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“Wipeout” Casting for Season Seven; Open Casting Call Dates Thumbnail

“Wipeout” Casting for Season Seven; Open Casting Call Dates

ABC's long running stunt game show Wipeout looks like it's coming back.  Casting producers are currently looking for contestants to tackle the infamous obstacle courses to try to win $50,000.  In addition to regular episodes, they are looking for people for special themed editions such as single men, exes, body modification fans, super geeks, fraternity and sorority members, bosses and employees, and more.  Click here to learn how to be on the show and to find out about an upcoming open casting call.

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“Whodunnit?” Finale Tonight at 9:00PM ET on ABC; Who is the Killer and Who Wins $250,000? Thumbnail

“Whodunnit?” Finale Tonight at 9:00PM ET on ABC; Who is the Killer and Who Wins $250,000?

Thirteen guests entered Rue Manor in June.  Nine have been murdered by the Killer, who is among the four remaining guests.  Who is it?  And who can unmask that person to take home the $250,000 prize?  We'll find out tonight at 9:00PM ET on the season finale of Whodunnit?, ABC's incredibly engaging high-concept game show.  The past few weeks have increased on the insanity scale, but last week officially hit, "What the hell?" stage. Click here to read what happened last week, who has mysteriously disappeared, and to check out a photo gallery preview of this week's finale.

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Video: Game Shows do the “Harlem Shake” Thumbnail

Video: Game Shows do the “Harlem Shake”

The newest YouTube sensation is the Harlem Shake.  If you haven't seen it it's a short video where someone dances for about 10 seconds while everyone else is frozen around them.  After that every one else essentially convulses with confetti, props, costumes, and other things.  I wouldn't be bringing it up if, inexplicably, two game shows didn't jump into the Harlem Shake trend yesterday.  Both Deal or No Deal and Wipeout released videos showcasing their moves.  Both are funny and "must watch" for different reasons.  While Wipeout's is nice to see for the return of the very-much-missed Jill Wagner, I think Noel Edmund's dancing on the Deal or No Deal video wins the day.  Amusingly the Pilgrims and the Wings couldn't quite grasp the concept of staying still, but Noel played along brilliantly.  Click here to watch both and let us know what you think.  The ball's in your court, Trebek.

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Chad Mosher
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TBS Acquires Repeats of ABC’s “Wipeout,” Begins Airing Weekday Afternoons Thumbnail

TBS Acquires Repeats of ABC’s “Wipeout,” Begins Airing Weekday Afternoons

An interesting bit of information has come out quietly today. TBS, which apparently is getting heavier into game shows than GSN has this month, has picked up reruns of the ABC hit game show Wipeout. The show will air at 2PM ET on weekdays starting today, replacing repeats of Rules of Engagement. The rights to air Wipeout repeats have been in the Time Warner family since sister network TruTV started airing them in Fall 2011. TruTV has a nice level of success airing repeats of the show in a block on Friday nights, so TBS will borrow the episodes to see if they can have similar success in propping up their afternoon schedule. Click here to read about TBS's scheduling of the show.

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Chad Mosher
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“Wipeout” Coming Back for Season 6, Jill Wagner Returning Thumbnail

“Wipeout” Coming Back for Season 6, Jill Wagner Returning

ABC announced today that Wipeout, ABC's mainstay summer series, will be back for a sixth go-round. Even thought it has been dealing with sagging ratings when compared to seasons past, the show still performs better than most of the summer lineup for the Alphabet Network so they're keeping it around. Bigger news to go along with this, for many Wipeout fans, is sideline reporter Jill Wagner will return to replace her replacement Vanessa (Minnillo) Lachey who served for season five. Wagner is a favorite among many fans, including this one, so her presence will be welcomed once again. Click here to read more about the renewal and how you can apply to be a contestant.

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“Wipeout” Debuts New Summer Season on Thursday, June 28th Thumbnail

“Wipeout” Debuts New Summer Season on Thursday, June 28th

Summer favorite Wipeout is back and, as always they've upped the ante.  The newest summer season of the obstacle course-based game show hosted by John Henson and John Anderson begins this Thursday, June 28th, at 9:00PM ET.  The season kicks off with a special "Hotties VS Nerds" edition.  Twelve brains will face off against twelve hotties for a chance to win $50,000.  This season the obstacles on the course are bigger, badder, and funnier than ever, but the ever-popular Big Balls remain as always.  In fact, there's a $1,000 bonus resting on the fourth Big Ball...if someone can make it that far.  The final three contestants will face off in the all-new, completely redesigned Wipeout Zone.  The fastest time takes the $50,000.  See who wins on the season premiere this Thursday at 9:00PM ET.  Click here to watch a preview of what to expect.

