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“The Million Second Quiz” Debuts Tonight and No One Knows What’s Going On Thumbnail

“The Million Second Quiz” Debuts Tonight and No One Knows What’s Going On

Tonight NBC will debut their event quiz show The Million Second Quiz at 8:00PM ET.  And for as-much-of-a-big-deal as they are trying to make it seem, so far the event has been really rough.  First of all we, at least and at last, have some vague idea of what's happening.  At least during the non-primetime hour a contestant will face off against the champion in the Money Chair who is earning $10 a second.  They have 500 seconds to answer multiple choice questions by poking their selection on a monitor.  Each right earns a point.  Most right answers after 500 seconds gets in the chair.  The top four earners stay in Winner's Row until the end.  There's no real idea if anything will change by the primetime shows or by the end of the series. And that's a giant issue right now.  There's no real idea of anything. Click here to read our thoughts about the show. I look forward to the angry phone calls.

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Tune In: “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Debuts Tonight at 8:00PM ET on The CW Thumbnail

Tune In: “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Debuts Tonight at 8:00PM ET on The CW

Tonight's the night we and countless others have been waiting for.  The best and the original is back.  Whose Line is it Anyway? returns from the grave for an all new season starting tonight at 8:00PM ET on The CW.  Basically everything from the original comes back.  The performers, the set, and the games are here.  The new host is the incredibly funny Aisha Tyler.  The updated version has been getting good reviews so far so I hope you'll enjoy it.  Be sure to watch and let us know what you think.  Click here to discuss the show.

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“Whodunnit?” Night One Recap: The Fish Tank Thumbnail

“Whodunnit?” Night One Recap: The Fish Tank

ABC's Whodunnit? debuted last night to pretty good reviews so I'm glad to see most people agreed with us.  The reality game, lead by Butler Giles (Gildart Jackson), mixes The Mole with CSI.  Each episode features contestants trying to figure out how a weekly murder was committed through clues, deduction, and deception.  The people furthest away from the truth at the end of each episode are marked for elimination, and one will become the Killer's newest victim.  Eventually one will walk away with $250,000...if they can figure out who the Killer is before he or she gets that person first.  Thirteen players started.  One didn't last much longer than the first act, though.  Click here to read a recap of the episode and find out who the next victim is.  Did you solve the crime or, better yet, any idea who the killer is?  Be sure to let us know and let's see if we can figure it out together.

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Review: ABC’s “Whodunnit?” Good, Bloody Fun Thumbnail

Review: ABC’s “Whodunnit?” Good, Bloody Fun

No network loves crime-based game shows more than ABC.  We've had BuzzerBlog-favorites The Mole (twice ) andTake The Money and Run.  ABC is jumping back onto this train with its new game Whodunnit?.  The series, which debuts Sunday, June 23th, at 9:00PM ET, takes some of The Mole, mixes in some CSI-style investigations, and adds a massive layer of story telling.  I've read some fears from other critics wondering if Whodunnit? would be more like The Mole from the early 2000s or late 2000s.  You'll be happy to know it's more along the lines of the classic series.  It's fun, suspenseful, the play-along elements are shockingly huge, and it leaves you guessing at every turn.  Click here to read our review, find out why you'll like the show, and to see some new pictures.

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Alex Davis
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Review: “Catchphrase” Good, Retro Fun Thumbnail

Review: “Catchphrase” Good, Retro Fun

I don't think there's been a show that's been as retro as ITV's revival of Catchphrase in a while.  There's no gambling your winnings, there's no  empty-handedness for the second place finisher, there's no terrifying lights or music.  It's just relentless game, puzzles, and what made the original so fun.  If you liked the brief US version from the 80s odds are you'll get into this one, too.  It picks up where the previous version left off, adds a few tweaks, modernizes it a bit, and delivers a very entertaining hour. Click here to learn more about the show, read our thoughts, and watch some of the first episode. Let us know what you think.

