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Kam Perez Wins “Whodunnit?” and $250,000; Cris Crotz Revealed as The Killer

If you didn’t get to see last night’s Whodunnit? season finale on ABC, you missed what will go down as one of the best episodes of a reality game ever produced.  First, congratulations are in store.  Congratulations to Kam Perez who beat the competition and took home the $250,000.  Kam solved the finale’s puzzles before the other innocent competitor, Lindsey Anderson, and left Rue Manor with a quarter of a million dollars.  The Killer was revealed to be beauty queen Cris Crotz.  She left subtle hints throughout the series which were revealed at the end, buts hats off to her.  I didn’t think it was her.  I still thought it was Lindsey Anderson who, unfortunately met her demise at the last minute by solving the puzzle last.

A longer recap: last week’s cliffhanger was resolved as Melina was, unfortunately, found as the Killer’s next victim in a room full of all the evidence used through the series.  In order to win the final three contestants must revisit all the crimes through the entire season and solve puzzles and complete challenges based on them.  After they do this, and absolve Giles of the crimes, they must run to a room upstairs where they find the Killer.  Kam and Cris are first to complete it.  Unfortunately, Lindsey finished last and got an alternate order which lead her back to the evidence room and her demise by an arrow to the throat.  Cris was revealed to be the Killer and escorted out of the house in golden handcuffs by police.  Kam leaves with $250,000 in hand.  He says goodbye to the eleven deceased guests one final time before Giles takes him far away from Rue Manor.

As we said before, this will go down as one of the best episode of a reality or game show ever produced.  First off, what an ingenious way to do a reunion while keeping it in the spirit of the show.  It was weird, creepy, suspenseful, and fun.  The challenges were pulse pounding and exciting to watch.  It was some of the most edge-of-your-seat game show viewing in years.  Congratulations to Kam who played a brilliant game and deserved to win.  Also, fantastic job by Cris.  She did know she was the Killer all along and did a great job hiding it.  I didn’t think it was her until the last second.  I thought she would win.  Shows what I know.

LINDSEYI’d also, seriously, like to thank ABC for taking a chance on a show like Whodunnit?.  They’re the only network that takes chances on shows like this.  Look back at recent game show history.  What network has done the shows we hold up to considerable highs such as The MoleTake The Money and RunMillion Dollar Mind Game, and Whodunnit??  ABC.  No one else gives these a shot.  Of course there are some misfires but they are the only place that give high concept game shows a chance and we’re so happy they do.  They put together a game that we will not be forgetting.

Week after week it was consistently entertaining, and the last few episodes are some of the best the genre has ever had.  The contestants were all likable, fun, and smart.  A cast like this comes once in a blue moon so well done by them.  Giles was fantastic.  The setting was fantastic.  In terms of production there are very, very few things I’d have liked to see different.

Obviously we wish Whodunnit? did better in the ratings (though the finale was up significantly) and we really hope it can somehow come back.  We’ve seen far worse shows come with far fewer viewers and a far more expensive budget.  However, if it doesn’t, a massive thanks for ABC for giving us unscripted TV viewers something we won’t soon forget and something that will go down in our books as one of the best reality competitions ever.


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26 responses to "Kam Perez Wins “Whodunnit?” and $250,000; Cris Crotz Revealed as The Killer"

  • David B says:

    For me, this was the show that got all the small details right but the main thing wrong – why call a show Whodunnit? if there was no way of working out the killer, other than by elimination?

  • Joseph Lambert says:

    ABC should cancel the show or move it to a network like TruTV or HLN if a second season is confirmed. The settings will be changed as well.

  • V says:

    The ending would have been better if there was some reason why Cris would have been arrested at the end. She tricked everyone, and then all of the sudden allowed herself to be handcuffed?! I wanted to see her try to kill Kam after he accuses her, and then, during the murder attempt, the weapon malfunctions and pins her down or injures her. THEN there would the opportunity to handcuff and arrest her.

    • Dale says:

      In the book it was explain as a reward for winning the game. Also the book mentioned that all the evidence show that the killer did it was sent to the police. It is like a last hurrah for the killer, they are suppose to be a super rich think of “The Most Dangerous Game”

  • Patrick says:

    Well I can say it again here, and I can say his name now here as well lol. When Giles asks Kam where he wants to go, and Kam answers with a calm, relieved “…… Home” made the finale seem so awesome. Probably because, like the book, they have that fear of “dying” and the stress of figuring it out, and to get that one small word answer made it seem like your there and you get to leave with him to go home as well.

    I loved this show from the beginning of episode one. I even got my girlfriend into it. She never liked The Mole when I watched it, she doesn’t like Survivor or Amazing Race, so to get her into this I feel like I accomplished something big lol. I always loved The Mole, and I love the borad game Clue, and this was a mix of both. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode made you turn in each week to see how the next person “dies”, and where it goes from there was incredible. The finale was absolutely epic and I pray this gets another season.

