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“Deal or No Deal” Introduces Box 23

On the first day of 2014, Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal introduced an extra twist to the game, in addition to a brand new set. The Banker’s mother decided to give her son a present for the new year. Up to this point, all players faced 22 boxes in The Dream Factory for a shot at £250,000. That is not the case in 2014. Even though the conventional game play still exists, this added element is going to make decisions not only harder for the player, but for The Banker to make more strategic offers. Here’s a message from The Banker’s mother:

There it is – Box 23. Once a player has completed their game, he or she can turn in their winnings and buy Box 23, whether it was a deal or their original box. Inside Box 23 are five different possibilities. They are:

Double: The player will walk away with double their winnings, meaning a perfect came would net them a £500,000 payday.

+£10,000: The player will win an additional £10,000.

Money Back: The player is given back their original winnings.

Half: The player will lose half of their winnings.

Nothing: The player will lose all of their winnings and walk away with £0.

The player does not have to buy Box 23, but for those who end up winning a sum around a few thousand pounds, this could be a viable option where there is a 40% chance of winning much more. On the other side, players who win really high sums may not be tempted as much, but could produce some exciting moments. With a top prize of £500,000 now with the assistance of Box 23, and every offer having more meaning than ever, how will player’s change their tactics?

Speculation has been that it would be a simple “Double or Nothing” outcome. As we see, it’s much more than that. More importantly, it will give those players who win tiny sums of money to redeem themselves and open Box 23. Later this weekend, we’ll have a video of Box 23 in action, so you don’t want to miss that. We’re excited to see what outcomes it will produce. What do you think of Deal or No Deal’s newest addition to 2014?

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12 responses to "“Deal or No Deal” Introduces Box 23"

  • I think it sounds like a decent idea on paper, though I’d have to actually see it in action before passing judgment one way or the other. It doesn’t sound as though it breaks the game though, which is always a good thing when we’re talking about making changes to a classic and well-established format. I think I already like it more than I did the “Banker’s Gamble” option.

  • Doug Morris says:

    “On paper”, it looks like nice use of the 23 enigma.

    This particular DoND needed an extra wrinkle. Here’s hoping it helps.

  • Rusty M. says:

    I’m intrigued since you have the five options. I think it will get plenty of use for those players who get less than 10,000 pounds during the game.

    Do we known if the Banker knows what is in Box 23? I wouldn’t think so, but if he does know then I feel this will impact the offer amounts during the game. For example: if Box 23 has the ‘Double’ then the Banker would offer a few thousand pounds more with his offers and thus a player would be less likely to risk their final amount and then the Banker would avoid a bigger payout. The opposite would be true; a “Nothing” box would allow the Banker to lower his offers (again just by a few thousand) and thus increasing the chances a player would lose it all by buying Box 23.

    • David Howell says:

      He doesn’t in regular play, but this could be added as an added element to twist weeks instead of/as well as looking in the player’s box.

  • Marc says:

    I would imagine that the same third party who puts the amounts in the other 22 boxes is the only one who knows what’s in #23.

  • Seems to be a modified version of the DEAL WHEEL from the US version. Could work, or could just complicate matters.

  • Adam says:

    I wish the USA could revive our version of DoND, but with a case #27. Unfortunately, it seems nbc just wAnts to sit on that idea, which is too bad, because IMO, it could’ve helped nbc in the ratings, but I guess nbc is just too happy to make any effort to make it into first :)

  • iain says:

    Box 23 is flawed as its contents are down to the discretion of the independent adjudicator. This means that the adjudicator has the power to control the maximum amount that can be taken out of the game on any particular day – yes the maximum has increased (its now £500k in theory) but for the first time the adjudicator has the ability to limit the value to some value significantly below that maximum on any particular day. Knowing who will be the contestant, means that the adjudicator has the ability to favour one over another.

    I suggest that there be 5 boxes, one for each option, and the contestant chooses which box (if any) to be opened.

  • The Chaser says:

    Interesting idea, but I fear this could also lead to many awkward moments:

    1p winner gets “Double”…..yaaayyyy he/she wins 2p!
    1p winner gets “Half” …..oooohhh, he/she leaves with 1/2p. LOL How are they going to pay out 1/2p?!

    And of course, there is the creation of the “zero” club. I know it’s DOND, but still, that doesn’t seem right. Just my opinion.

  • Richard Steel says:

    Do we know if the content of Box 23 is selected at random?

  • John says:

    I love that DOND is spicing it up a bit but I do agree with the idea of 5 gold colored (to highlight the speciality of them) so the adjudicator can (backstage) have a bowl with each suggestion in it and the adjudicator picks each special ability randomly). This way, not only does the adjudicator only know which special ability is in each box each time, both the contestant chosen & the Banker (hopefully doesn’t know) what’s in each special box to put both of them on edge. Let’s see if this works & if the Banker will be appreciative of His mother’s “contribution” (whether it be helpful or harmful to the Banker).

    Wish the USA could see your version of DOND on tv instead of only on YouTube (which I’m grateful for that).

  • Archie Hancock says:

    I must stress that Box 23 is filled at random by the same lady (or IA) who seals and fills the other 22 boxes. Nobody but her knows what’s inside, and again, it’s chosen at random.

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