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Stump the Chumps


Do you have what it takes to stump the chumps?

Stump the Chumps is a brand-new podcast from the minds at BuzzerBlog. Our two resident chumps, Cory Anotado and Christian Carrion, are presented with loads of listener-submitted tricky trivia questions, from across the spectrum of knowledge. Using their collective wisdom, they’ll do their best to try to work out, figure out or otherwise guess and shiggle their way to some kind of answer. If Chris and Cory are correct, then they were probably cheating. The trickiest, most interesting, most clever fact that stumps Chris and Cory gets deemed the Ultimate Chump Stumper of the day and whoever submitted the fact will win a great prize!

The Chumps


Cory Anotado

Cory is a graphic designer and blogger originally from Philadelphia, PA. He hosts a monthly quiz night in Baltimore, MD known as the Game Show Gauntlet. He has appeared on five different game shows.


Christian Carrion

Christian is a hotelier and blogger from Lancaster, PA. He is a writer for the Geeks Who Drink pub quiz and has been on five different game shows as well.

The Host


Bob Hagh

Bob is a Social Media Director for a newspaper in Cary, NC. He’s also a blogger for BuzzerBlog as well as the only good part of GSN’s Chain Reaction with Dylan Lane.

Submit Your Facts!

If you think you have a truly killer fact, submit your information to our Google Form! We’ll pick the best ones and if we pick yours, you could win Amazon gift cards or whatever else Bob is willing to give away!