Bob Barker Returns to “The Price is Right” December 12th Thumbnail

Bob Barker Returns to “The Price is Right” December 12th

Mark your calendars, The Price is Right fans.  The CBS daytime game show’s former and still-incredibly-popular host, Bob Barker, is coming back for a special appearance.  The week of December 9th, Price and Drew Carey will hold a week-long tribute to Barker’s 90th birthday.

The special week will have pet adoption segments which the pre-Drew Carey era regularly had.  On the 12th, Barker will return to the stage to help with an animal adoption segment and take part in a special Showcase featuring prizes celebrating turning 90.

In a quote to TV Guide, executive producer Mike Richards said, “We’ve had Bob on just one other time since Drew Carey took over the show. It was when Bob’s book, Priceless Memories, came out and it was a priceless moment for fans. I was looking for the perfect reason to bring Bob back again and this TV legend turning 90 is the perfect reason.”

Check out that moment below.  Looking forward to this week?

Source : TV Guide

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26 responses to "Bob Barker Returns to “The Price is Right” December 12th"

  • MikeSant318 says:

    Would be perfect if Bob Barker intro’d the “Prizes truning 90″ Showcase (George doing the descriptions, of course)…an idea…

  • Air Biscuit says:

    The fanboys at that other website must be drooling now.

    • Mario500 says:

      That was not nice. I am sure you would feel offended if someone were to say the same statement about you.

    • HomerJay says:

      Already happened weeks ago. Now, the question is “will the be good enough?”

      It does kind of shoot the whole “they’re trying to erase all Barker memories” manta out of the sky, though.

      • James says:

        Which didn’t hold water the first time. First they mention his name at the beginning of EVERY FRIGGIN’ EPISODE. Second, they showed classic clips on the anniversary…with Bob in plain sight. It’s not like they did what he had done to Holly, etc, and blurred him out or anything.

        That said, it will be good to see Bob the onstage performer again.

        • James says:

          They could have also skipped showing anything from his episodes, like he had done to Rod, Holly, et al on the DVD. Which would be ridiculous, as you can’t ignore 35 years of history. Still it would be kind of funny to see them pay homage only to Dennis, Tom, and even Doug. (Also ignored in Barker’s version of history)

          I like Bob as a host, but he is a political maniac behind the scenes.

          • Mario500 says:

            I cannot believe any of the accusations you referenced about Bob Barker without definitive proof.

          • HomerJay says:

            That would be pretty funny.

          • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

            I agree – and all you have to do Mario is to go online and look up Barker vs. Hallstrom, or check out Chris Mann’s site – that’s all the proof you need. Great emcee, horrible person.

          • Vic the Slick says:

            Oy vey, will you and DENo1MatchGameFan KNOCK IT OFF?!?! WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE BOB BARKER BACKSTAGE DRAMA!!!

  • J.J. says:

    Glad to hear this I can never tell if Bob hates the show or the management or if he’s OK with it. He’s certainly been quoted a few times expressing some displeasure but it apparently hasn’t gotten in the way here. That’s a good thing.

    • James says:

      Whatever gets his attention at the moment, I suppose. If he can get press by complaining about the show, he’ll do it. If he can get back on the show to celebrate some milestone, he’ll do it.

  • frankfan1 says:

    The fanbois on Golden Road are probably hoping that Bob Barker kicks Drew Carey’s behind and takes over the show, remodels the set to look like it’s 1982, and not have anything resemble a shiny floor or plasma screen.

    But it will be a nice show to have Barker back.

  • Sandra D says:

    I am so looking forward to Bob’s return, even if it’s just once! Can’t wait to see you Bob! Happy 90th!!

  • Matt says:

    Off note here, I noticed with the models they have 2 models, not 3. Rachel has been doing since the season started, and rotated with Danelle, Carla, and a few celebs. When will Rachel get a break, and when will Rob, Gwendolyn, Amber, and Maneula going to return? I hope that they didn’t fire all them.

    • Alex says:

      Rob, Gwen, Manny, and Amber have all pointed out on their Twitter accounts that they’re still active on the show and haven’t been fired.

      Why they’re taking so damn long to make their debuts this season is another story…

    • Kevin says:

      Rob, Gwen, Manuela and Amber will be back soon because they’re already doing “guest models” for the show in light of their absence.

  • Penny Navarre says:

    That’s going to be one of the most AWESOME appearances, I love the PRICE IS RRIGHTand Bob Barker is MISSED. I have a postcard of Bob Barker that I received 30 years ago waiting in line to go on the show. Never made it up on stage, but I would give anything to be able to go see Bob and celebrate his 90th birthday. My best friend Karen and I just went for an audition Macomb,Michigan to be on the price is right last week. Waiting to hear if we were chosen. it shows in that would pull fill one of the biggest dreams I’ve ever had.fingers and toes are still crossed!!!!!

  • Kevin says:

    Very happy to see Bob Barker back as he celebrates his 90th birthday come December 12th. It made me cry to see Barker retired after 35 years hosting the show. In my opinion, Bob Barker is 100x better than Drew Carey. As for Carey, where does he go from here?

  • Vic the Slick says:

    I’m excited to see Bob return again, but (moderators) please remove the comments about Bob’s backstage drama.

  • Donald says:

    Great idea, but it wouldn’t have hurt for them to do a Million Dollar Spectacular special HOSTED by Bob for his 90th birthday. That would be great. It’s been a while since they’ve done one of those.

  • Chris says:

    I hope so, but who knows what may happen…

  • BillCullen1 says:

    Bob looked a little older and his pacing was slower but overall it was an enjoyable show. Nice that the contestant Bob called to “come on down” got the showcase that Bob described to her. I’m glad I DVR’ed it.

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