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BuzzerUK: Christmas Game Show Preview Thumbnail

BuzzerUK: Christmas Game Show Preview

December has arrived! Christmas and New Year is upon us and this means one thing. Many UK networks produce and broadcast many game show specials for the festive period. Some of the regular specials are returning with some new ones. Here is our guide to what is on in throughout the Christmas period. As the New Year listings have yet to be released, keep watching this page as we will add any extra shows once we have received them. BBC One Winter Wipeout hits our screens for the first time in the UK. The obstacle course in Argentina has been changed to reflect the time of the year. 20 Brits will attempt the new course to become the Winter Wipeout champion and receive £10,000. The new winter course will be loosely based on the original ve

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News Flashes for Wednesday, November 30th Thumbnail

News Flashes for Wednesday, November 30th

We haven't done one of these in a while.  Relatively slow day to close out November but there are a few smaller things that may interest you.  Here are some news flashes for Wednesday, November 30th. Today's headlines include the ratings for ABC's You Deserve It and why you may not be seeing it for much more, a set report of ITV's The Exit List, and debut dates for Winter Wipeout and Shark Tank. Click here for the full story on each.

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Ratings Report: “101 Ways” Stays Steady in Week Two Thumbnail

Ratings Report: “101 Ways” Stays Steady in Week Two

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show had its second episode this past Tuesday.  The second episode is always pretty important.  It's a good indicator to see if the viewers who were around during week one enjoyed the show enough to come back for more.  If this is any clear indication, the crowd that watched 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show liked what they saw. Wipeout seems to be losing a little bit of steam, though. We've also got some syndicated ratings which includes great news for Family Feud which experienced a major boom this season. Finally, we've got a link to some GSN ratings. Click here for all the numbers.

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Morning Buzz for June 24, 2011 Thumbnail

Morning Buzz for June 24, 2011

Good late morning to everyone.  I hope you had a great week so far...I know I have.  Here are a few smaller stories to end the week. Stories include pictures of Meredith Vieira at the Daytime Emmys for Who Wants to be a Millionaire, ratings for 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show and Wipeout, updated GSN schedules, casting notices, plus a new look at NBC's upcoming Who's Still Standing?. Click here for all the stories.

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Format Update: “Identity Crisis” and “Wipeout” Thumbnail

Format Update: “Identity Crisis” and “Wipeout”

We've got two broadcast formats to talk about today. A bit ago we discussed a new game show pilot called Identity Crisis that was casting.  The celebrity based trivia show recently did run throughs in front of CBS executives.  It's now officially been ordered for a pilot.  The game is based on a board game from Endless Games and is produced by Courtney Cox and David Arquette. After that we've got a lot of news involving ABC's Wipeout including a renewal, new co-host, and a new video game. Click here for the story on both shows.

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Morning Buzz for May 16, 2011 Thumbnail

Morning Buzz for May 16, 2011

I hope everyone is attempting to have a good drive to the office this Monday morning.  Here are some morning updates to start your week off. In this morning's Buzz, we've got information about ABC's summer game shows such as Wipeout and 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, information about being a paid audience member for Baggage, logos for Million Dollar Mind Game and The $500,000 Pyramid, an interview with the newest Deal or No Deal jackpot winner, and the location of Family Feud's new season. Click here for the full story on each.

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Alex Davis
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“Wipeout” Gains truTV Reruns; Loses Jill Wagner Thumbnail

“Wipeout” Gains truTV Reruns; Loses Jill Wagner

There's been a lot of Wipeout news recently, coinciding the special Name the Stunt competition going on.  Even more updates are going through the news cycle.  First of all, fans of the show are getting even more chances to watch.  The show is being syndicated to cable.  truTV has acquired the rights to the show. Second, Wipeout will be losing a host.  Popular sideline reporter/insult comic Jill Wagner will be leaving the show after this summer's season. Click here to read the full details on both stories.

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Alex Davis
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Name ABC’s New “Wipeout” Challenge! Thumbnail

Name ABC’s New “Wipeout” Challenge!

ABC's hit stunt show Wipeout is continuing its Winter/Spring series and will have its regular summer season in shortly.  They constantly come up with new, inventive, and crazy challenges that send people flying into the pool below.  The games also have funny and unique names.  Want your chance to name a new Wipeout stunt?  Do you think you can come up with a name as good as "Big Balls" or "Dreadmill"?   ABC is giving you that chance now.  Click here to name the new Wipeout challenge!

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Ratings Report: “Wipeout” Sees Series High; “Million Dollar Money Drop” Doesn’t Thumbnail

Ratings Report: “Wipeout” Sees Series High; “Million Dollar Money Drop” Doesn’t

This is a pretty good week for game shows on broadcast television.  Million Dollar Money Drop on Fox, Minute to Win It on NBC, and Wipeout on ABC are all active.  Some look alive and some...not so much.  THURSDAY UPDATE: Million Dollar Money Drop and Wipeout both aired episodes on Thursday at 8:00PM ET.  One did great and the other didn't.  I'm sure you can guess which one did what. Click here to find out all the ratings.

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