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“Jeopardy” Celebrates 30 Years With “Battle of the Decades” Tournament Thumbnail

“Jeopardy” Celebrates 30 Years With “Battle of the Decades” Tournament

The 30th season of Jeopardy! will launch this Monday, September 16th.  To commemorate the special occasion, the Alex Trebek-hosted quiz show will invite 45 of its former champions for a special “Battle of the Decades Tournament.”  Some of Jeopardy!‘s best contestants from the 80s, 90s, and 00s will compete against each other for a $1,000,000 prize.  The games will be staggered throughout the season.

“JEOPARDY!’s 30th season promises to engage and reward our viewers like never before,” said executive producer Harry Friedman. “The Battle of the Decades Tournament is a unique way of honoring the show’s past while creating exciting original programming that will keep our audience talking for years to come.”

Jeopardy! fans will get to vote on one contestant per decade to compete. This Fall you can go to the show’s website, Twitter, and Facebook to vote for the “Fan Favorite” who will get the chance to compete for the million along with others.

Anyone in particular you’d like to see?

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29 responses to "“Jeopardy” Celebrates 30 Years With “Battle of the Decades” Tournament"

  • Greg says:


    • John says:

      Get over it. Seriously.

      • Eric says:

        Seriously WTF!…I mean seriously didn’t we all learn a things called MANNERS? While he had his run as champ from every clip i have seen he didn’t produce a single one. I finally have a set I like, because it is easy on my eye and now I don’t want to ignore yet ANOTHER season because they brought back the 1 guy who gives this show a bad name.

        • John says:

          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he deserves nor will he receive a spot in the decades tourney, which hammers home the point that he’s done with the show. He’s gone and living his life, I was only suggesting the haters do the same. Personally, I don’t take issue with Colby. I live in the Chicago TV market, where he’s from, and every interview he did on TV showed a gracious, polite young man who was very appreciative for the opportunity to compete. Was his demeanor on the show sometimes odd? Yes, but I wholeheartedly believe that he was never (intentionally) rude or malicious.

  • Corbin Johnson says:


  • Kevin $ says:

    Watson…. now THAT would be something!

    I HAVE to see Eddie Timanus!

  • Bobby says:

    We know it will have Jennings, Rutter, and Vered. No doubt. But why not also bring home Spangenberg, Forrest, Lach, among the greats? Craig too because of his $77,000, and maybe have matches with Teen Tournament winners from 2001 on who are now over 18. Remember, Teen Tournament winners after 2001 do not participate in the Tournament of Champions. It might be an idea to let them play in Decades, especially since the current Teen Tournament champion has already turned 18.

  • Jared Oswald says:

    Hey Alex, not to go off topic our anything. Will Jeopardy! also show clips from the past three decades as well like “Wheel of Fortune” had last year?

  • David R says:

    My picks would have to be
    1980s Eugene Finerman
    1990s Bob Harris (maybe a second edition of Prisoner, lol)
    2000s Matt Falk (the other logical choice is Kevin Marshall but they did play each other in a regular season game)

    Just missing
    1980s Jerry Frankel and Richard Perez-Pena (every time someone goes on a long or high profile run the NYT gets him to write a piece)
    1990s Bob Blake and Kit Saiisbury (he did win a game but more as a lifetime achievement pick)
    2000s Maria Wenglinsky and Doug Hicton

  • aaaa says:

    Jerry Frankel is dead, don’t forget. Bruce Fauman also from that first TofC finals is dead. Bob Blake won his five games in 1989, but his TofC was in 1990. Michael Falk, not Matt Falk(Michael won the 2006 TofC but was only a three-time champion)

  • aaaa says:

    Eddie Timanus was in the Ultimate TofC but lost to 1995 five time champ Jonathan Groff in the first round.

  • I have nothing, except for the champs like Jennings, Rutter, and some others that have just left my brain.

  • T. says:

    Why not bring back the first ever J! champion!? Greg something? Can’t remember his last name.

  • SuperGamer7 says:

    A bit of an East Coast bias here but………..DAN PAWSON! :D

    Hey, was a great champion and he represented the Bay State well, he would be a good addition.

  • MarioGS says:

    Why, oh, why couldn’t Wheel of Fortune do something like this? -_-

    Jeopardy! knows how to cater to its nostalgic fans and longtime viewers. Wheel needs to work on that better.

    • SuperGamer7 says:

      You want Wheel to do a 45 person tournament of champions where they bring back players from the past………………..really?

      Or did you have somethig else in mind?

      Are you one of those who can’t get over the fact they don’t show daytime Wheel clips anymore? Just wondering……………

      • MarioGS says:

        Not necessarily something that big, but Wheel should have done something to celebrate their milestone besides just a few of those retro opening clips and contestants and puzzles who had something to do with “30″. I did like the retro Bonus Rounds, though.

        And no, I really don’t care much about daytime Wheel.

        • bmhedgehog says:

          sorry to go OT here, but I still think that WoF should do another April Fools. Chuck Woolery should host while Pat, Rolf and Bob play for charities.

  • SlurpeeTigger says:

    Personally, and because he is a dear friend of mine, Eddie Timanus

  • Marissa Smego says:

    Matt Zielenski! 1995 Teen Champ, and made it to the final 18 in the UTOC in 2005. He’s so funny and jaded and cynical. I think the show needs him!

  • For any Buzzerblog readers who don’t have a favorite horse in the 1980s Fan Favorite polling — that is, if you’re not already voting for a friend or family member, because you should totally do that if you are — I’d welcome your votes.

    If you were born after my 1988 run (many of you probably were!), you can find out more about my Jeopardy! exploits the Battle of the Decades page on Jeopardy.com, or on my blog (linked to my name at the top of this comment).

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • Ahir Bhairav says:

    Here’s the list of contestants:

    in alphabetical order, here come the contestants from the 80s!

    India Cooper
    Richard Cordray
    Tom Cubbage
    Chuck Forrest
    Leslie Frates
    Phoebe Juel
    Mark Lowenthal
    Leslie Miller
    Tom Nosek
    Leszek Pawlowicz
    Jim Scott
    Frank Spangenberg
    Jerome Vered
    Bob Verini
    Andy Westney (fan favorites winner)
    Diane Siegel (taping alternate)

    You may notice, Bob Blake, the 1990 ToC winner is missing. He was invited, but he was out traveling and couldn’t participate.

    Next comment: the 90s!

  • Ahir Bhairav says:

    AANNDD…the 90s! Here they are:

    Dave Abbott
    Robin Carroll
    Jill Bunzendahl Chimka
    Mark Dawson
    Mike Dupee
    Bob Harris
    Ryan Holznagel
    Dan Melia
    Pam Mueller
    Claudia Perry
    Brad Rutter
    Rachael Schwartz
    Babu Srinivasan
    Eddie Timanus
    Shane Whitlock (fan favorite winner)
    Brian Weikle (taping alternate)

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