Reminder: All-Plinko “The Price is Right” Airs Today Thumbnail

Reminder: All-Plinko “The Price is Right” Airs Today

This is just a heads up to tune into today episode of The Price is Right.  To celebrate 30 years of the show’s most popular game, the Drew Carey-hosted daytime game show will feature “Plinko” every act of the show.  Every person that makes it on stage will get a chance to drop a chip down the famous “Plinko” board.  Beyond the usual $50,000 up for grabs ($10,000 per chip), prizes like cars, trips, air-hockey tables, and more will be placed on the board for contestants to win.  It will be fun to see, so be sure to tune in.

Be sure to let us know what you think of it. In the meantime, want to see what “Plinko” was like 30 years ago?  Take a look at the first playing.

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81 responses to "Reminder: All-Plinko “The Price is Right” Airs Today"

  • Adam S. says:

    Interesting that the scoreboard didn’t work on the first playing. Also that the right prices weren’t on both sides of the numbers.

    Very cool to watch, thanks!

  • Tran says:

    Guess today’s Plinko episode on TPIR was no question a “Plinko stinko”. :-( Producer Mike Richards should be ashamed of himself and we always hated it when a chip lands on a zero. Hope Price is Right is going to keep on sinking like the TITANIC and Drew Carey is still not in the level Bob Barker was.

    • Jackson says:

      Why would some one who claims to love the show, demonstrate so much hate towards it?

    • Myke25 says:

      First, it’s been six years now. TPIR is still getting good ratings (or what passes for good ratings these days). Bob’s not coming back. Drew will never be what Bob was. Give it up. Drew was not the problem today.

      But second, I agree that all-Plinko was a bit lacking. It was all of of the problems with Plinko times six. Too few chips won. Too many zeroes. Only one $10K hit. That kinda makes for a boring game.
      Earning chips seemed to be harder today for some reason…but then I was never a fan of the way chips are earned in Plinko. Not that a $50,000 game should be easy, but players seemed to struggle more today.
      And after a couple of games, the gimmick just started to feel old. Maybe playing once per half-hour or jacking up the $10K slot to $30K might have been a better way to salute Plinko’s 30 years.

      But I applaud the attempt. I like how they are constantly trying to freshen things up, while still respecting 42 years of history.

  • Tran says:

    People still aren’t giving up watching The Price is Right because on every episode there are WINNERS and LOSERS because the contestants are like 99% dumber than they are right now and come to think of it, TV’s longest running game show is like part Homeland part Walking Dead part Breaking Bad part Dexter and part 24. CBS Daytime should “canceled” it in the near future.

    • Josh says:

      Tran go take your sour attitude else where.
      I enjoyed today’s show. Yes it was a little lack luster but you know what, IT was Plinko’s 30th. I am glad that they celebrated that occasion.

      Anyways Yeah. That is my 2 cents.

      • Tran says:

        Josh maybe you should watch episodes of Breaking Bad before the final episode airs Sunday. Remember when Aaron Paul was a contestant on that show and Bob Barker was the host? Drew, the models and the contestants should cooked up a whole lot of METH.

  • ooboh says:

    There were so many zeroes in this episode. It’s not even funny.

  • Walter White says:

    Who’s the person responsible of picking contestants who are literally crazy. That person should get FIRED!

  • Nicholas Brody says:

    CBS Daytime should “canceled” The Price is Right and if they don’t…WE RIOT!

  • Nicholas Brody says:

    Do you guys think that bidding $1 more than the last person who bid on contestants’ row is consider CHEATING? I’m one of the guys who agrees with that because that’s what they always do a lot.

  • Alex Davis says:

    Hey, just FYI since IPs for comments are sent (check the privacy policy), I can see that Tran and Walter White and Nicholas Brody are the same people and while I usually try to curb slightly insane comments this is slightly funny so I’ll leave these and let him go a bit for your enjoyment.

