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Ratings Report: The Usual Suspects “Wheel” and “Jeopardy!” Stay High, “Millionaire” Stays Steady Thumbnail

Ratings Report: The Usual Suspects “Wheel” and “Jeopardy!” Stay High, “Millionaire” Stays Steady

Here comes this week's report of game show ratings in syndication and cable. This is for the week of February 4th, 2013. Wheel of Fortune remains the unsurprising king of the syndicated ratings, scoring a 7.7 household rating and averaging 12.1 million viewers, losing a tenth of a ratings point and 200,000 viewers over last week. Jeopardy! naturally trails ever so slightly behind with a 6.9 rating, the same rating as last week, and stays in a virtual tie with last week's ratings, just fewer than 10.7 million viewers. Click here to read the rest of the ratings for this week, including Millionaire, Family Feud and GSN's ratings.

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Monty Hall and Bob Stewart to Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at 2013 Daytime Emmys Thumbnail

Monty Hall and Bob Stewart to Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at 2013 Daytime Emmys

Great news for classic game show fans this afternoon, as two of the greats will be honored at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards this summer. Legendary game show host and producer Monty Hall and all-time great producer Bob Stewart will receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 2013 ceremony. These two men are giants in their field and greatly deserve the honor.
Bob Stewart passed away in May of last year and is one of the most renowned creators and producers in television, game shows or otherwise. Stewart worked with Goodson-Todman Productions for many years, creating the original The Price Is Right concept for them in 1956, followed by the panel game To Tell the Truth and the timeless word-association game Password in 1961, which spawned multiple variations throughout the 1970s, 1980s and a recent revival in 2008.Click here to read more about Bob Stewart, Monty Hall and the honors that will be bestowed upon them.

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Ratings Report: “Wheel” Stays Steady, “Millionaire” Stays Strong, “Chain Reaction” Reruns Very Well Thumbnail

Ratings Report: “Wheel” Stays Steady, “Millionaire” Stays Strong, “Chain Reaction” Reruns Very Well

Syndicated and GSN ratings are here for the week of January 28th, 2013. Great numbers all around this week once again, so let's take a look at them. Wheel of Fortune keeps its 7.8 household rating from last week's season high, but dips a few hundred thousand viewers to just fewer than 12.3 million. Jeopardy! goes down a tenth of a ratings point down to 6.9 and has a 100,000 viewer dip to land at just under 10.7 million viewers. Click here to read the rest of the report, including a comparison for these shows against primetime TV, the ratings for other shows like Family Feud and Millionaire, and to read about Chain Reaction having a surge of popularity on GSN's schedule.

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GSN Schedules Win With Words Week on April 10th

GSN today announced a special "Win With Words Week" to compliment their award winning "National Vocabulary Championship" special. Starting April 10th, special student and teacher teams will compete on the originals "Lingo" and "Chain Reaction". "Quiznation" and "100 Winners" will also feature vocabulary-related puzzles and NVC prizes. Then, on Sunday, April 15th at 8PM ET, GSN will premiere the documentary-style special of the championship round of the "National Vocabulary Championship" final. It will look at the competition, sideline interviews with contestants, competition footage, and hometown visits with the contestants. The winner of the final receives $40,000 for his or her college education. GSN has stated they plan on making t

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Another New “Chain Reaction” Bonus

You read right, Embassy Row changed the "Chain Reaction" bonus again. Here's the rundown. *It's now 60 seconds. *If you get five right, you win $5,000. They did raise the money a bit, but you read right: just five to win. *If you don't get them all, you get $100 for each one right. You win up to $400 or $5,000. *Once you press the buzzer to answer, time stops for a few seconds. *Time resumes once you answer correct, incorrectly, or wait too long. So what do you guys think? Personally, I think it's a tad bit more broken. I'm happy the money went up a bit, but it's so easy to win now it's not even funny. There's really no excuse not to win $5,000. I'd like to think at some point Embassy Row would go "OK, this bonus isn't work

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“Chain Reaction” Going The Way Of “Lingo”?

