“The Price is Right” Debuts New Game on September 23rd; “Plinko” Day on September 27th Thumbnail

“The Price is Right” Debuts New Game on September 23rd; “Plinko” Day on September 27th

CBS’s long running daytime game show The Price is Right returns for its 42nd season this Monday, September 23rd.  Drew Carey, George Gray, and the rest are back to give away tens of thousands of dollars in cash, trips, cars, and more.  The show will add to its extensive library of pricing games on its debut episode.  Price will launch “Do The Math.”  The contestant will be shown two prizes, and a dollar amount on the board.  He or she has to decide if Prize A plus the dollar amount equals Prize B, or if Prize A minus the dollar amount equals Prize B.  Answering correctly wins both prizes plus the cash.

Then, on September 27th, is the episode that caught huge traction after its announcement.  Friday, September 27th, will see the special all-”Plinko” edition.  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Price‘s most popular game each and every contestant will get the chance to play.  Beyond cash, prizes like cars, trips, and more will be added to the board to mix it up.  This season will see other special weeks like “Dream Car Week.”  I was there for one of the episodes and it’s not to be missed, trust me.

Take a look at a preview below.

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26 responses to "“The Price is Right” Debuts New Game on September 23rd; “Plinko” Day on September 27th"

  • Glenn says:

    Umm do the math has train wreck written all over it…it gives me Add em Up nightmares, it’s simplified yes and is a bit of a pick 2 game but I still think this is too confusing for TPIR fare, good idea but just not fit for this crowd.

    • Joe Kavanagh says:

      It’s just one question: is A more expensive than B? If A is more expensive then subtract, if B is more expensive then add. Not all that confusing.

      • Glenn says:

        yes but they said that about split decision (just make your move and push over, 2 successful games combined)

        They said that about time is money (just a simple LMAD style pricing game)

        Hell, they said that about hit me which was just find the most right price then the most redonklious price and that got RETIRED for being too hard LOL.

        never understimate the dumbness of the TPIR contestant LOL

        • Robert says:

          Amen Glen, Price loves picking contestants with the I.Q. of a bedpost. They can make first grade math look like calculus. It IS a simple game, but, one always worries with this genration of contestants. Mind you, previous generations weren’t rocket scientists either, but they look like Einstein compared to now.

          Also, I realize I’m on of maybe 5 people in the world who hates Plinko, but I do. I hate a game where the top prize will NEVER be given away, and not even close. The thought of a whole day of Plinko makes me ill. :)~

        • stephen says:

          Or find the one closest to the right price AND the one ending in a 0 (hence multiplied by 10).

  • Barry says:

    I too agree with Glen I can’t tell you how many times I have watched cliffhangers and said 20, 30, 40 and the contestants act as though thats a new game…Do the math worries me

  • Kevin $ says:

    This should work just fine. It’ll scare contestants initially just because it has math in the title (think Patricia Heaton on the “Millionaire” anniversary in ’09), but it’s simple. It’s essentially a spin of Check Game. It’s like they give you the check amount. Shouldn’t be difficult at all…

  • Scott says:

    What about the new season of Let’s Make a Deal?

  • SuperGamer7 says:

    I wish some people would stop profiling TPIR contestants as dumb just because they didn’t play a game a certain way, or didn’t play it the way you would.

    TPIR has had a lot of very smart contestants, and will continue to do so. Also, have you ever thought that these people might actually be very bright and personable if you got to know them.

    “Dream car week” sounds very exciting, btw.

    • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

      Ten Chances is living proof that a lot of “TPIR’s” contestants are dumb (especially when they have to have the studio audience do their thinking for them!) That damn game has bugged the hell out of me for YEARS for that very reason. Same with Range Finder, Any Number, and a lot of other games where the contestant doesn’t want to think for themselves!

  • DJ says:

    Do the Math should be fine. Wasn’t Split Decision the game that kept falling apart? As far as confusing, lets talk about On The Spot or Time Is Money…what the f? :D

  • Matt says:

    I wonder if Rachel will be back from her pregnancy this season? Or we’ll just see Rob, Gwendolyn, Amber, and Maneula this season.

  • Sam says:

    Do The Math is just fine: it’s a 50/50 shot even if players lose their composure under the TV lights If simple math is generally hated as some think it is, this game would have never made it to air.

  • Myke25 says:

    So…where was the new home base?

    • Julia says:

      Was thinking that when I watched the first episode. I thought maybe it would be on the second ep…Now that I’m watching the second ep, where is it?

  • Ryan says:

    Just out of curiousity, did LMAD start its new season today??? It usually does when the TPIR does but I haven’t heard anyhing about it

  • Ryan says:

    Also, I am really confused, I am watching today’s episode and it is clearly the OLD set….no glass floor, etc…Are they really airing re-runs already????

  • Adam Stabelli says:

    It will be there Next Tuesday.

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