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Bob Hagh
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“The Chase” is Casting for Season 3 Thumbnail

“The Chase” is Casting for Season 3

The Chase is returning for a third season on GSN, and they’re looking for a new batch of contestants. We’ve had lots of BuzzerBlog readers appear on the show, and some have even taken money away from The Beast, Mark Labbett. Do you think you can take him down to walk away with a ton of cash? Click here to learn about auditioning for the show.

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Alex Davis
Casting, Wipeout
“Wipeout” Casting for Season Seven; Open Casting Call Dates Thumbnail

“Wipeout” Casting for Season Seven; Open Casting Call Dates

ABC's long running stunt game show Wipeout looks like it's coming back.  Casting producers are currently looking for contestants to tackle the infamous obstacle courses to try to win $50,000.  In addition to regular episodes, they are looking for people for special themed editions such as single men, exes, body modification fans, super geeks, fraternity and sorority members, bosses and employees, and more.  Click here to learn how to be on the show and to find out about an upcoming open casting call.

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Kevin Pereira and “Let’s Ask America” Are Coming to Michigan for Contestants Thumbnail

Kevin Pereira and “Let’s Ask America” Are Coming to Michigan for Contestants

The second season of the popular syndicated game show Let's Ask America is right around the corner and they need contestants.  Most of the time you can apply online, interview through Skype, and play from home through Skype in an attempt to win $50,000.  Want the chance to wow the contestant producers in person?  If you live near Birmingham, Michigan, this is your chance.  Not only will casting producers be on site but host Kevin Pereira will stop by.  Auditions take place this Sunday, August 17th, from 1PM to 6PM at the 2013 Woodward Dream Cruise near the intersection of old and new Woodward Ave. in downtown Birmingham.  To be eligible just be over 18, but click here for the official rules.  Good luck.  Tell them BuzzerBlog sent you.

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“Let’s Ask America” Now Casting for Season Two Thumbnail

“Let’s Ask America” Now Casting for Season Two

How can you not want to win $50,000 from home?  Let's Ask America, voted by you as the best new game show of 2012, is back for a second season and needs contestants.  Best of all you don't have to leave your home.  All you need is Skype and you can win huge from your computer.  It's been proven it can be done.  We had many readers on last year as contestants and I'd love to see even more.  Click here to visit the show's casting website.  Fill out the form and make yourself stand out from the crowd.  It's, quite literally, an opportunity any game show fan won't want to miss.  Any former contestants able to give advice on how to make your mark on casting producers?  Click here to let us know.

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“The Million Second Quiz” Now Casting Thumbnail

“The Million Second Quiz” Now Casting

Want your shot at winning up to $10,000,000?  I can't imagine a single one of you reading this saying no.  NBC's new event quiz shown The Million Second Quiz is now casting and giving you that chance.  Contestants will play inside a large hourglass structure in Manhattan and face off against people from all over America for the chance at millions.  If you're a quiz fan there's no reason not to want to be involved.  Your chance to play has now come.  There are multiple ways to try to get on.  Click here to learn more about the two ways to get involved and make an impression on casting producers at events like the Trivia Champions of North America.

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TCONA3: Million Second Quiz, The Chase Come To Vegas Next Month Thumbnail

TCONA3: Million Second Quiz, The Chase Come To Vegas Next Month

If you're free the weekend of August 9-11, you might want to consider heading to the Tropicana in Las Vegas for the Trivia Championships of North America. This is TCONA's third year, and aside from all the Quiz Bowl & regular trivia competitions and demonstrations, both GSN's The Chase and NBC's Million Second Quiz will be doing full showcases and contestant searches for their shows. Mark "The Beast" Labbett will be there, to play along in some of the competitions and help present the new show. (BB's own Alex Davis will also be interviewing him live onstage.) And the production team & casting crew from MSQ will reveal a bit more about how that game (which is set to premiere live on NBC September 9) is played, and they'll be do

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“Wheel of Fortune” Launches Online Auditions Thumbnail

“Wheel of Fortune” Launches Online Auditions

I'm sure many of you want to be contestants on Wheel of Fortune.  Do you want the chance to be on the show and spin for $1,000,000 but can't make it to a Wheelmobile event?  You're in luck.  The show has launched a brand new online audition platform.  A national contestant search, in partnership with Sony's "Face of the Fan" has begun and lets people anywhere in America audition for Wheel of Fortune.  People can now upload 60 second audition videos to the search's website for the producers to look at.  Entrants should describe themselves, why they love Wheel of Fortune, and why they'd make a good contestant.  If your video is selected, you'll get the chance to audition when the show's final auditions come to an area near you.  Click here to learn more about the search and to get tips on how to be noticed.

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Endemol Casting for “Wall of Fame” Thumbnail

Endemol Casting for “Wall of Fame”

Endemol is looking for contestants for an all-new quiz show.  The game is called Wall of Fame.  A family will answer pop culture and general trivia questions.  They'll also have to guess which celebrities on a "wall of fame" answered it correctly.  There's $250,000 up for grabs.  Casting producers are looking for families of four to six people to compete for big money.  If you'd like to learn more click here to visit the casting notice.  It looks like this is going to NBC so it's a major show to get under your belt, if interested.  Good luck and tell them BuzzerBlog sent you!