  • Tran says:

    First of all, I sincerely apologize for all the rude comments I made and I swear that I wasn’t going to pull any of my so-called conspiracy theories toward The Price Is Right. We know why that on every episode there are winners and losers. Drew Carey still needs to be like Bob Barker not to waste time with everybody and stop asking questions to the contestants because he is not in their heads. The models need more talent not to wave on camera because that’s their obsession and George Gray can go stop goofing things around with his overrated one-liners. The contestants needs to go with their gut instinct or maybe they turn to one of their friends or family members or even the audience for help because if they do, it’s always a sign of BAD KARMA. We need to pick smart and brave contestants not the ones who can go all crazy inside and in the Showcase round, Drew must always tell the players the most important rule of them all: whoever comes closest to the actual retail price of your own Showcase WITHOUT GOING OVER wins because ending with Double Overbids is the part of the show we always hate the most and both of them must be very careful on what they’re bidding on and they must use their math skills to add up the prizes that they already shown and one final reason is that when a person who bids $1 more than the last person that did to block them out on contestants’ row is always CHEATING. We still want The Price is Right to be a better show and fix the wrong things right not to be more dumb and dumber than it use to be and I’m still going to get really angry if it doesn’t get canceled really really soon. :-( :-(

  • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    Plinko has always been an overrated game anyway – hardly anyone has ever one the big prize! As for Drew, give the man a chance! At least people behind the scenes are happy working their again without fear of their jobs being taken away – you gotta give him credit there!

    • Tran says:

      My opinion: Bob Barker is 100 times better than Drew Carey.

      • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

        Maybe as a host, but not as a person!

        • Robert says:

          DEN, no will argue your point on Bob being a self-absorbed jerk, but being a good guy doesn’t automatically make you a good game show host.

        • Vic the Slick says:

          oy vey, will you knock it off?! We don’t want to hear any more Bob Barker drama crap!

          • Tran says:

            More questions on this whole Price is Right problem: Can Drew Carey better stop asking stupid questions to the contestants like “where you from?” or “what do you do for a living?” or “do you want to say hi to someone?” during the Showcase Showdown? Can the contestants still need to be on my best behavior and stop acting all crazy inside? Can a contestant do something stupid during pricing games when it’s not their job to do so? Are the contestants trying to make or break the rules? Do you think Drew Carey talks too much when he’s hosting the show? Do you think the models need more talent and stop waving their hands on camera and act like their “chicken”? Are the models acting like cheerleaders?

    • Julia says:

      Ha…I’ve been giving Drew a chance for 5 years and counting now. He’s the host. Get over it. Bob is old and not coming back. It’s Drew’s show and had been for 5+ years. You can hate on him all you want, but the show goes on.

  • frankfan1 says:

    It’s amazing that some people act as if this show really matters in life. It’s a fun game show, and still, forty years later, a pleasant way to spend an hour.

    The insanity of the TPIR fanbois, especially at golden road, is astonishing. There’s not much to say.

    Yeah, a lot of zeros. A shame for the contestants. It’s almost like playing Plinko on their FB slots. I played this morning, got four chips, all four landed in zero. I know the TPIR slots are the essence of stingy, but man….

  • Tran says:

    We always hate what happens when a single Plinko chip lands on one of those dreaded zeros.

  • Rob says:

    Here’s my idea to liven up the concept of an all-Plinko episode: Each playing of Plinko is merged with another pricing game. Play straight Plinko once only, then replace the chance element of a different pricing game with the Plinko board. Use it to choose numbers in 3 Strikes, have the spaces spell out C, A, and R for Spelling Bee, and so on. It’d keep things fresh beyond the prizes changing, and if its set up right, it’d be interesting visually to see two pricing games on stage at once. That’s just an idea though

    • Tran says:

      Think that Mike Richards the producer of The Price is Right is going to take the blame for all of this Plinko fiasco because he’s still the man who is running out of ideas and he still needs to fix things right.

      • HomerJay says:

        Ratings in the demo on an upward trend. So…um…what blame and what is there to “fix?”

        In fact, he HAS fixed some of the problems he inherited. Namely, the steady trend towards fossilization.

