“The Chase” Debuts Tonight on GSN.  Write Your Reviews! Thumbnail

“The Chase” Debuts Tonight on GSN. Write Your Reviews!

So by now I’m guessing many of you have seen or are still watching GSN’s new quiz show of The Chase.  We’ve been asking Twitter and the reaction has been pretty good.  However, I’d love to know what more of you thought.  What do you think of GSN’s big-money adaptation of ITV’s popular daytime quiz?  Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know.

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61 responses to "“The Chase” Debuts Tonight on GSN. Write Your Reviews!"

  • JEFF S says:

    Reading the comments, I suppose I’m going to be a minority of one. If I had not seen and become addicted to the UK version, I might agree with what some had to say. But quite frankly, I would have been much happier with a total clone of the UK version including the music and some of the other effects. I do understand there are cultural differences between British telly and American television but not as many as some might think. The game play is identical but a bit slow paced. The proof of that is in the pudding. The chasers routinely get to 20 or more in the final chase. In both final chases, Mark had problems getting to 17. And we would all agree the seconde team was pretty good (at least I thought so) yet they only got to 17 even with the 3 question headstart.

    As I said, maybe it’s unfair to judge the show on its comparison to the British version. I love, for example, the canned footage of the chaser whoever it is crossing the bridge and starting to sit in the chair when they switch to the live shot (“Good afternoon so and so”). (Incidentally they got a quick piece of that into Mark’s entrance). I don’t think it’s necessary or desirable to have Mark sitting there glaring at the contestant during the cash builder round. I miss the music during the introduction (“these 4 people have never met but by working as a team they can win thousands of pounds. There’s only one person standing in their way, the chaser. The chase is on). Also the whole by play about the low and high bids but I guess it’s necessary to explain to people who haven’t seen it the rules of the game (if you want to take one step closer to home (not the bank) the chaser will offer you…). And as I’ve said before, the amounts are too high but I guess this is where the American culture comes in. Prime time quiz shows have to have huge pay outs but with the high pay outs, you can’t really get a low “suggestion” I mean really low . And I suppose it’s out of the question for there to be a negative low.

    Now some will say the changes were necessary to “Americanize” the show but in my opinion, the British version works and why tamper with something that works (granted again the game play is identical). As I said in another thread, I found a Russian version on You Tube and while I didn’t understand a word of Russian, it was the identical format from top to bottom as the British version.

    I hope gsn allows one of the episodes to be put on You Tube and I would love to hear the comments from British viewers of just what they did to their program. On the whole, it was hardly a disaster but it could have been so much better.

    And like I said, I’m sure I will get flamed big time for my opinion but these are my opinions.

    • Bobby Smith says:

      I agree with you i would hae liked a complete clone of the UK version i do not like Brooke Burns as the host.I would hae much preferred Bradley Walsh as the host

  • Andrew L. Budny says:

    I have to say that I was very pleased with this version. Everything was true to it’s UK counterpart besides the sound effects, but overall it was freaking awesome. I managed to get a majority of the questions correct on both episodes in makes me want to audition for season two. Congrats to GSN for doing a great job on keeping this true to the original. May this show live on for ages.

  • Brad says:

    First off, congratulations to Cory! That episode was extremely fun to watch! Now, to my real review. What I mainly liked was that Bob Boden knows his audience and his network. This show took me back to when GSN was most fun to watch. It had just enough tweaks to make it enjoyable for American audiences, while having a “Hollywood Showdown (dare I say) dramatic appeal. Mark was on good form as usual, and it was nice seeing Brooke going back to her “Dog Eat Dog” hosting style.

    Brooke was also one of my biggest gripes. To me, she came across as loud and almost like she was hosting a video game version. Both teams were good and played for big money, especially in the second episode.

    After the first episode, I gave the show a solid B, but after seeing the second, I may upgrade that to an A-. To Jeff, the music didn’t matter to me; I could barely hear it. Overall, I’m pleased with this. It’s a great fit for GSN if done the right way, and I hope the show gets strong ratings and a loyal viewer following. I’ll definitely be watching.

  • Wayne says:

    Loved watching it, but was a bit slow in the head to head.

    Was good to see Jonathan, who was to my right at the audition on day one.

    My only gripe would be the inconsistancy of the offered amounts.

  • Matt says:

    This a very good show. These try to bank money and challenge “The Beast” for big bucks. The last round is very hard. You need to have a number over 15 for “The Beast” to answer in 2 minutes in order to beat him.

    My idea that I came up with is to have the all-time Jeopardy champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings go up against him and see who is really the smartest. Will Brad and Ken beat” The Beast” or will ” The Beast” beat up on Brad and Ken?

  • gloria says:

    The Chase is a very good Quiz show. Participants are so smart. Some got intimidated and sometimes got brain freeze. My main concern/opinion is, contestants never get any consolation prizes after the fact that these contest is only for smart peoply, sorry to say this but it’s true.
    Please be fair to those opponents, give them a little bit of reward.
    For sure this show makes enough or more than enough for this gesture.
    Love the show.

  • Linda says:

    Is Brook sick, anorexic or what? She looked so much better on Dog Eat Dog and all the movies she starred in. Now she looks terrible. Way toooo skinny.

  • Connie Colgin says:

    I have watched every show, hoping it would get better. But i probably won’t watch it much anymore. The show just doesn’t have the competition as i was expecting. It isn’t a show down of which person knows the answer to a certain question and i don’t enjoy this competition as much. I would enjoy the show more if there was more interaction between the contestants, between the Beast and the other three. Also the questions are too long, it seems most of the time is spent on Brooke reading the questions. The contestants need to be smarter too.

  • Rose G. says:

    I was pleasantly surprised about this show. All the advertising they had before the show started for many weeks made it sound like a show I would definitely not care for. Mark’s comments were not that bad. He didn’t make that many comments. Some of the contestants did not seem to be as smart as they wanted you to think, especially the woman who supposedly was a Mensa and had 3 or 4 degrees. She hardly knew anything. The first man from the same show really did not know much of trivia at all. One thing I wish they would change is when they have the multiple choices. The writing is so darned tiny you can barely read it.

    Also, the woman on the very last episode did not know much trivia. In a way, I was glad the man was the only one remaining and he got all the money. It would be a shame if he had to share it with the other two people who knew very little.

    But I really enjoyed the show. I like Brooke. I think she talks fast and is clear. I can’t wait until the next season. I was disappointed they only had 4 shows on.

  • Samantha says:

    I don’t like the female host I think she wastes some of the players answering time. Sometimes she’s drags out her corrrrrrect and other times instead of just saying the correct answer she says wrong…. Then pauses then says the correct answer and I think every second is valuable to the players.

  • Eve says:

    I have seen 3 shows. I have tried to watch 7 times and all I see are repeats!! What’s going on? I tune in on GSN. Hope that this changes soon and I can see new episodes. Love this show!!!

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