“The Chase” Debuts Tonight on GSN.  Write Your Reviews! Thumbnail

“The Chase” Debuts Tonight on GSN. Write Your Reviews!

So by now I’m guessing many of you have seen or are still watching GSN’s new quiz show of The Chase.  We’ve been asking Twitter and the reaction has been pretty good.  However, I’d love to know what more of you thought.  What do you think of GSN’s big-money adaptation of ITV’s popular daytime quiz?  Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know.

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61 responses to "“The Chase” Debuts Tonight on GSN. Write Your Reviews!"

  • Miguel says:

    It wasn’t that bad. I did miss the UK sound effects and usual banter between the contestants, chaser, and host. Nonetheless…I’d give it a 7.5/10

  • Paco says:

    I seen the English version and I love it, Brooke is doing a amazing job hosting the show i enjoyed her on Dog Eat Dog, Its the same format as the English version which is good. and its better then Minute to win it! I will be watching this every week

  • Aaron says:

    Never saw the English version, but this was one of the most interesting game shows I’ve seen on TV in a very long time. Hope it sticks around.

  • B. says:

    There is some banter, just not on the same level as the UK version and the US even has its own “funny” questions, although Brooke doesn’t crumble like Bradley does and Mark even had to calm it down during a question that talked about the Pupu platter. The UK effects and theme I’ll miss, but it keeps the format exact (aside from the obvious difference of number of contestants). Hope the ratings reflect good things.

  • Will Morris says:

    The first game’s contestants were incredibly slow.

  • Corey says:

    Loving it so far. Will watch this show until the end of time. Hopefully if this show gets good ratings, they bring over some of the other Chasers.

  • Jeremy says:

    Love the show so far. Pretty much everything carried over from the UK, with the values bumped up for it being a nighttime show. Great gameplay, mood is still awesome, and definitely well worth watching.

  • Big Gep says:

    Random thought: It’s weird that Mark has to say “My answer was…” every time.

    The second game has been much more entertaining than the first so I will be sticking with this show.

  • JK says:

    After watching the first show, the following observations (Patience, this is a long one):

    *Say what you will about Brooke Burns, but at least she’s not as bad here as she was on “Dog Eat Dog” or “Hole in the Wall”…though I’m still not quite sure why GSN wants to put her on such a tall pedistal so much, the important thing is that she has improved a great deal as a host

    *Graphics & Music might be a petty nitpick, but after watching the British version so much, I guess I’ve been spoiled a bit. On their own, though, they’re perfectly fine. In fact, the Larger set really adds to the atmosphere. The Music though is a little too low key & over-dramatic, unlike the UK which brings an aire of excitement.

    *Is it me, or has The Beast become…shall we say…more “confrontational” towards the contestants? (In addition to GSN really banking on him being the center of attention…but I digress) He was pretty intimidating all by himself with his intellect & stature on the UK version, but some of his insults to the contestants here makes him seem like he’s participating in a “You’re Mama’s So…” contest at times. I hope they don’t strip down his dignity too much, otherwise he’s still the same Beast we know.

    *Of course, the biggest problem–IMO–is the constant Trope of the Teasing to commercial–which, granted, the UK version also does, but at least they know how to do it in a Subtle way–unlike the U.S. which can be as subtle as a knee to the groin. Not to be outdone, how about the Flagrant spoiler alerts revealed as they go to the break. I don’t know if anybody noticed, but My favorite was the teaser they did on the first break where they say “Will (The Contestant in the Green Shirt) Beat The Beast?”, and then they cut to the 3rd contestant playing (the guy in the Red Shirt)…with the OTHER TWO PLAYERS (Who Presumably have Already Played their rounds) Standing and Watching him! Spoiler Alert, Much?!

    Despite all I said, GSN did an OK job…Not Great, but OK. Taking a brand from another part of the world and translating it (Specifically) to the American Audience is not always “Lightning in a bottle”, but if it’s pulled off well enough, it will grow on you in time….Failing that, thank god for the UK reruns on Youtube.

  • Curtis says:

    Love it… I only have two minor issues:

    1 – The teaser montage before the first commercial gave away some later results (in each game, I knew the first two players survived their individual chases by seeing them behind the desk in a later scene).
    2 – It’s weird seeing them silently buzz in. A small chime or note would have been nice.