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Review: “Robot Combat League” Lives Up to the Hype, But Takes Too Long to Get There Thumbnail

Review: “Robot Combat League” Lives Up to the Hype, But Takes Too Long to Get There

Our most anticipated game show of the year so far has been, without question, Syfy's Robot Combat League.  From the day it was announced, our interest was piqued.  It's gigantic robots kicking the hell out of each other.  How could you not be somewhat interested?  However, yes, while the idea sounds interesting there was concern about how it would look on television.  TV budgets aren't mammoth, especially cable budgets.  Could Syfy pull off a game of robot boxing without it seeming dumb, corny, or uninteresting.  The debut episode has been posted on Hulu (among other places) to preview before next week's debut.  We're relieved to say Robot Combat League more than lives up to its hype, but it takes a bit too long to get there. Click here to read our very favorable, excited review and to watch the first full fight of the Robot Combat League.

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Chad Mosher
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Review and Report: “The Price Is Right Live” Spins Its Way to My Area, Brings a Great Experience Thumbnail

Review and Report: “The Price Is Right Live” Spins Its Way to My Area, Brings a Great Experience

You're probably not going to win a brand new car. You're probably not going to win a $20,000 cash prize. And, in all likelihood, you're not going to be called by announcer Andy Martello to "come on down!" If you come in accepting all of these things, The Price Is Right Live, a touring stage show based on the long-running CBS game show hosted by Todd Newton, is a heck of a lot of fun. I attended the 9:30 PM Friday night show at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. They did four shows over two days, selling out a 3,000-seat theatre each time, showing how popular the prospect of seeing Price is in the mid-Michigan area. My party and I were provided tickets for the program and we all had a lot of fun with a reasonable facsimile of the Price Is Right experience. Click here to read the very detailed, extensive report and review of The Price Is Right Live in Michigan.

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Weekend Replay: “Face the Clock” Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: “Face the Clock”

Airing now on Channel 4 in the UK is the new quiz show Face the Clock.  Each show sees six contestants race against an unseen mystery clock in a game of quiz "hot potato."  Have control when the clock expires and you're out and lose all your money.  The day's champion faces the clock one final time to go for all the money won through the day.  The show seems to be struggling and is losing its time slot this week for the new quiz The Common Denominator.  Reception hasn't been great.  However, what do you, personally, think?  Here's a clip of the show.  Our thoughts are after.  I'm curious what you think though.  Click here to take a look at the show and give us your thoughts.

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Chad Mosher
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Review: New Apps Out Today, “Wheel of Fortune” and “You Don’t Know Jack” for iOS Thumbnail

Review: New Apps Out Today, “Wheel of Fortune” and “You Don’t Know Jack” for iOS

Today, in a bit of happenstance, two new game show game apps have debuted in the App Store: Wheel of Fortune and You Don't Know Jack. While one is a companion to their Facebook counterpart and the other is a brand new stand-alone iOS game, they are both pretty fun to play in their own rights. Let's take a look at both of them, which you can download on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Wheel of Fortune, developed by L4Mobile and Sony Pictures, is the third version of this property available on the iOS platform, being released in conjunction with the show's 30th season in syndication. This game is also currently available for Android in the Amazon store The game offers two modes of play: single player and pass and play. Pass and play allows you to play with multiple people on the singular device, but single player almost takes on sort of a "career mode." Click here to read more about Wheel of Fortune, including their "Decades"-style unlockables and to read a review of You Don't Know Jack.

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Review: “Take It All” Good for the First 50 Minutes Thumbnail

Review: “Take It All” Good for the First 50 Minutes

The long-awaited debut of NBC's newest primetime game show, Take It All, has come and gone.  I don't think it's rude or a lie to say that we're extremely apprehensive and nervous about any primetime game these days.  Out of the past seven or eight years I can count three good ones (1 VS 100Million Dollar Mind Game, and Deal or No Deal) and the rest have fallen somewhere in the range of forgettable to god awful.  Take It All has a great host, a good production crew, and a game that actually lets people play along some.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that the show was actually pretty fun...for the first 50 minutes.  Despite the needlessly tacked on prisoner's dilemma end game, though, it's still one of the better games we've seen NBC try in some time.  Click here to read our full review and let us know any other thoughts you have on it.