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Bob Hagh
Casting, GSN, The Chase
“The Chase” is Still On For Contestants Thumbnail

“The Chase” is Still On For Contestants

In just about a month, The Chase will finally hit the airwaves here in the U.S. on GSN at 9PM ET on August 6. We are very excited around here, and we know you are as well. There are a handful of Buzzerblog readers taking on The Beast this season, so we hope they can take a lot of money from him. If you missed your chance to audition, we have some great news. The Chase has already been renewed for a second season, and is looking for even more contestants. A new list of cities have been announced. If you live in, or plan on traveling to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle or Minneapolis - St. Paul, this is your chance. Click here to visit the official casting page to sign up for an audition. If you think you have what it takes to take down The Beast in the ultimate trivia contest, head on over right now and tell them Buzzerblog sent you. Best of luck and we hope to see you in the Final Chase.

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“Millionaire” Adds New July Audition Dates Thumbnail

“Millionaire” Adds New July Audition Dates

We previously announced a trio of summer audition dates for Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  Just like every year the Cedric the Entertainer-hosted quiz show will tour the country looking for new contestants who can't necessarily make it to the usual New York City auditions.  In addition to the three we previously discussed Millionaire has announced new dates in the Midwest and East.  Click here to read the new dates and locations.

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“Millionaire” Taking Road Auditions to Dallas, Las Vegas, and Denver Thumbnail

“Millionaire” Taking Road Auditions to Dallas, Las Vegas, and Denver

If you want to be a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, you typically need to be in the New York City audience and take the exam there.  If you live on the West Coast and can't make the trip, the show will instead be coming to you.  The Cedric the Entertainer-hosted quiz show has announced its first three stops for the 2013-2014 season.  Millionaire will visit Dallas, Texas, on July 8th; Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 10th; and Denver, Colorado, on July 12th.  To learn more, click here to visit the show's audition page.  Last year BuzzerBlog readers took away over $600,000 from Millionaire, including one $250,000 winner.  We'd love to see the next millionaire from here.  Good luck and tell them BuzzerBlog sent you.  Have audition stories?  Click here to let us know your experiences.

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Alex Davis
Disney Channel Now Casting for “Win, Lose, or Draw” Thumbnail

Disney Channel Now Casting for “Win, Lose, or Draw”

Are you a kid between the ages of 11 to 17 and want to be on a game show?  Maybe you're a parent of a teenager who wants a shot at winning big on television.  The classic game show Win, Lose, or Draw is coming back to Disney Channel and is now looking for contestants.  Two teams of two will be paired with Disney Channel celebrities as they see who can draw the best.  This new version will use some of the latest technology out there like touch screens, motion controls, and more.  Win, Lose, or Draw is looking for siblings, best friends, cousins, teammates, or anyone else who wants to play as a pair on the show.  Click here for a list of open casting calls, or email the casting directors at this link for more information.  Good luck, and tell them BuzzerBlog sent you!  Click here to learn more and see a flyer.

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“The Million Pound Drop” is Back and Looking for Contestants Thumbnail

“The Million Pound Drop” is Back and Looking for Contestants

It's back.  If you live in the United Kingdom, it's your chance to face The Million Pound Drop.  Channel 4's quiz show, hosted by Davina McCall, is returning soon with a new series of episodes.  Each edition gives a pair of contestants the chance to win £1,000,000 by spreading bundles of £25,000 across answers they feel are correct.  They must leave one zone open at all times, though.  Wrong answers drop, so if you have no money on the right answer, it's game over and you leave with nothing.  The record win stands at £300,000.  Will anyone beat that? Click here to apply, watch a clip, and learn more.

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CBS to Pilot Israeli Format “The Money Pump”; Now Casting? Thumbnail

CBS to Pilot Israeli Format “The Money Pump”; Now Casting?

UPDATE: CBS formally announced this today.  I just wanted to re-bump this story to the front since we broke the news way back on March 1st.  In case you missed it. Kevin Frazier of omg! Insider will host. Part of this is an assumption and part isn't.  What isn't?  CBS is doing a pilot for the Israeli quiz show format The Money Pump.  For those that didn't see us discuss it before, click here. Essentially a team of contestants answers questions as fast as they can by pressing choices on their monitors.  The longer they take, though, and the more money is drained from the Money Pump, which is just a big video screen. What part are we assuming?  We're being told they are beginning to cast for pilot contestants and this casting notice does further that assumption. Click here to read more, learn how you can be a contestant, and to see the pitch film for the format.

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GSN’s “The Chase” Now Casting Thumbnail

GSN’s “The Chase” Now Casting

I've been away the past few days, but there's been a few exciting things going on that you'll be interested in.  If you've been a long time reader, you've probably read or watched ITV's The Chase around here.  There was a lot of excitement over the announcement that GSN will be making an American version.  Do you think you can beat Mark "The Beast" Labbett and take home tens of thousands of dollars?  The show is now casting and needs you.  Click here to visit the casting website.  They've had a lot of BuzzerBlog readers apply so far, and we'd love to see you on the air.  Few people know about the show so far except you all.  You have the upper edge.  Do us proud and click here to apply.  Tell them BuzzerBlog sent you.  Good luck.

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