        • Tran says:

          If people still NOT giving up The Price is Right then who’s to blame? How long will this show ever going to end? I’m still angry at Drew and the entire show and perhaps I’m going to sue Carey, the models, producer Mike Richards and the entire crew. I want PRICE IS RIGHT canceled!!

  • David says:

    Somewhat as predicted, yes it was a pretty stale episode. Even the audience seemed bored after the third playing. Plinko should be adjusted for inflation or something, I’m sure CBS could afford to give out a little more. But as long as people go ballistic at the thought of playing Plinko, that’s not going to need to happen. Winning the Powerball is more favorable than winning the top money, let alone a decent chunk of money, in this game.

    Not to change the subject, but Family Feud could use a little adjustment for inflation too. $5/point in Fast Money is a little stiff, seeing as that was the rate of pay nearly four decades ago.

    • MIkeSant318 says:

      It’s always been standard for shows from Goodson-Todman (now Fremantle) and Barry-Enright (TJW, TTD) to make the target $1000 to get the jackpot prize in the endgame: for Feud, it’s 200 points x $5; for others, it’s been $100 a step, 10 steps to the win. On B-E shows, like Joker’s or Play the Percentages, it’s been a clim b to $1000 with the risk of blanking out on (respectively) a Devil or the Zero answer.

      • HomerJay says:

        Yes, but inflation happens, and no one today gives a hoot what Joker’s Wild did decades ago (heck, they don’t know what The Joker’s Wild even was).

        • Kaos says:

          Well, thanks to three years of Game Show Night on the web, they knew, and they gave a hoot.

          That was a live trivia show I hosted, and TJW was one of my games.

  • CarShark says:

    I thought this show was a nice change of pace. Obviously, it would have been nice to have had bigger winners, but it’s not like you can do anything about it. Not while CBS Standard and Practices is watching. The fifth one for the London trip was especially galling. Five chips. Four zeroes. Come on!

    • Tran says:

      Think it was Mike Richards all along and who’s blaming who. You just can’t point fingers at someone let alone messing things up at a person’s brain.

      • Asshat says:

        How many voices do you have rambling around in your head, Tran? 20? 30? How do you keep them straight?

        • Tran says:

          Asshat, you better stop acting like a BLEEPing hypocrite before I go all Jack Bauer on you. I demand an apology from you and I mean it because I never lie and if you don’t apologize, I’ll go all Jack Bauer on you. GET IT GOT IT GOOD!

  • Tran says:

    Here’s the easy way and the hard way about Plinko. The easy way: more than one Plinko chip can change someone’s life forever. The hard way: when you know or don’t know the four small prizes that they shown them and if that item starts with or ends with that number to tell you how much it is, you could make you or break you. When a person gets all four of them wrong with just one lousy chip, it could save you or destroy you if a player goes home with money or nothing, just like what it did when two contestants (both male) got only one chip and landed on one of those dread zeroes and that’s really a sign of bad luck and I still don’t know why a model have to cheered on a contestant when all four of them got wrong instead of getting out. Has Drew Carey and those non-talented like models never learned their lesson?

  • James says:

    I am afraid to ask a question considering the content in this thread, but did they show any old clips of Plinko?

  • Barry says:

    I honestly am waiting for a milestone anniversary for Cliff Hangers and see that played 6 times in 1 day.

  • Glenn says:

    I won’t comment on the troll LOL, I will say the All Plinko special was a bad idea and is one of the few things wrong with this show. THAT BEING SAID, drews version has been an improvement on a show that was pretty stale in the early to mid 2000s with badly concived games (ON THE SPOT) a set that looked like it was a 3 year old’s coloring book and well Bob’s time had come to retire and he realized it and stepped away with class and grace.

    Drew’s style is much different, aside from a very bland start (Conspiracy theories not withstanding the perfect showcase fiasco was not excusable) has made the show his own WHILE continuing to maintain the tradition of the show (Something that is NOT easy) most games have been untouched and the overcomplicated games that plagued the end of Barker’ I like Double cross and rat race is a throwback to some of the luck based big prize games like SuperBall.

