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Updates While We Were Away

Apologies for the slow few days.  We've been away and incredibly busy.  Luckily there hasn't been a lot going on.  We do have a few small updates you may be interested in, though.  What you may also be interested in is we'll be on the set of Wheel of Fortune next week so watch out for some cool features then.  Until that time, though, here's what we missed while away. We've got updates on The Price is Right, Robot Combat League, America's Got Talent, CBS's upcoming import of The Great British Bake Off, ITV's Tipping Point, and UK Millionaire. Click here for the full story on each.

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Ratings: “Robot Combat League” Debuts to 1.38 Million

Good news for fans of ass-kicking robots.  Syfy's Robot Combat League started strong out of the gate.  The robot boxing game scored 1.38 million viewers total.  This was a drop of just 25% from its lead-in of Face Off.  It also got a two-year-unscripted high viewership of 748,000 in the target demographic.  No Syfy series has debuted that high in over two years.  Robot Combat League retained 68% of its target demographic rating. Syndicated game shows didn't have such a great report for the second week of Sweeps.  Only two shows managed to stay even or grow. Click here to read the report about all the shows and their ratings.

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Review: “Robot Combat League” Lives Up to the Hype, But Takes Too Long to Get There Thumbnail

Review: “Robot Combat League” Lives Up to the Hype, But Takes Too Long to Get There

Our most anticipated game show of the year so far has been, without question, Syfy's Robot Combat League.  From the day it was announced, our interest was piqued.  It's gigantic robots kicking the hell out of each other.  How could you not be somewhat interested?  However, yes, while the idea sounds interesting there was concern about how it would look on television.  TV budgets aren't mammoth, especially cable budgets.  Could Syfy pull off a game of robot boxing without it seeming dumb, corny, or uninteresting.  The debut episode has been posted on Hulu (among other places) to preview before next week's debut.  We're relieved to say Robot Combat League more than lives up to its hype, but it takes a bit too long to get there. Click here to read our very favorable, excited review and to watch the first full fight of the Robot Combat League.

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