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Electus and Barracuda Productions Acquire Rights to Treasure Hunt Reboot

Alex Davis

The classic game show is trying to make it back to television for the first time in 30 years.

Before there was Deal or No Deal, there was Treasure Hunt. The series saw contestants select boxes lined up in the studio and win what’s inside. It was last seen in 1982, but Electus and Barracuda Productions are going to try to bring it back for the first time in decades.

Barry Poznick, who has finished production on ABC’s revival of To Tell The Truth is producing the reboot of Treasure Hunt along with partners Wink Martdinale and John Ricci, Jr.. The series stays faithful to the classic version, with contestants choosing from 30 treasure chests, hoping to win big. However, each chest contains comedic distractions that create laughter and heighten the tension at each decision point.

“Treasure Hunt combines the laughter and lunacy of The Gong Show, with the decision making and risk taking of Deal or No Deal,” said Poznick. “There’s been a growing appetite for the classic game shows we grew up with, and we’re excited to bring Treasure Hunt to a new generation of fans.”

Barracuda Television Productions will produce the unscripted series in conjunction with Electus. Barry Poznick and Chris Grant of Electus will serve as Executive Producers.

  • Shon

    The biggest drawback to bringing back Treasure Hunt is finding a host whose memory and comedic timing was as good (if not better than) Geoff Edwards. IMHO the host should be great in Improv (e.g. Wayne Brady). The other problem I see is you also have to have great writers to make what comes in the boxes comedic gold which is not an easy feat. While I’m happy Wink is on board John Ricci worries me as 1) His past work I’ve seen so far has been mediocre at best. e.g. Beat The Parents which was a really watered down version of Double Dare. Also some of his past game show concepts have been far from innovative. 2) He really is still a beginner (in terms of producing and directing) and pulling off a game like Treasure Hunt is like a kid going in to wood shop class and his first project is to build a scale replica of the ark. In my opinion doing a revival of Treasure Hunt is that difficult to pull off.