    But these theme shows do bring it down, they need to fix that, IE don’t do it…otherwise, Drew is a B + give the hate a rest…PLEASE

    • James says:

      B+? Does that mean he is bad for business?

      Next TPIR show:

      George Gray: And now, here’s our host…
      (Music: “I hear voices in my headdddddddddd…”)
      …the Apex Predator, Randy Ortooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

  • Keith b says:

    well at least it wasn’t a total loss

  • King Erroneous says:

    Can’t we just ditch the zeroes and make it 250-500-1000-100-10K-100-1000-500-250 so we don’t get anymore Plinko Stinkos?

  • Robert says:

    Well folks, let’s be honest for a second. Discussion on TPIR is a no-win situation anymore. Either I say I hate it and be called an old-fart who lives in the past who needs to get over it, or, I say I love drew and be thought of an some teennie bopper who has no sense of history. I don’t hate Drew, I don’t hate TPIR, but, even at the apparantly ripe old age of 39, I guess I”m in that camp of people who can’t sit through a whole show anymore . I just can’t. i want to, I really do, but Drew, for ME, is awful. Yes, I’m aware Bob isn’t coming back, and that’s fine. But Drew WAS a choice based on TV-Q, and not based on what would be best for the show. Yes, Drew was plopped into a format that is hard to work in the time allotted today due to commercials and that’s not his fault, unlike Wayne Brady who had the luxury of doing a show that was EXPANDED to an hour to allow for his abilities. And since the main subject was the all-Plinko day, i will say that it was atrocious. I’ll never as long as I live understand the fascination with a game that will never pay out what’s advertised or anything close. Now, an all-Golden-Road day? I’ll FLY to L.A. and be in the audience for that! :) :) :) I don’t care if i get picked or not.

  • Josh says:

    Going back to the original topic, I thought the episode was a bit of a dud. Trying to innovate the game each time it was played made it rather boring overall. Plus the fact that we only had one chip in the entire show hit the middle wedge made it less interesting to watch.

    A really good idea on paper, but not great on the TV.

    Perhaps what they could have done instead to celebrate the 30th birthday of Plinko was to triple all the wedges (including the $0 wedge, :P), for a possible prize of $150,000, and play it only once.

  • Tran says:

    How come The price is Right is still on the air? Are people still NOT giving up on The Price is Right because of “ratings”? Why do they pick more female contestants than male contestants? When will The Price is Right ever going to end? Is Drew Carey still screwing things up? Can the models better stop waving their hands on camera? Can George Gray better stop making one liners? Are the contestants more dumb and dumber like that Jim Carrey movie? Are we ever going to see a contestant throw a temper tantrum or beat somebody up like that?

    • Julia says:

      How come you’re still commenting about a show that you supposedly hate now? Just don’t watch it if you think it sucks. Get a life, go outside. Meet some people…Watch The View…Do something else. This level of hate and fixation can’t be healthy.

      • stephen says:


        What is this… Outside you speak of? Is that the thing I put in my Xanax before watching a game show and complaining that it “only” gives away $10,000 for dropping a giant wooden nickle in a hole?

      • Tran says:

        Why are you still mad at my comments with your whining and complaining? You really don’t care if The Price is Right gets CANCELED next season or the season after. You should watch HOMELAND or another show that you like. To me Price is Right with Drew Carey is like DEAL OR NO DEAL on steroids. :-(

    • HomerJay says:

      When will one of those rambling bits of nonsense make a bit of sense?

  • My thoughts. First, I didn.’t actually watch the show.

    However, I tend to agree that even without seeing it, a full hour devoted to a single pricing game would probably get tedious and repetitive. Now, if we were talking about repackaging old clips from TPIR into some sort of half-hour syndicated series (a là Carson’s Comedy Classics) I can see a collection of Plinko games working in that kind of format. As a regular show, though, between Contestants’ Row (excuse me, One Bid), the Showdown and the Showcase, it seems jarring yet at the same time dull. Besides, you could make a case that Plinko is being overplayed these days anyway.