    Other than that, it’s an awesome show. Faithful representation of the UK show, with a little american flair. Definitely watching every week.

  • SlurpeeTigger says:

    I will have to say that Brooke did an excellent job at reading the questions, fast yet clear. The sound effects were a little less than the UK, but since this is Season 1, I will let it slide. Production was not bad, staying close to the UK version, with minor tweaks, and I did not mind the taunting (come on, if we were contestants we would do the same thing)…..overall, I hope GSN continues this game. The prize money is fair (between $ 20k and $ 60k average)……now if we can get GSN to bring back Pyramid, would watch more.

  • Rob Hoffmann says:

    I think I’m with the majority – enjoyable, if a bit slow-paced (but at $5k/question, GSN couldn’t risk 4-player teams, so I understand the decision to go with 3 players and slow down the game). I do hate the spoilers-to-break, but it’s US TV and they figure their audience has the attention span of a gnat. Brooke Burns isn’t Bradley Walsh… but she doesn’t have to be. She can still be a bit shrill at times, but control will come with practice.

    To me, the best moment came at the close… genuine anger on US TV? Not the staged stuff? Really? The Beast was *not* pleased at himself.

    I hope the ratings match the quality of the show. And I know what I’ll be doing on Tuesdays for the next month or so. :)

    • Tony DuMont says:

      Not bad, but they could have fit four contestants if they had just picked up the pace. Brooke did surprisingly well, but she needs to read the questions faster. And they do need to get rid of the spoilers, they aren’t necessary. But it was still an exciting game, and I hope it does well this side of the pond.

  • Richard says:

    I was worried about how GSN would pull this off – but by God, they did it. Brooke is so much better than she was on Dog Eat Dog and Hole in the Wall – her question reading is multiple times improved than the former. She’s got solid chemistry with contestants and The Beast. The show was exciting when it needed to be for the most part – the chase seemed a bit slow-paced at points, but the Final was very well done and right on par with its UK father.

    The Beast himself is just like he is on the UK version – smacking the other contestants at points, and being rather laid-back at others. Also saw his vulnerability on the second episode; reminded me more of his pre-Beast days when he won 32,000 pounds on UK “Millionaire”.

    Only drawback is, as many have mentioned, the commercials and spoilers within; but hey, that’s getting commonplace for US game shows anymore – at the very least, it’s not as egregious as NBC used to do with “Deal or No Deal” (“Someone WILL have the million-dollar case!”). Commercial timing is just as sucky on Ohno’s “Minute to Win It” taking them in the middle of stunts. But anyone not paying attention will miss the spoilers on “The Chase”.

    Overall – very exciting show – I give a A-, just a couple points off for the commercial timing. SFX don’t bother me too much.

    @Curtis – The UK version does the same when they buzz in – announcing the names.

  • Doan says:

    I agree, I give it 9.5/10 .5 for the music and the suspence

  • Scott says:

    After watching the 2-hour premiere, I was very impressed. The second team walked away with $180,000 — which is very impressive considering we’re talking about GSN here.

    Brooke was amazing as host! Good choice by Amy here. Also, the gameplay is fast-paced, there are tons of questions asked in just 1 hour (compared to most modern-day quiz game shows, which only get through 10-20 questions per hour-long episode), the lighting is good, camera work is awesome (unlike on The Pyramid with the unnecessary zooming), there are no sob stories like on Minute to Win It, no 5-minute interviews getting to know the contestants and why they so desperately need the money, no contestants acting obnoxious like actors…

    I could go on and on about why The Chase is one of the best game shows GSN ever produced. This ranks up high on there, along with Russian Roulette. I agree with their decision to start off with a 2-hour premiere event — but repeating the episodes again on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday… geez… they really don’t want you to miss them…

    I don’t mind the spoilers going to commercial break. In fact, at least going to a break, Brooke says “We’ll find out right after this”, unlike many of today’s modern shows, which just cut to commercial instantly (like Minute to Win It), without giving you any advance notice at all.

    The only issue I have with The Chase is the apparently low-key music and sounds. I could barely hear them at all, but volume-level is something that’s probably being worked on for Season 2 later this year.

    Overall though, just like Doan, I’ll give it a score of 9.5/10. Really nice job GSN!

    I hope the ratings are high, so FOX massively regrets passing on this. Take THAT Fox. Muwahahahaha!

