Cassidy Schlitz Wins $100,000 on “The Price is Right”; Second Highest Daytime Winner Thumbnail

Cassidy Schlitz Wins $100,000 on “The Price is Right”; Second Highest Daytime Winner

This week’s Big Money Week on The Price is Right kicked off just about as large as possible.  Contestant Cassidy Schlitz was lucky enough to make it on stage to play the pricing game Half Off, the day’s “Big Money” game, for $100,000.  Its usual prize is $10,000.  Sixteen boxes are presented to Cassidy.  One has $100,000 and the rest have nothing.  She must select the correct box to win.  Cassidy was lucky enough to correctly identify the price of three prizes and narrow her odds from 1/16 to 1/2 (each correct prize guess removes half of the boxes).  Left with boxes 5 and 14, Cassidy chose 5, opened the lid, and saw $100,000 in cash sitting inside.

If that wasn’t enough she then won $1,000 on the Big Wheel and won her showcase worth over $37,000 including a new BMW.  Her grand total is $140,236.  She is now the second biggest winner in the daytime version of The Price is Right‘s history.  If you missed the big win check it out below.  This should give you some incentive to check out the rest of the week which includes $250,000 Cliffhangers, $500,000 Plinko, and more.

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12 responses to "Cassidy Schlitz Wins $100,000 on “The Price is Right”; Second Highest Daytime Winner"

  • CouponBoy says:

    Judging by last year’s big money week, this was probably the EASY big money game of the week, and there will almost certainly be VERY tricky setups for the other games, making them extremely hard to win.

  • George S. says:

    I watched this last night and it was such an awesome win. It could’ve gone in a totally opposite direction but I’m glad it didn’t. I’m really interested in seeing $250,000 Cliffhangers. Not typically a fan of it but it’ll be worth watching with the new twist on it.

  • Casey says:

    Really amazing win for her!

    And she beat out the previous 2nd highest daytime winner by $1 (previous one was Denise from Bob’s final show, who won $140,235 in cash and prizes).

  • NC says:

    I have a feeling she won’t be #2 for long.

  • Brad says:

    When was the last time someone played a perfect game of Half-Off, if it has even happened before? TPiR has already taken shows to school with this creative big money week, particularly “Millionaire” which has been very, very dry and uncreative for years. I know it’s like having a week of Million Dollar Spectacular shows, but at least Price’s producers can adapt the show in an unpredictable and entertaining way.

  • Gayle says:

    Her name us Cassidy Schiltz, not Schlitz.

  • Eddie Mac says:

    Lacks double showcase winner horns.

    Still though, awesome moment. If she’s #2, who’s #1?

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