your fun blinking lights, the beep-bee-boop-boop-beep of the board when it’s in motion, big bucks, and those adorable Whammies. You get a quality game show and cartoons. Sign me up.

If you’re at a [6]: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

OK, so you’re really high. Deep bong hits, or a couple brownies. I get it: you need to sit back and laugh your ass off. Sit back and let Drew Carey and friends make you laugh your ass off. Just like, look at Colin Mochrie. He’s hilarious. TAAAAAAAPIOCA. Incredible. If you need a place to start, I got you, man. I linked a half hour of Scenes from a Hat for you. Just, like, when the video’s over? Check the oven. It should be preheated.

If you’re at an [8]: Malcolm

I don’t… what? This is like, a pilot. It never made it to air, like on TV. But whaaaat oh my god, is that Alex Trebek? And is he talking to a cartoon? AND WHAT THE CARTOON IS TALKING BACK? TO EVERYONE? Dude. Dude. I can’t even. What is, I really… what? I can’t… I need more weed.

If you’re at a [10]: Don’t Scare the Hare

It’s… um, BBC. It’s like… that bald guy, is like, talking to that bunny. People are flying. There are carrots. This is blowing my MIND off. I can’t. I need some Baja Blast or something. HOW ARE THEY FLYING? WHY IS THE BUNNY A ROBOT? WHO KISSED THE ROBOT? I have like many questions. This is too much. I’m putting on some records. I can’t haaaaandle this, man.

The Money List is a weekly feature of BuzzerBlog where we put together top-five lists of all sorts, all about game shows. Leave us some potential Money List topics in the comments below, and don’t forget to pass the duchy on the left-hand side.

  • Dave Mallebar

    These are the kinds of articles that make this website a joke.

  • pacdude

    These are the kind of comments that make me think everyone needs to lighten up a bit. Mellow out, man.

  • Dave Mallebar

    I really don’t think “smoking weed” is cool, you bunch of hippies. What is this, the 1970s? Get a life.

  • Dave Mallebar

    Also, a bunch of the “fans” of this website feel the same way.

  • pacdude

    Complaints that are more than “I don’t like this” can be sent to [email protected].

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    Your comment has been disemvoweled per our Comment Policy.

  • pacdude

    Feel free to point out where I encouraged others to do so.

  • Anne Hegerty

    Oh don’t be silly. I don’t smoke weed because I’m fond of my brain cells – I give them names and everything – but this was hilarious.

  • Ernest Goodwyn

    As an avid smoker, I approve of this article. Might I suggest Mr. Mallebar remove the stick from his posterior. This is a game show news site, not HuffPost.

  • Mike Klauss

    Cool, now we’re playing the Missing Vowels round from Only Connect.

  • pacdude

    I should start shifting around the spaces, too.

  • pacdude

    You are *exactly right.* We’re relaunching the website to give a broader, more fun viewpoint on game shows. You like game shows, I like game shows. We like game shows. Why? Because they’re FUN! So why shouldn’t we have fun with the fun things? We want to write articles that are interesting, engaging, serious, light-hearted, fun, or thoughtful. If we’re just writing news all day long, we’re going to crack, because we think a lot more about game shows than just what’s coming up next.

  • Kevin Solomon

    Yeah. Exactly! And I approve/love it.

    I read the new intro. to the website. I got the gist. 🙂

    Now let’s have more quirky articles!

  • Devan Hurst

    With the game show world as barren as it is these days, how much news could they possibly report? I, for one, welcome our new game show commentaries.

  • Jared Elijah Oswald

    I don’t smoke weed which I tend not to. However high or not I’m pretty good at solving puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune”. (I have a beer once in a while.)