    As for Mr. Carey and Mr. Barker… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Drew Carey’s style is not a fit for this kind of format. He did great on Whose Line. He did very well on Power of 10. Those shows allowed him to be risqué and irreverent, his strenghts. TPIR requires one of two types of hosts: erudite professionalism (Barker) or slick salesmanship (Monty Hall, Dennis James and the like). Personally, I’ve seen all the hosts and from what little I saw of James, I liked his style the best. That doesn’t mean Carey is a good host,

  • My thoughts. First, I didn.’t actually watch the show.

    However, I tend to agree that even without seeing it, a full hour devoted to a single pricing game would probably get tedious and repetitive. Now, if we were talking about repackaging old clips from TPIR into some sort of half-hour syndicated series (a là Carson’s Comedy Classics) I can see a collection of Plinko games working in that kind of format. As a regular show, though, between Contestants’ Row (excuse me, One Bid), the Showdown and the Showcase, it seems jarring yet at the same time dull. Besides, you could make a case that Plinko is being overplayed these days anyway.

    As for Mr. Carey and Mr. Barker… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Drew Carey’s style is not a fit for this kind of format. He did great on Whose Line. He did very well on Power of 10. Those shows allowed him to be risqué and irreverent, playingn right into his strenghts. TPIR requires one of two types of hosting: erudite professionalism (Barker) or slick salesmanship (Monty Hall, Dennis James and the like). Personally, I’ve seen all the hosts and from what little I saw of James, I liked his style the best. That doesn’t mean Carey isn’t a good host, any more than Gene Wood was as an announcer– just not the right fit for this show. Barker, on the other hand, kind of made the show all about him in the last few years and was well advised to leave when he did; it was time.

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    Goldie Dickey currently resides in Oklahoma. She joined the
    Universitry of Santo Tomas in the Philippines
    from 1996 until 2000. Dickey finished her education with a Bachelor of Sciience in Operation Administration and A in Accounting.
    Her education has provided a strong education of issues that enter ino
    play in her position as International Financial Relationship Manager to Dickey.

    Goldie Dickey graduated in the University of Santo
    Tomas inside the Philippines having a Bachelor of Science Running
    a Business Administration and a Minor in Accounting.
    Dickey began her career Using A. T. Financial-Services, LLC,
    a firm with offices in Lawton and Elgin, Oklahoma.

    There, she accepted a position like a District Manager.
    Dickey after oined Urban Financial Holdings Ltd., previously known aas Metropolitan Bancorp Ltd., because
    the company_s International Business Relationship Manager.
    Goldie Dickey enhasnced the company’s profits by 35 percent.

    In her frese time, Dickey enjoys traveling, both nnationally and
    internationally, and reading. Her favorite
    authors include, James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks. Goldie Dickey currently resides
    in Oklahoma, and holds memberships with the Lawton Chamber oof Commerce, as well as thhe Saanta Clara Convention
    and Visitors Bureau.

    Goldie Dickey lives iin Oklahoma, where shhe works together with City Financial Holdijngs Ltd.,
    formerly Elegant Bancorp Ltd., as its International Method Of Trading Manager.
    Dickey currenyly holds profesional memberships inside the Santa Clara Convention aand Visitors Bureau aand the Lawton Chamber of Commerce.

    Dickey visits her local Church of Christ; she’s also a powerful philanthropist with several charitable organizations.
    Goldie Dickey is not just a passionate audxience of James Patterson books
    and Nicholas Sparks; she is also an experienced traveller.
    Shhe attended school within thee Philippines, inn the University of Santo Tomas.
    There, Dickey finished a Bahelor of Science with An in Sales, and examined
    study business operations.

