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Terry Crews Named New Host of WWTBAM

Terry Crews Named New Host of WWTBAM

Ex-NFL player and current actor on Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine Terry Crews has been named the newest host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

“Millionaire is such a beloved franchise and I can’t wait to get started as the new host. In addition to my film projects including Blended, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and now being a first time author, hosting has always been a dream of mine, and I couldn’t have asked for a greater opportunity,” Crews said in a press release.

The show’s 13th season takes place in a new location: Stamford, CT. The show’s current host, Cedric the Entertainer, cited the move as the motivating factor in leaving the show. “With the many television and film projects that I have going on which shoot and promote in various parts of the country, a production-base in Connecticut would make it quite difficult to maneuver the many moving parts on my plate,” Cedric said in a statement. “So, after much thought and some serious conversations with senior executives at the studio, I decided to let Disney-ABC know that, unfortunately, I’m not able to continue on as host.”


  1. Wayne_Stevens

    Whoever made this decision is a genius! I never would’ve thought of him as a game show host, but I can easily see it.

  2. Kathy Hall

    When does he take over as host?

  3. pacdude

    The new season starts in September, which is when he’ll be taking over the reigns.

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