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Ryan Seacrest Named Host of “The Million Second Quiz”

NBC today confirmed that American Idol host and Emmy Award-winning producer Ryan Seacrest has been named the host and executive producer of the network’s new event game show The Million Second Quiz.  The series, which pits people in a head-to-head quiz competition for up to $10,000,000 live in Manhattan, starts Monday, September 9th, at 8:00PM ET.  All3 Media produces. “I’m so excited to be hosting this new live game show on NBC, as it’s really a fun and different format that I believe will generate lots of fans across different platforms,” said Ryan Seacrest. “I’m looking forward to working with the other producers and everyone at NBC to make the show a success.”

The Million Second Quiz sees two contestants play intense head-to-head trivia matches inside a massive hourglass-shaped structure in Manhattan. The show will run for a million seconds (roughly). Each bout sees one player sitting in the “Money Chair”. The opponent is in an opposite chair and hopes to take over. Each second a player can sit in the Money Chair is worth $10. So, by winning one day alone, you could win over $800,000. People who want a shot can compete by physically coming to the hourglass or playing online through their phones or computers.

So what do we think of the host and format? The format sounds fine so far. I’m not a giant fan of bank-earning big-money shows since I think a lot of the tension is gone once you win a certain amount. I don’t really feel bad if you have $2,000,000 guaranteed but you lose out on another few hundred grand or million. However, it’s nearly impossible to do a money chain for $10,000,000 without it seeming ridiculous (see Super Millionaire). Also Ryan Seacrest is a very, very talented broadcaster and host. He’s extremely versatile and can basically do anything. I look forward to seeing how he does here.

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21 responses to "Ryan Seacrest Named Host of “The Million Second Quiz”"

  • SEAN says:

    Is this Ryan’s effective audition as future host of Jeopardy! once Alex Trebek retires?

    • David C says:

      Might be… kind of like Carey on “Power of 10″ was more or less his audition for TPIR.

      Although, I see this as well that NBC is really trying to make this work….. Seacrest to an extent brings an “audience” of fans himself to shows, so, just his addition I think will add a slight bump to the ratings (obviously you can’t do revisionist history, but, I am going to say that whatever the opening night ratings are would have been 1/2 a Nielsen point lower with a “lesser” name at the helm).

    • John says:

      Ryan Seacrest as the host of the Kids game show “Click” was his audition to be a good host (which probably got him the American Idol gig).

      To be honest, I think the 1,000,000 Second Quiz is his audition to possibly get the host position of the Today show (if & when Matt Lauer retires). For Jeopardy!, his name has been in the rumor mill but I think Pat Kiernan (“Grand Slam”, “Studio 7″, “The World Series of Pop Culture”) might be a better choice (especially since He has great experience in this field & it would keep the host of Jeopardy Canadian & Pat could go on as long as Alex is doing).

      • SEAN says:

        I guess, but Ryan Seacrest on Today? I don’t know why, but I just cant see it. Remember he also hosted a short lived TRL/ ET type show that was distributed by 20th Television.

  • Ed Toutant says:

    Does this mean that the show really will give away a total of $10 million, but it’s just a matter of how many and how large the slices of the pie will be? Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of final climactic showdown?

    • Wayne says:

      I don’t know the final showdown prize amount, but the four highest totals and whoever is in the chair when time is up will battle it out.

  • Tyrone Jones says:

    Sounds like something I’ll definitely watch. As long as the contestants aren’t from Central Casting (read: actors) It’ll definitely be on my DVR.

  • Scott says:

    Seeing as how Ryan was the EP behind The Money Pump, I’m not surprised. CBS axed that idea, as expected, but it looks like he still wants to stay in the game show genre; otherwise he wouldn’t have applied to be the host for Million Second Quiz.

    He’s a good host, and I think it’s about time he moved on from American Idol, so I’m pretty happy about it. Also, the fact that he and NBC are not being shy about advertising it as a primetime game show, makes me feel good about it. Hmm… The Chase… Million Second Quiz… I hope the ratings are high.

    If they are, after 10 long and painful years, we could finally be seeing a return to trivia-based game shows airing in primetime. The very thought alone is exciting!

  • Air Biscuit says:

    He needs to disappear for a while. FOX, ABC, now NBC? His radio show is heard on nearly all Clear Channel CHR stations? He doesn’t need any more exposure.

    • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

      You got that one right Air Biscuit – he will never be Dick Clark no matter how hard he tries!

      • Kaos says:

        He doesn’t need to be Dick Clark. He’s doing very well already being Ryan Seacrest.

        And by that, I mean that trying to say that someone is “The Next (so and so)” is downright ridiculous.

        Anyway, that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

  • I want to see more gameshow back in primetime on network NBC, ABC,CBS,FOX. Speaking of gameshows it’s not network but am looking forward to tonight GSN The Chase. So CBS dropped The Money Pump I’d like to know the source to this. I wanted to see that show. I’m thinking that other than TPIR and LMAD CBS doesn’t like gameshows too much. Survivor and Big Brother to me is not a gameshow its a reality show. I don’t care if it’s trivia or luck based games bring back the gameshows on network. Am looking forward to the Million Second Quiz. I’m going to try and watch this.

    • Afi K. James says:

      I Truly hope somebody wins $10 million dollars, it will make game show history.

    • HD says:

      It’s not happening. The Chase GSN is where it’s at. Screw broadcast channels, their carriage agreements with (insert company name here), stupid sitcoms, and scripted crap.

  • aaron says:

    does any1 know exactly where in manhattan the hourglass is going to be yet?

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