The Awkward Express on “Wheel of Fortune.” Thumbnail

The Awkward Express on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Last night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune provided us with two interesting moments. First, we see contestant Paul land on the Million Dollar Wedge and calling a correct letter in the puzzle. To claim it for the remainder of the game, he must solve the puzzle. It left our heads scratching with an unusual puzzle solve and an awkward three second moment of silence. Later in the game, we finally see the Express wedge being played out. We like the changes the show has made over these years, and the new Express element is welcomed. Jackpot had a good run, but it was time for something new.

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28 responses to "The Awkward Express on “Wheel of Fortune.”"

  • Brad says:

    When news about the express wedge was first posted, I thought it was Wheel’s worst decision since hiring Rolf Benirschke. Now that I’ve seen it it action, it was a great change that won Luis a lot of money last night.

  • Glenn says:

    well played, but this should NOT be combined with the prize puzzle. Period…you know my view on the prize puzzle, to combine it with express just makes again, he who wins the trip, wins. But i’ve bled my gums enough on this.

  • ScottNotSteve says:

    Note that Pat remarked that they would look at it over the break, to be sure the contestant was treated fairly.

  • Kevin $ says:

    I think the point about the Express being paired with a Prize Puzzle is super valid. Usually, if the Express is used, the person is probably going to win around $10,000. Add that to a Prize Puzzle that’s often $7,500 or more and a contestant could, LITERALLY, win about $20k in Round 3. And since the Prize Puzzle is pretty much ALWAYS in Round 3… and so is Express, it’s going to happen.

    Overall though, I like it a lot. Is it bad that I’m pretty excited to see someone screw it up once during the season?

  • Vincent Chiucchi says:

    I like the Express Wedge, but I’m not sure if it really should be paired with the Prize Puzzle. Maybe they should move it to Round 2.

  • CarShark says:

    The Express Round was cool. I think the risk-to-reward is just about right. You can rack up several thousand with good calls, but that takes the $3500 space out of play for a while. Doing it at the beginning was fairly risky, and it seems like it will prevent the hugest rounds, but if the puzzle are big enough, and contestants brave enough, we could see five-figure wins somewhat regularly.

  • aaaa says:

    The Tuesday night third round puzzle had no T’s in it, he got lucky a bit by avoiding picking a T as his first letter. Wednesday night’s third round puzzle had to T’s or S’s in it.

    • the graduate kid says:

      I am ok with the express wedge, except I don’t like that contestants can use vowels while using the space. For the amount of money that can be involved, especially without spinning, it is too easy to run up the money on the express with vowels allowed. Of course, it’s possible to hit the express near the end of the puzzle.
      I agree with not putting the express in the same round as the prize puzzle. Instead of the prize puzzle, I’d rather that trip be a wedge on the wheel, like the other trip is. Perhaps only one of those 2 is a trip.

  • Jason says:

    Vowels need to cost more money… with the amounts going up, its easier to just buy all the vowels right away

  • Didn’t we have Paul’s problem awhile ago with Thomas Hurley III? #YouDidntWinSoTOUGHNOOGIES

  • Ryan says:

    Still disappointed to see the Jackpot round go, but definitely welcome this change of the Express Wedge! I think the $300 space needs to bumped up a little bit too! Perhaps $500 should be the cheapest!

  • Ryan says:

    Secondly, the Express wedge is great for the end of the round when you might know the puzzle and now can rack up the dough by guessing the remaining the letters!

  • Gary says:

    It’s actually being reported that the guy lost a million dollars because of mispronunciation. Certainly NOT the case.

  • Schmolik says:

    If I KNEW the puzzle and hit Express, the only time I would consider not going for it is if I had one 1/2 car tag (especially if two 1/2 cars are out there – that’s a 1 in 12 chance at a car).

    I’m not sure if I would go for it early. I’d hate to build it up and then bankrupt on a wrong letter. It would also depend on what I had before I hit the Express.

  • Schmolik says:

    Probablty a moot point but what if the contestant mis-solves (like the bow tie guy). Is it a bankrupt or simply a loss of turn?

  • Alex Dombrowski says:

    MMMM…..lovin’ that “Express” round. It’s much better than the jackpot that they use in the first round.

  • Jeff says:

    i do not like the Express round, if someone hits and solves the puzzle. It makes the game less competitive

  • alex says:

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