  • James E. Parten says:

    I’d have to say that the adaptation worked out well.

    Most of the changes can be laid to American style versus UK style. These include the lighting (which was very colorful), and the audience (who were well into the show.)

    Gameplay was very much like the UK version. And that is a good thing.

    Brooke Burns turns out to have been a good choice. While she’s not as likely to break down into a fit of the giggles, she read the questions clearly and showed great enthusiasm., especially during the second telecast.

    Commercial breaks were too frequent–but, again, that’s the American style.

    If there is any justice, GSN will have a long-running hit with this show.

    Ever since I saw the UK edition of “The Chase” on YouTube, I’ve believed that, given half a chance, this show could appeal to American game show audiences. If the ratings are as good as they ought to be, that belief will have been proven right.

  • Artemis says:

    I think back to the South Park episode where Stan loses his ability to find joy in things and instead sees everything he once loved turn, literally, to shit.

    That’s me while watching the first episode of GSN’s “The Chase.” I thought to myself that it just isn’t what it’s supposed to be. How wrong I was.

    Quiz shows, as far as I’ve seen, died a long time ago in the USA. Game shows became either reality or chance-based gaming… quizzes died. I’m not the only one who thinks that ITV’s ‘Chase’ is the best quiz on TV these days, and I was absolutely set on GSN replicating it to the most minute detail. I was excited by the thought that if the American audience could see ‘The Chase’ in its true form, then maybe that’ll get them interested in quiz shows again!

    From the beginning (hell, even from watching the promo video) I was brutally critical of the sounds, graphics, pacing, hosting, editing… as great as the game may be, presentation is equally important. Brace for strange analogy: Dressing in nice clothes is one thing, but the fit makes the man. If the game is great and presentation is lacking, the show isn’t at its full potential. While watching the first episode, it certainly bothered me that the graphics and sounds changed. It bothered me that the show became about “The Beast” instead of “The Chaser.” It bothered me that The Beast sat in his seat for the entire game. Every detail that was different from the UK version upset me in some way.

    (I made the remark to my friends that if you want to Americanize a game show, make the set bluer. I sunk into my seat once I saw the blue on blue on blue title sequence.)

    But… somewhere in the middle of the second episode, something clicked. The mood that GSN aims for is completely different from ITV’s envisioning… and it totally works! The show, when viewed on its own without comparison to the UK version, is wonderful! GSN’s “The Chase” is exciting and remarkably suspenseful! I was truly on the edge of my seat for the entire second half of the second episode! I got used to the graphics, began to like some of the sound cues (although I wish they were more related to each other), and started to truly hate the The Beast in ways I never had. In good ways; the US version portrays him as a much more abrasive, villainous character.

    It’s different from the original, and that’s not a bad thing.

    I still have my complaints about the presentation of the show… but they’re the same kinks that I hope that most game shows (namely GSN originals) these days will eventually iron out: odd commercial timing, needless glamour shots of the audience (quit trying to tell me what emotions to feel!), ‘coming up’ sequences, the dialogue felt a bit repetitive, but hey, where else are you going to see so many questions crammed into a nail-biting hour-long game?

    GSN’s ‘The Chase” is a damn good game! It has its flaws in presentation, but they’re outweighed by its interesting atmosphere. It exceeds the intensity of the high budget games of the 2000s, while not being so different as to scare the American audience away. It’s original, yet feels familiar. GSN hasn’t aired a show this good in a very, very long time. Hopefully “The Chase” gains traction and proves to the bigger networks that quizzes are still well and truly alive.

    • SuperGamer7 says:

      Quiz shows were NEVER dead here in the US. There have been great quizzes in the past 10 years.

      Millionaire; 1 vs 100; Duel; Grand Slam; Russian Roulette; Power of 10; just to name a few.

      Not to mention all the Quiz Bowl Shows.

      But The Chase brings that fast-paced gameplay dynamic that’s been missing for a while. I could not be happier to see this show in the US! Hopefully as Alex says, this will continue a trend of Quiz Shows returning to the US.

  • John says:

    This show rocks just like the UK version (which I’ve only seen on YouTube)! I sincerely hope with this show will catapult more game shows from the UK (like Deal or No Deal, Catch Phrase, etc.). I’m so glad that GSN got their act together and have the first successful show since the Chuck Woolery version of Lingo.

