MGM To Distribute “Let’s Ask America” Nationally Thumbnail

MGM To Distribute “Let’s Ask America” Nationally

You may have heard the news on Twitter the other day, but if not, you’ll hopefully be excited.  People all across the country will finally get to see why we won’t stop talking about Let’s Ask America.  Scripps has selected MGM Domestic Television Distribution to take their popular syndicated game show Let’s Ask America national.  Now airing in only a select number of Scripps-owned markets, the Kevin Pereira-hosted quiz show has been an effective hit for stations.  Each episode sees contestants answering survey questions to win up to $50,000 all from home using Skype.

“Let’s Ask America offers audiences around the country the opportunity to participate in a game show for cash prizes right from their own living rooms,” said John Bryan, MGM’s president of domestic television distribution, in a statement. “We are thrilled to further our relationship with Scripps and to distribute this already successful program across all stations in markets nationwide.”

“This deal extends the Scripps commitment to original program development,” said Brian Lawlor, senior VP of the Scripps television division, also in a statement. “We have created strong partnerships that have led to high-quality television, and we’re not finished yet.”

We’re looking forward to letting everyone see what you voted as the best new game show in 2012 (for good reasons).  Check out their Halloween episode below.

Source : B&C

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8 responses to "MGM To Distribute “Let’s Ask America” Nationally"

  • James Greek says:

    I wonder why MGM is distributing Let’s Ask America instead of Warner Bros.

  • jeff says:

    Our version of “Let’s Ask America” here in the Philippines entitled “Let’s Ask Pilipinas” just started a month ago.. I was a contestant but unfortunately I got eliminated in the first round :( but it was a great experience…


  • Tahsin says:

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  • James D. says:

    IIRC, MGM plans to pair LAA with another web-centric show, “RightThisMinute.”

    • DeVares says:

      That’s what I heard too. So, if that’s the case, expect Raycom owned stations (at least in those where there’s no Scripps O&O) to pick it up.

  • SEAN says:

    It’s a bit surprising that MGM is doing the syndication, but more importently will LAA get favorable slots on primary stations? Family Feud became lucky in that regard in the past few seasons.

  • CouponBoy says:

    I really hope they bring back the $1,000 consolation for going All-In and losing. Without it, hardly anyone is willing to go All-In and rightly so as they want to leave with something after winning the game. This makes the final segment fairly boring, as many are just risking a few hundred bucks on the final question.

  • The Chaser says:

    I’ve noticed that, too. Still, it doesn’t take away from what is a fun and engaging game show.

    That being said, I agree that part of the game should be restored.

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