  • Scott says:

    It was easy to figure out that Cris was the murderer, especially since Giles pointed out how she had been the only person to not receive a scare card throughout the entire game.

    Anyways, I don’t think there will be a second season. The show’s budget was extremely expensive and I don’t think the ratings justified the expense in the long run.

    Personally, I’d rather have ABC bring back The Mole instead.

    • Dale says:

      Im with you there The Mole would be great to have back. If they get a second season they need to shift focus to who the killer is, keep the crime scenes or whatever but the killer needs to have more of a purpose other than to drive the narrative of the story.

  • Keith b says:

    I loved the ending I knew cris was the killer after don died nobody believed me but Melinda’s death was supposed to be geno’s with the strangulation and cris never got a scared card every body else did

  • Danhere says:

    that was the only thing missing in the game the Modus operandi(M.0)
    the reason behind the killing. with out that the police has no reason to keep the suspect.
    The Mole is way better then whodunit because it also involves those people who are watching at home. (the mole is being done overseas so hopefully abc will see that)

  • kulapik says:


    • Danhere says:

      technically it’s not a spoiler,because the show has aired and abc has already posted it on their website. if its a spoiler for you then you shouldn’t read these posts if you haven’t seen it yet.
      A spolier in tv terms:is when results of a taping of show is posted before the show (that happens in wrestling alot though since most of the shows are recorded (impact second shows and smackdown shows mostly)

      • Poodle McClure says:

        Well, Dan, shouldn’t the whole world stop their entire lives and not talk about the finale to a show so kulapik can catch up with the rest of society?

    • Curtis says:

      To be fair, he give you almost a day to catch up…

    • Eli says:

      I could not watch sunday so I watched it monday evening after already seeing on here that Kam won but that still did not take away any of the fun of the finale for me. Great show I hope there is a second season.

  • Greg says:

    Was anyone else thinking something “unfortunate” would happen to Kam as the car drove away at the end? Maybe as one last act of defiance from the killer?

    And what sort of charges is Cris looking at for all the murders?

    • Andrew L. says:

      Eleven counts of premeditated (1st-degree) murder, at the very least. In Canada, that means life in prison with no chance of parole for 275 years (25 on each count).

  • Morgan says:

    If there’s a season 2, Giles NEEDS to come back. Gildart Jackson did an incredible job in the role and he made Giles so lovable. He also was phenomenal in Sunday’s episode in how frantic he was the whole time until the end in the attic.

  • Glenn says:

    I thought this would be goofy and cheesy, and to a point it was, but in a cool way. The kills were done well (and acted well by some very good sport contestants, unlike 95% of reality show contestants they seemed to be having fun) I agree the killer never getting a scare card was too dead a giveaway. I was following on here and watching clips because again I first thought it was going to be WAY too hokey for my tastes…if it does come back (summer replacement, so never say never or as someone said, perhaps on a TRUtv) there is little I’d change except the glaring giveaway that the killer never got a scare card.

    Otherwise, this show had to walk a tightrope of not being too hokey or cartoonish but also not being so blunt that it would be boring. it achieved that for the most part (some of the kills were over the top but had to be)

    Giles was excellent I must say. Great idea. As for the title, I get the gripe as it’s not like Giles dies and everyone has to find the killer (A la Clue) but it reminded me of one of agatha christie’s greatest works (And then there were None aka Ten Little…lets not go there ;)) and therefore the title is fine in that context

    If I have a suggestion, is I’d change the settings to avoid repetitve boredom as years wear on (although my bigger concern is casting, you need contestants who are VERY good sports and also have some acting ability and a fun sense of humor not to blow the premise, not alot of those on the reality show circuit and perhaps it’s part of the show’s appeal, it is a fun game with some cool FX but you still need to compete and find the killer)

    I’d also have some way to leave open the possibility that the killer was offed (Perhaps because a contestant is hot on the trail, throwing a monkey wrench) leaving clues in the evidence that this was staged and they’re in the shadows…could be a good twist for another season and yes….there should be another season and color me suprised for that one :)

  • Mike says:

    I liked the show and picked Chris from the start. Nothing lead me to believe it was her except eliminating players who looked like the part. I don’t like how Kam won because he never knew Chris was the killer unlike Lindsey for the longest time. They need to come up with a better way like “The Mole” was back in the day which they need to bring back.

  • CarShark says:

    I really liked the show and the first 50 minutes of this show. The end was a bit of a letdown. I was expecting more of a breakdown from Cris, rather than just a rhyme and a congrats. Maybe she snaps and tries to make Kam Number 12, but fails and winds up in her own trap. Plus, we didn’t see much in the way of clues to point us to her as The Killer. I looked for clues to Nevada, beauty pageants, her age, and other things related to her, but there was nothing there. That makes the show little more than wild-ass guessing and gut instinct, which isn’t really what the show is about. Where was the evidence? Motive? Logic? We only got a retrospective with Cris in a hoodie.