    Kudos to GSN and make sure you fasten your seat belts! Enjoy!

    • SuperGamer7 says:

      “the first successful show since the Chuck Woolery version of Lingo.”


      Catch 21 and the Newlywed Game were successful, and what about the Bible Quiz?

      Oh, and GSN has been getting itself in order since “The Pyramid” revival, and bringing in more classics.

  • Josh J says:

    I watched both hours tonight, and I have to preface my review with this: I personally came in expecting to be disappointed. Or, as I joked with my friends, “The Chase will be the latest show from abroad we will ruin.” Fortunately, I was completely wrong.

    The set perfectly fits the tone of the show. This is especially true of the audience. Sure, the glamour shots were slightly annoying, but it feels more like a gladitorial arena, which was great. Personally, even the touch of allowing the Beast to look on the entire time is done to keep up this mentality of pressure.

    I know a lot of people will complain that Brooke Burke is no Bradley Walsh, and that is quite true. Bradley would have broken down into laughter in each of the two episodes and we would have complained about that. She did a good job of moving things along and reading the questions quickly and clearly. And, she was also cracking jokes, which was great.

    The Beast was acting more ferocious here, but you could see his humor and charm as well at times. Now, as I mentioned before, I liked the fact that he gets to sit there and intimidate all the time. I like that touch and I loved the outburst at the end. I saw in an interview online that he only wants to be beaten when he feels he put out his best. Clearly, he didn’t feel he did that in the second show with the huge payday.

    On that note is another good thing about this show: the question writing. I loved that not all questions were serious, and there is potential for a YouTube worthy moment. Heck, Mark got thrown off by the dog taking a pupu. There were also plenty of serious and seriously difficult questions without feeling unfair. The Final Chase questions didn’t feel any easier or harder than the UK Final Chase, and that’s fantastic. Outside of Jeopardy, there really has not been a serious quiz in prime time with any amount of success for a LONG time. This should break through and become a serious contender.

    Of course, there are some nitpicking to be done. For one, while I don’t necessarily mind the lack of certain sound effects, I would like some indication of one rule that isn’t really mentioned, though the on-set graphics suggest still exists: the five-second rule. A timer on-screen or a sound effect or something.

    I would also like more banter between Brooke and Mark, but that will get better with time as well. I’m not concerned about that today.

    As for the commercial breaks, I have two observations. The spoiler-riffic sequences only air before the first break and the penultimate break ahead of the Final Chase. So, just change the channel for a minute then. As for the timing, it does seem a bit odd, especially in the second individual chase. Maybe it’s just me, but I would personally do a break after each individual chase and halfway through the final. In other words, one fewer break than we currently have. To make up for it, increase the length of each break by 1 or 2 commercials. Same number of ads overall, but more predictability in terms of when it comes.

    Overall, there is a lot to love about this show, especially when you disconnect it from the UK version. Sure, there are areas for improvement, but what show can’t you say that about? Besides, coming from the network that brought us such gems as Instant Recall and Love Triangle more recently than proper shows like Russian Roulette, it is a huge step in the right direction. I am looking forward to the remainder of Season 1 and the entirety of Season 2. Thank you, GSN. Thank you for taking arguably the greatest quiz show in the world today and doing it justice.

    • SuperGamer7 says:

      “Outside of Jeopardy, there really has not been a serious quiz in prime time with any amount of success for a LONG time. This should break through and become a serious contender.”


      1 vs 100
      Grand Slam
      Power of 10
      And more……

      Oh, and Jeopardy is a SYDICATED show.

      How many people do I have to correct around here? :P

      Anyway, The Chase is awesome, I hope it has a long run!

    • SuperGamer7 says:

      Syndicated, excuse me.

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    Please bear in mind where I am in asking this question, because I obviously haven’t seen these two episodes:

    Are three contestants the right number for this US show? I contended a while ago that since the number of minutes of show content vs. commercials was the same in the UK and the US, there’s no reason the US version can’t have four contestants. Is the pacing so slow that viewers are squirming and clamoring for a fourth contestant, or would having a fourth contestant force the pacing to be too fast?

    I really hope the numbers are good for this show. Remember that Alex reported that the peak of “A Minute to Win It” was 525,000 homes and the two-hour average was something like 458,000. That means that the UK version — telecast at tea time — brings in six to seven times that. If the ratings are anywhere close to 1 million, GSN will be ecstatic.

