Weekend Replay: Box 23 on “Deal or No Deal” Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: Box 23 on “Deal or No Deal”

Earlier this week we discussed Deal or No Deal‘s newest feature, Box 23.  The Channel 4 game, hosted by Noel Edmunds, recently introduced a 23rd box which a player can buy at the end of the game with his or her winnings.  If they buy it, they stand a one-in-five chance of doubling their money.  However, they have the same odds to leave with nothing.  They are now putting £500,000 on the line.  Box 23 was introduced on Wednesday’s episode.  If you missed it, check out the reveal and the first playing.  Would you have bought Box 23 in this situation?

Check it out below.  (MP4 video)

What do you think?  Video courtesy Endemol.

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8 responses to "Weekend Replay: Box 23 on “Deal or No Deal”"

  • Patrick says:

    It’s a big risk. It’s “Double or Nothing” but with 3 extra choices. Here is my only concern; let’s say someone wins the £250,000. Would the person actually give it back knowing they just sat through all that stress? Or who would be that crazy to trade it all in? 2 good outcomes, 2 bad, and nothing. Maybe if they win £25,000 or less they might go for it, but I don’t see anyone winning more then that unless they’re a glutton for stress.

    • Andrew L. says:

      The toughest decision is when the money is between £7,500-£10,000. Anything below that and the attitude is “May as well go for it, haven’t got much to lose”; once in five-figure prizes, the risk far outweighs the reward.

      • Josh J says:

        Actually, statistically speaking, the reward outweighs the risk up until you reach £20,000. At that point, the +£10,000 is equal to the Half option. Double and Nothing always cancel each other out.
        As a result, statistically speaking, any number below £20,000 should be gambled with and any number above it should not. At exactly 20k, it’s a pure toss-up.
        With all that being said, though… It’s a lot easier to say that you’d be statistically correct to risk £17,500 than it is to actually pull the trigger with the real risk of walking away with nothing at all.

  • Jay says:

    Can’t speak for others. But, I’m having trouble seeing the video. When I click the “play” button, nothing happens.

  • bmhedgehog says:

    damn why did the American DoND had to be canned. This should have been great to have and see.

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