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Why Isn’t Anyone Paying Attention To Julia Collins?

Why Isn’t Anyone Paying Attention To Julia Collins?

Julia Collins is shaping up to be this season’s Jeopardy! juggernaut, but why isn’t she getting the press she deserves?

With 15 wins under her belt and the sky as the only limit, Julia Collins is the model of the ideal Jeopardy! champion. Her impressive knowledge and fast reflexes have given her the advantage is almost every game she’s played. Why does it seem that she’s not getting as much press as the show’s last double-digit champion, Arthur Chu?

Although she denies it herself, it seems that it’s taken longer for the mainstream media to note Julia’s success. This chart shows a Google Trends chart of both Arthur Chu and Julia Collins’ during their respective runs. The chart’s x-axis is not steady and should be ignored, but the peaks, which I’ve labeled, show that Arthur got more Google interest during his run than at similar points during Julia’s. It took Julia 15 games to reach the Google reach that Arthur Chu did in four.


Why is she not getting more attention? It could be because her play style is more orthodox than Chu’s was. It could be that her demeanor is more laid back than his was. Some people point to racial or gender bias in the media.

Whatever the cause, as Julia surges past the 15-game mark, she should be commended for her depth of knowledge, fast reflexes and humble nature.


  1. Wayne_Stevens

    Does Julia do as much live tweeting as Arthur did? That could be a big part of the reason. Mainstream media lately seems to pay way to much attention to what is trending on twitter.

  2. Darryl Heine

    60 games to go to beat Ken Jennings’ longetivity.

  3. Jeff Schwartz

    People might be spelling her name “Julie” by mistake.

  4. CarShark

    The media nowadays runs on conflict and hate, especially the internet. Basically every article about Arthur Chu was about his “controversial” style of play and his “arrogant” demeanor on the show and on Twitter. The amount of vitriol that he generated just for playing the game differently from most people was mind-boggling. That’s what’s missing from Julia Collins run. There has to be a hero or villain, and right now, she’s neither. Winning ten games is unusual, but it’s not special. Not when Ken Jennings won almost five times as many.

  5. Kevin Solomon

    I think this is it. The media (and therefore, the public) focused more on Chu’s playing style than his actual amounts of wins.

    I also base popularity of things on what my non-game show loving friends ask me and MANY of them asked “Can you believe…Chu is cheating like that?” I had to explain to them that it wasn’t cheating and numerous people have done it before him. I even had people comparing him to “that guy on ‘Press Your Luck’ (Michael Larsen).” But there was rarely a mention of how many games he won… Sometimes they’d start off with “he’s won a lot of games,” but always go back to his style.

  6. Jared Elijah Oswald

    If she keeps this up she’ll beat Ken Jennings record of 75 shows and she might become the longest reining champion in game show history.

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