Season Debuts of “Family Feud”, “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” Today Thumbnail

Season Debuts of “Family Feud”, “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” Today

Today’s a very busy day for game show fans.  The top three game shows around are back with new episodes and features to look for.  The long running syndicated games Family FeudJeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune all return with new seasons today, September 16th.  Family Feud is getting an updated set.  If you haven’t seen our teases of it yet, it’s beautiful so be sure to watch.  Jeopardy! also gets a new set for its 30th season along with the upcoming Battle of the Decades tournament.  Finally Wheel of Fortune retires the “Jackpot” wedge and adds the “Express” which you can read about here.  Be sure to let us know what you think of each.

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13 responses to "Season Debuts of “Family Feud”, “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” Today"

  • aaaa says:

    Feud didn’t make any changes for this season. Steve now mentions what kind of a car five time winners get. The season premiere(first show seen in single run markets) had a four time family going for their fifth win.

    • John says:

      Actually, there were a few noticeable set changes made, as well.

      • But those four-time champs LOST, and the other family actually won $20,000. Not bad for a season premiere!

        Also: I happened to notice the “Family Feud” logo in that oval on the floor.

    • Looks like there are graphical changes this season. At the very least, the typefaces have been made shorter and thinner, and most text and the strike graphics have added reflected lighting, making them appear shinier. There is also a very pronounced floating galaxy background now on all the previously static blue family signs, scores, and podiums.

  • John Henry says:

    Aside from the new set on “J!”, die-hard fans will be glad to know that the globe in the intro is back!

  • frankfan1 says:

    Amazingly, my local ABC affiliate pre-empted the Wheel season premiere for an informerical by a local car dealer. Episode 2 of the season airs tomorrow.

  • joshua says:

    cool new express wedge it cool!! saaw that last night

  • William M says:

    The Tuesday night show seemed somewhat unfair when the contestant from Oregon was not given the puzzle he actually solved. Also, it seems unfair that the express wedge is only on the wheel for one game, providing a seemingly unfair advantage. I have watched this show for over twenty years but Tuesday night is the first time I have ever thought it could possibly be rigged or unfair to the contestants.

    • Steve says:

      In other words, a “Corno Curro Cabinet” is the same as a “Corner Curio Cabinet” to you? Yes, that’s what he said per closed captioning.

      • SEAN says:

        I’m glad someone else noticed the downside to the express wedge. Don’t get me wrong, I think the concept is cool. The problem is – unless you solve the puzzle in round two, express mode can prevent another player from obtaining the second car tag as it did last night. If both car tags were available in round one, the issue could be rectified to some degree. Perhaps they are & I just didn’t see it?

  • William M says:

    No, corno is not the same as corner. I guess I misunderstood what he said. I thought he said corner. I guess his dialect caused me to misunderstand.

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