    • Brad says:

      I thought 3 contestants worked fine. There were a few times watching the UK version that I thought “Another one? Get to the Final Chase, already!” Besides, the first few contestants seemed gutsy anyway, so you got great money with just three players. Whether that continues is a different story, but I thought three was the sweet spot here.

  • Schmolik says:

    One of my concerns is the Beast’s offers to move up or down a level. Of course the more you get initially, the higher your temptation offer and safe offers will be. But I believe two contestants had the same first round total in the 9pm ET episode while one was offered a lot more than another (he was tempted but was defeated, she was not tempted and got to play the final Chase). The totals seemed arbitrary with no rhyme or reason.

    I think they should keep it simple: The temptation offer is twice the original bank and the safe offer is half the original bank.

    Also, I would like to see the Beast reveal his answers before Brooke announces them. Make them both sweat it out. It would be more dramatic, especially if the contestant and Beast differ.

    • Darren says:

      The offers from the Chasers in the UK version have always been to mess with the contestants’ heads — an insultingly low – or negative – offer to pressure them into not taking the safer position, a high offer to tempt them into doing something foolish, and so on. The Chasers’ game is as much psychology as it is general knowledge.

      • Schmolik says:

        But why should one contestant be offered more than another if they banked the same amount in the 1st round? Where do these numbers come from? Do they just come out of thin air?

        • Ken in Hong Kong says:

          Basically, yes. In the UK version, I think the producers decide the offers, and they are relayed to the chasers backstage before they come out for each personal chase. Mark may have a different arrangement in the US version, I don’t know, especially since he’s on stage the whole time. Maybe a small screen, relaying the offers to him? That’s a good question for Alex to ask at TCONA in Vegas.

  • Schmolik says:

    I also don’t really like that a whole hour long episode can end with nobody winning anything on a fairly regular basis (assuming the Beast is as advertised, most of the shows will have the Beast win). Maybe they should have some ways contestants can win money before or during the final showdown. Otherwsise, we’ve wasted everyone’s time.

    • Scott says:

      True, but I’m guessing this is what makes the show affordable for GSN. You can bank over $250,000 and still lose it all if Mark beats the contestants in the final round.

  • Richmond says:

    I loved the two hour premier! However, I couldn’t get past the spoilerific promos. Before the first episode even aired, they mentioned that in the second episode that they’d be playing for 180k. That ruins the entire first 45 minutes of an episode. Then the coming up bumpers between commercial breaks were bad too.

    I thought Brooke did a great job. When she was announced as host, I was very skeptical, but she did a tremendous job. I do wish she would have a little more interaction with the contestants during the chase round (asking why they chose an answer, etc.). But, all in all, she did a great job. The only thing I didn’t like of Brooke was that in the cash builder, towards the end of the clock, she would speed up the reading of the questions to try and get 1-2 more in before the time expired.

    I will watch this show until they take it off air. Its my favorite quiz show (at the office, i have the british version constantly running on youtube). Just hope they clean up some of the things mentioned in all of the comments.

  • MikeSant318 says:

    A reasonably faithful adaptation; I miss the Final Chase counter along the bottom (present in the UK version – something to work on for Series 2), but most everything else was as good as could be. And I also agree: CUT THE DAMN TEASES!!!

  • aaaa says:

    Wonder what would happen if none of three contestants make it to the final round. The show would run quite short if that happened. JOnathan was JOnathan COrnblau who was on J! in 2010 and Cory was COry Anotado of Buzzerblog fame.

    • Anne Hegerty says:

      When this happens in the UK version, the team nominate one of their number to come back and play a final chase for a nominal £4,000 (ie £1,000 each if they win). Usually the Chaser wins this final chase, but on three occasions the contestants have actually taken away the £4,000.

  • Devon says:

    This show has completely restored the love I lost for GSN. The Chase ROCKS! If the ratings aren’t good, I will be furious.