    After college, a situation was taken by Dickey Using A.
    T. Financial-Services, LLC, situated in the USA, as its Center Director.
    She later moved on to her current position as International Business Model Manager with Elegant Financial Holdings Ltd.
    Dickey_s responsibilities currently include susfaining company
    relationships wjth all of the corporations. Goldie Dickey heped Citty Financial Holdings LTD increase its revenue bby 35 percent last quarter.

    Goldie Dickey takes pride in serving a firm thatt offers investments, cash management,
    aand rade financing forr corporate and private clients.
    Goldie Dickey takes part in many activities at City Financial
    Holdings, communicating with shareholders and lenders, controlling commercial loans and llines of credit, and including creating new business, maintaining relationships with
    existing customers both natiinally and abroad.
    In addition, she performs around the trade finance portion of the firm_s business, which involves characters of credit and financial guarantees.

    When Goldie Dicdkey works on economic guarantees, sshe issues an indemnity bond nsured bby
    an insure that guarantees people that interest and principal payments
    on a loan will be paid. While she works with letters of credit, she basically ensures a buyer_s repayment is going to be given to the vendor
    in a timely fashion and for your right amount.
    Within the last few quarter, Goldie Dickwy were able to raise
    the company_s earnings by 35 percent, making her an invaluable employee.

  • Moost of the people require est management to bee managed by the solutions of the Transactional probate attorney.
    Transactional attorneys supply heop thee designated probate executor, distribute decedent Wikls through the court process, and available probate

    If you_retaking on the job of executor, you could well desire
    to employ a lawyer, sometimes to answer a couple
    off questions or to handle a probate government.
    This is an essential selection, consequently it_s smart to communicate with many prospects before
    one is picked by you. You_ll be contacting this lawyer on fiscal aand legal things, ofcourse, but in addition on
    quite personalized people. You need to discover somebody you_re comfortable with.

    You do not need too use the attorney who received up
    thhe deceased person_s may; the fact that the defeased person used
    a particular lawyer doesn_t obligate the exaqct same person to be hired by you to symbolize the property.
    He or she should turn it to anyone, as executor, if that lawyer howeever has got the original
    signed will.

    While household discord prevails, a probate litigator might be
    required. Probate litigators are attorneys tha specialize iin estate arbitration.
    They may bbe retained to help the estte acministrator or handle tthe estate
    for decedents. Probate litigators aare required when heirs match the last can or struggle ovger distribution of bequest house.

    estate planning
    Whenever a Can is contested by beneficiaries they’re originally accountable for lawful
    expenses and court charges. The house is in charge of conpensation of associated legal fees, if
    the probate judge rules and only the Litigant. Contesting a Will can hang submission of
    property assets for weeks. No matter whether beneficiaries earn or not, contesting a will can
    potentially broke the house or eend in marketing bequest residence to pay
    for relted expenses.

    If you_re prepared to take major liability for handling the probate yourself, youu could find a lawyer
    who is available to supplying yyou limted legal aid (often named _unbundled services_) as opposed to handling many aspects of the probate event.
    By way oof example, you could employ a lawyer just to
    answer particular questions during the probate procedure.

    A large proportion of probate situations are merelky paperwork.
    Thus if no-one is battling within the house, and espedcially
    if your courtroom delivers fill-in-the-blanks probate sorts, as much do,
    maybe you are aable to handle all of thhe probate yourself.

    Be sure that both you and the lawyer are on
    what you_re every agreeing to take care of apparent, in writing and place your agreement.

    las vegas probate lawyers
    It_s advisable to stay contact regularly with beneficiaries; otherwise they
    may not realize what_s going on andd the lenhgth of time the method requires.
    Transmitting intermittent letters or emails can be an effortless wayy to eep foolks updated.
    Anyone might coknsult thee lawyer too check out your emails
    before you mail these, tto ensure you_re acquiring everythong right.

    The estate is in charge of connected bills throughhout the
    probate process, if decedents possess real estate that does nott transport to your
    surviving partner. Costs can incude homeowner’s insurance,
    house taxes, mortgage payments, homeowner’s association fees, and needed preservation.
    If thee estate is unable to spend bills the property bought
    caan be ordered byy the court.

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