NBC Renews “Hollywood Game Night” for Second Season Thumbnail

NBC Renews “Hollywood Game Night” for Second Season

What a great summer the unscripted television genre is having.  It’s time to add another show to the list of successes.  NBC has officially renewed Hollywood Game Night for a second season.  The series, which airs new episodes every Thursday at 10:00PM ET and reruns Tuesdays at 8:00PM ET, sees two contestants playing a slew of party games with A-list celebrities for a shot at $25,000.  The incredibly funny Jane Lynch hosts.  The series has done well for the network, retaining 85% of its premiere audience and has been a strong summer performer.

“Not only is it a show we’re very proud of, it is easy watching and fun, and the repeats have been holding up quite well, retaining 85% of the premiere ratings, a quality we’re looking for”, NBC president of alternative and late-night programming Paul Telegdy told Deadline.  Jane Lynch will return as host.

We’re glad to see the show do so well and come back. It’s rare we get a show as genuinely funny and enjoyable as this. It’s an unpretentious, fast, and humorous hour filled with fun and games.  These don’t come often so it’s great to see audiences enjoying it.  We can’t wait to see what they do with season two.

Source : Deadline

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12 responses to "NBC Renews “Hollywood Game Night” for Second Season"

  • Myke25 says:

    I hope they keep it as a summer series. NBC has a nasty habit of burning shows out with overexposure.

  • the graduate kid says:

    I like this show. I’m not good at it, especially the How do you Doo game. I also like it because there is no slow play to draw out drama and other annoying filler(s). Most hour prime time dramas take me 44 minutes to watch on tape, but most prime time hour game shows, 28 or less. Prime time game shows current and future, cable and over the air, take a lesson from Hollywood Game Night. No drawing out drama, and other needles delays that make me, and I’m sure so many others, feel the need to record game shows because we can’t bear to watch all the needless delays. I’m guessing those that can’t or chose not to record such game shows quit watching. It doesn’t matter what the top winning can be, leave out the fillers and instantly improve the game show. It’s nice to see a prime time over the air show is getting a second order.

    I hope they up the bonus round to $50,000 for the player and $20,000 for the charity. For prime time over the air the $25,000 and $10,000 are too little. I understand keeping the monies low so the game has a good balance of fun and serious. I think my idea of $50,000 and $20,000 will keep that.
    Also, so money can be won throughout the show and the losing contestant doesn’t always leave with $0 cash, the winning contestant in each game wins $5,000. (I’d be ok with $2,500). Any game that ends in a tie, both contestants win $2,500 or $1,250.

  • I really enjoy the show Hollywood Game Night. Jane Lynch is very funny on it. Hollywood Game Night to me is a gameshow that is fun a ton of fun to watch. I’m not saying that other gameshows aren’t fun to watch. Hollywood Game Night just has a fun appeal to it. Celebrities and two contestants playing games and having fun I love it. This is a gameshow that makes me laugh sometimes at the things they do. NBC you made a great move bringing back “Hollywood Game Night”. I now hope the “Million Second Quiz” does well. I’d love to see some more gameshows on in primetime.

  • Chris says:

    I have to admit that the show has grown on me. I do like the humor behind it and the fact that they are playing the show for fun. My only complaint and it has already been brought up is that I thought the show was very cheap on the winnings. If they could up the prize to maybe 50K, I would be ok with that.

    I agree that there should be a small parting prize for the losing player. I have to admit I am starting to get tired of the losing player receiving nothing for playing. Given the tryout process is getting to become more difficult (I’ve been through job interviews that were easier), there should be a small bit of compensation for the loser.

    • NJMark says:

      Unless a show is paying to fly a person out and paying for their accommodations, $1000 should be the minimum guarantee so as to help defray those costs (with a gross-up to cover the ensuing taxes).

    • Myke25 says:

      I wouldn’t up the prize money at all…in fact, I’m a little surprised that it’s as high as $25K. This is a show that prides itself on its alcohol consumption. The bigger the prize, the bigger the lawsuit (“I’d have won the game if Martin Short hadn’t been hammered!”).

      But I agree that the losing contestant does need to leave with some sort of consolation prize. Is Dicker & Dicker still in Beverly Hills? ;-)

    • Jake Tanner says:

      How about changing the scoring system from points to actual money…make it $100 per point and both players keep whatever they earn in the main game but of course, the player with the most money wins and goes to the bonus round…

      As for the celebs and their charities, I really don’t care about that too much regardless of who gets what and how much…but, to be fair, yeah, give all six celebs a base donation for their charities and if one of the celebs helps the contestant win the bonus round, their donation is doubled…no bonus win – no extra money for the charity…

  • i did forget to add some ways to improve this show. 1) Up the bonus round like someone suggested to $50,000 or maybe even $100,000. and the charity $25,000 or $50,000. 2) The losing contestant takes home $500 or even $1,000 3) The winning contestant wins $2,500 for winning the game.

  • Devon says:

    Congrats to NBC. Finally nice to see a ray of sunshine under their dark cloud of cancellations.

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