  • Wow I really enjoyed this show last night. Brooke I thought did a great job. I understand her speeding up the reading of the questions towards the end. She did this to try and help the contestant the best she could help defeat the Beast. I couldn’t leave the room that is how hooked I was watching this show. I loved that last game when the team won a total of $180,000 and the beast got mad. I felt this was somewhat of a cross between Duel and The Weakest Link a bit. I am looking forward to watch more episodes of the Chase. Great job GSN. I hope to see more great gameshows like this on GSN. FOX you should be kicking yourselves for passing on this show. I felt nervous for the contestants going against the Beast and the Beast trying to catch them. I like this edge of my seat nervousness on a gameshow. I haven’t seen anything like this since to me Million Dollar Money Drop.

    • Ken in Hong Kong says:

      I think the reason Mark got angry at losing was that he thought HE should have known a couple of answers, such as the Christ the Redeemer question. He’s always said, “If I play my best and you beat me, then well played.” It’s when he doesn’t play his best — which was the case here — that he vents his frustration the way he did. Mark’s birthday is next week — August 15 — which makes him a roaring Leo. :)

      But it does raise a point. In the UK version, Bradley sums everything up and gives the chaser a “final word” before he says goodbye. That didn’t happen in the clip I saw of the $180K victory. Brooke just closed up shop, and Mark didn’t get a chance to say anything. I think that needs to be changed to match the UK version. Give Mark a chance to say something, even if it’s being magnanimous in defeat, which sometimes he is.

  • Keith says:

    I liked most of the show very much, with the exception of The Beast, whose pompous taunting grew tired very quickly. I also thought his casting a sign of the weird American inferiority complex where all things British are concerned. “Oh, he’s British! He MUST be smart!” Would have much preferred a more likable, relatable, non-asshole person as the Chaser. (Ken Jennings would have been delightful.)

    Pleasantly surprised by Brooke Burns, who has improved greatly since the Dog Eat Dog days, but think she still needs to work a bit on speed and crispness of articulation in the final 2-minute chase segments.

    • Mech says:

      The Chaser is supposed to be an asshole, that’s the catch in the show. They are “smarter, faster and better than you” and as far as they are concerned, the contestants are a waste of their time. (I’m sure they aren’t this pompous in everyday life, but it’s their role for the show.) I’d also bet money that he was instructed to cake it on pretty thick, too.

      His loss in the second episode had a pretty big reaction from him. His normal demeanor to a loss is “they beat me fair and square” whereas last night it was more like a teenager throwing a tantrum because the BMW their parents bought them for a surprise birthday gift was the wrong color. I smell a producer in his ear there. (Granted he could have been genuinely pissed that he ‘lost to Americans.’)

      All in all, I like his act on the show. It’s always been that way and makes a contestant victory that much better to watch.

      • Ken in Hong Kong says:

        Remember also that the pompous British thing is a pathway well blazed in game shows by Anne Robinson. She was that way in the British version, too, but mellowed considerably in “The Weakest Link’s” later years — mostly because everyone who watched it in the UK became so comfortable with that persona … which Americans never did.

  • Al says:

    After seeing a few episodes of the U.K. version, I must say that GSN did a terrific job with this import. I love the set, it’s got a similar flavor to the British version. Brooke Burns is a good host here, her question reading was spot on, there was good banter between contestants and The Beast. That 2nd episode had some very smart players (including Pacdude) and seeing The Beast getting beat in on the premiere day was awesome. This has everything I was looking for in a trivia show. I hope everyone watches this show, it’s a hit in my book. GSN, awesome job with this show. FOX, you made a big mistake passing this baby up.

    • Ken in Hong Kong says:

      Don’t kid yourself, Al. The Beast got beat on premiere day only because GSN had eight episodes to choose from to show on Tuesday. Surely you don’t think GSN would show the eight in chronological order, do you? Because if the team’s victory didn’t come until the seventh episode that was recorded, GSN would be dumb to show them in the order in which they were recorded. Show an episode in which Mark loses, and it builds audience interest to show it CAN be done and brings viewers back for more.

  • Ken Davis says:

    Watched this with a few non-game-show-enthusiast friends last night. We all agreed that it was pretty dull. They certainly noticed the lack of sound effects and music (they’ve not seen the British version) which confirmed my own qualms after watching the preview clip. The show has a very cold, uninviting vibe to it, and there’s just not enough excitement to justify watching this for a full hour.

    • Ken in Hong Kong says:

      Ken, it would be interesting, then, to have shown them an episode of the UK version also from YouTube and then compare the two. If your friends didn’t like the UK version, either, then it’s just a simple case of not liking the show at all.

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