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Review: “1001 Things You Should Know” A Simple, Fun Way to Kill a Half Hour Thumbnail

Review: “1001 Things You Should Know” A Simple, Fun Way to Kill a Half Hour

This week Channel 4 debuted their newest game, the daytime quiz 1001 Things You Should Know (3:30PM UK; 10:30AM ET).  Hosted by comedian Sandi Toksvig, each show sees three contestants attempting to answer, as the title suggests, things they should know in an effort to be the day's champion, hopefully win all the money collected through the show, and return the next day.  It took the place of Channel 4's long running game Countdown, which was pushed back to 2:40PM so eyes were on 1001 Things to see if it could liven up the pre-Deal or No Deal slot.  The good news is for the most part it can.  It's a well hosted, quick, and fun half hour to watch, if not ultimately a little forgetful by the end of the day.  Click here to read the rules, our review, and to watch the first episode of the new series.

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Chad Mosher
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Detailed Review: New “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” Xbox 360 / PS3 Video Games Worth Your Time and Money Thumbnail

Detailed Review: New “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” Xbox 360 / PS3 Video Games Worth Your Time and Money

This week, well-known video game publisher THQ released "second editions," so to speak, of the two most well-known game show franchises in America, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I say "second editions" because in November 2010, THQ released these games for the Nintendo Wii and these new releases are based on those models. However, if you dismiss these automatically thinking they're just ports, you're very mistaken. Updates are present on many different parts of these games, making it worth a second look to purchase even if you own the Wii versions. If you want a review in one word, mine would be "yes." You should pick these games up. Click here to read the review of the Wheel and Jeopardy! games, view trailers plus find out how you can get your own copies of the games just for being a BuzzerBlog reader.

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Chad Mosher
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Review: “Match Game” Canada Not a Home Run, Not a Strikeout Thumbnail

Review: “Match Game” Canada Not a Home Run, Not a Strikeout

Last night, Canada's brand new Match Game revival premiered on the Comedy Network. Featuring such stars as Colin Mochrie, Yvette Nicole Brown and regular panelists Sean Cullen and Debra DiGiovanni, the show mixes the old spirit of the American series with the Quebec-based modern Atomes Crochus, an adaptation on the format for a French speaking audience. I watched the first episode and had a chance to review it. Let's talk about how the show works and what I thought of it. For some background, here's how the game is played. The show is based on the French-Canadian Match Game adaption Atomes Crochus, which in turn is based heavily on the 1990 version of Match Game. Click here to read more about how the new Match Game works, how I felt about it and a link to watch it if you have not yet.

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Bob Hagh
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Review: “Weakest Link & Friends” Thumbnail

Review: “Weakest Link & Friends”

Just a few days ago, Ludia released Weakest Link & Friends in the iOS App Store. It was a pleasant surprise to see the game pop up after the U.S. version left the airwaves in 2003 and the U.K. version ending earlier this year. The game uses Facebook integration to keep track of your progress and to play against your friends. Ludia has already released a similar game engine for its Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and Family Feud games for iOS, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on Facebook. Click here to read our review.

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Chad Mosher
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Review: Did GSN’s “The Pyramid” Live Up to the Hype? Thumbnail

Review: Did GSN’s “The Pyramid” Live Up to the Hype?

When GSN announced that The Pyramid was on their list of upcoming premieres, three questions went through my mind: Will this live up to the expectations of the original? Will this be a good show standing by itself? And will this be a show that I, along with the general, casual game show fan will want to tune in repeatedly? To be fair, we did only see one episode as part of GSN's promotional "sneak peek" of The Pyramid and there are still 39 more to go. But based on this week's taste of game show goodness, I think all three questions can be answered with a resounding "yes!" Click here to read my review of The Pyramid, watch some highlights from the show and to keep telling us what you thought of it!

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