I ask that because I found an article that GSN is going to high schools, recruiting for a "Teachers vs. Students" theme week.  We get a "sneak peek" of sorts into the audition process: You get 8 minutes to complete written 7-word chain(s), but you're only allowed the first letters in each word (except, of course, the top and bottom words are filled in completely).  Then, you're filmed as you complete another chain verbally.Also, the article says second season of Chain Reaction is slated to premiere March 1st at 10pm EST, "contrary" to our previous report of March 13th, so take this with a grain of salt.

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To GSN From Fans: Fix Chain Reaction!

A bit ago, BuzzerBlog announced “Chain Reaction”, GSN’s new word game, was renewed for a second season. It apparently got decent ratings, but a good deal of the game show community, quite frankly, disliked it and wondered why it was renewed instead of other things like “I’ve Got A Secret”. Many issues came up with things like game play, set, music, host, contestants, and everything. So, we called out to our readers to submit their changes. The results were rather astounding. Including emails, we got over 50 comments. We thought it would be nice to showcase our favorite ideas and then combine them to make what we feel would be a better edition of “Chain Reaction”. These are also going to be submitted to GSN and Embassy Row. One quick comment before we start. We would like to note that, in theory, “Chain Reaction” is not a bad game. It has the makings of something terrific. However, there are so many tiny errors and flaws in the game play, set changes, music issues, host issues, and more, that it really takes away. When I say that we are making what we feel is a better show, I stress the we as in BuzzerBlog. We are not saying this is terrific to you or compares to the classic. This will just be a combination of your game play that was suggested into a format. Please click below the link to read your hard work. ONE MORE NOTE: BuzzerBlog is reviving it’s podcast talk show “The Buzz”. If you would like to be featured in it and interviewed about “Chain Reaction”, please leave a comment about this post or email us.

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Follow-up on Chain Reaction Renewal

I got way more responses than I figured I would, so I'd like to post this again.  If you could make some changes to GSN's "Chain Reaction", since a majority of the game show fanbase does not like it apparently, what would you do?  We'll post the best suggestions we get here, and maybe combine them to make sense into Buzzer's "Chain Reaction".  We do have people like GSN and Embassy Row read Buzzer, so this could make a difference, readers.  So, again, if you have any more suggestions beyond raising the prize money to giant amounts that you know GSN will never give away, what would you do? And I'm not saying that "Chain Reaction" is a bad show, in theory.  There aren't major problems needing fixing.  There are a lot of minor things that can make it excellent, though.  Everything is on the canvas, but they fail to create the picture nicely.  We have finger painting instead of Mona Lisa.

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“Chain Reaction” Renewed for Season 2

I can't believe it. GSN's original game show "Chain Reaction" has been renewed for a second season and is currently looking for contestants, according to Craigslist. So, want to compete? Click the link below. Here's a challenge for you all: Please leave comments on how you would improve "Chain Reaction". I'm going to post your suggestions and my suggestions one day, as if GSN would read them and listen. It's quite a shame that "I've Got A Secret" looks dead in the water.  What happened to "Lingo" also? APPLY FOR SEASON 2 OF CHAIN REACTION: THE WTF EDITION

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“Chain Reaction” Contestants “Glad It’s Over”

Three female contestants from GSN's show "Chain Reaction" are saying what many many many people are going to say when they are out of episodes: "I'm glad it's over."  On Friday night (their show was taped in August), Kelly Hooper, Linda McAllister, and Helene Dunn compete on the GSN game show to win upwards of $3,000 if they are lucky. “We had a ball,” said Helene, 41, who lives in Chalfont with her husband and three children. They made it through the first round, winning $1,700. That's a total of $1,700; enough, they joked, to cover their two train trips to New York City. Hooper, 38, of Harleysville, said, “I loved doing it, but I'm glad it's over.”

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