    -Also, I have to agree with others who say that the show is misnamed. Lindsay knew Whodunnit from the very start, but still lost to Kam (by 44 seconds), because he had a head start with the 6-1-3 clue.

    -All of the nastiness in the final scenes, while unfortunate, is to be expected with competitive people.

    That said, I greatly enjoyed the show, and I am hoping against hope that a second season will be commissioned, because I know that Anthony Zuiker and his team will improve it and make it even more enjoyable.

  • Nicole says:

    You all realize that this show was not that scripted. The eliminations and scared cards happened according to performance. I agree Cris should have gotten a scared card to throw it off, but I honestly didn’t think she was because it would have been to easy to guess it was her due to not having any scared cards.
    And Kamhad a head start because he solved the crimes better than Lindsey throughout the season, it doesn’t matter who guesses the right answer first.
    What confuses me is this: the killer has no chance of winning the game right? So technically they’re not a contestant. I wouldn’t want to be a contestant for a game show when I know I have no chance of winning, but still have to solve everything just like everyone else…

    • Andrew Martin says:

      Cris was paid $50k for her time on the show, and also got massive exposure, which is what she wants as a model and aspiring to be on television (check her twitter).

  • Poodle McClure says:

    Also remember, if you read the interview on RealityBlurred, Cris has no idea how the murders were committed herself in order ot make her seem more like a contestant. She genuinely had to solve the murders like the others did as well though I am sure she had a hint or two thrown here or there….

  • SlurpeeTigger says:

    I actually felt bad for Lindsey, mind you, I picked her as the killer from the 1st episode…….I do wish ABC will extend it to a 2nd season….it will need tweaking, but the game itself was interesting and the deaths were epic.

  • Lauren says:

    The show was never actually called Whodunnit originally, it was something weird like Follow The Clues or something like that. Yes, they probably should’ve come up with a better name than Whodunnit, but people who are annoyed that Kam won even though he never accused Cris, or who think that season 2 should have more stuff about who the killer is…there are some unfortunate realities that you should realise. :(

    They will never ever ever make Whodunnit about whodunit. Ever. I know, incredibly annoying, but they can’t. The person who is eliminated is the person who gets the worst score on a multi-page written test regarding specific details of the murder. If it were about identifying the killer, how could you say who was the most wrong? If someone said Melina, and another said Adriana – how could you judge who was the most wrong and would therefore die?

    Not to mention, it’s been stated many times by cast and producers – the show was written before they cast. The killer was chosen from the people who had successfully applied to be on the show; Cris signed up like everyone else, the only difference is that they asked her to be the killer instead of just saying “congrats, you’re on the show”. This all means that there is NO actual clues as to who the killer is; the way the person was murdered, the figure in black in the recreations – all planned out well before they had a killer chosen. They wrote the series to basically be genderless. Aside from Cris saying she knew how to handle guns, had experience with horses, and never getting a scared card (irrelevant, since the killer COULD get scared, just not killed – would’ve been more suspicious if she was scared every week without dying!), there were no real clues as to who she was. And heck, those three clues weren’t planned; they were just happy coincidences that the producers put in.
    So how did Lindsey name her?
    She said herself in interviews that it was just a gut feeling. Since there was literally not a single thing in this series that truly pointed to Cris, her decision was based on either something that wasn’t actually there/real, or a lucky guess. If it were about the who and not the how, Lindsey would have won a PUZZLE SOLVING game by simply guessing. In what world is that fair? And if she could do it, people in future seasons could do it – even if there WERE evidence that ID’d the killer, someone could still just make a lucky guess and win. Again, not fair to win a puzzle solving competition by a lucky guess. So no, it’s entirely fair that Kam won. He won a puzzle solving game by solving puzzles the best. If Lindsey had won because she ID’d Cris, shw would have won a puzzle solving game via a lucky guess – THAT would’ve been unfair!

    Back on track – there is one way to solve these problems; make elimination not by simply identifying the killer, but by knowing the most about the killer – some sort of questionnaire about the killer and their actions, just like they do on The Mole. But that will NEVER happen – when they first created this show, they were worried that it would end up being a version of The Mole, and not a new show. So they worked with people from The Mole to ensure Whodunnit resembled The Mole as little as possible. If they went to that lengths to ensure their show wasn’t just a remake of another, they aren’t going to completely copy that shows method of elimination.

    So basically, the show isn’t and never will be about naming whodunit, because the only way they could do that would be to copy the show they set out to NOT copy. And no, it would not have been the slightest bit fair if Lindsey won just because she named Cris as the killer, as that was based off nothing more than a guess. It’s not fair to win a puzzle competition like that through just random guessing.

  • Adrianna Iwasinski says:

    Hi I am not the real one I just wanted to do this XD im not really Adrianna

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