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GSN Orders Quiz Show “Mind of a Man” Thumbnail

GSN Orders Quiz Show “Mind of a Man”

Fresh off the success of The Chase, GSN has ordered yet another quiz show.  The network has picked up 40 episodes of Mind of a Man from Never Nominated Productions. Mark Cronin, who previously produced the network’s 2003 game show Cram and 2004 sports game Extreme Dodgeball, will serve as producer.  Each episode sees two women, along with the help of a celebrity panel, figuring out the answers to survey questions previously given to a group of 100 men.  The series will bow late 2013.

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11 responses to "GSN Orders Quiz Show “Mind of a Man”"

  • Kat says:

    I do try to be positive on new show announcements, having been surprised plenty of times, but… that is a remarkably silly idea. It’s generic without the gender angle and seems destined to fall into unbearable stereotypical fluff with.

  • K.C. says:

    Sounds a whole heck of a lot like The Better Sex to me. Could be interesting.

  • David says:

    Now all GSN has to do is pick up the Talpa format Pretty Smart (which is basically the reverse of this- male contestants have to predict if women will answer questions correctly)…..

  • allan kelly says:

    Sounds to me like a reworked Mindreaders

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    Bad idea then. Bad idea now.

  • Scott says:

    Nice to see GSN continue the trend with quiz shows, but I think this new one resembles more of a Family Feud “Men VS Women” type of game.

    I wonder… it’s produced by “Never Nominated” Productions… is that a bad sign in and off itself?

    Seriously, GSN should just bring back Duel… or 1 VS 100… but this time, do it right and get a good host for it. Now that would be a great compliment to The Chase.

    • Glenn says:

      Duel’s issue was 1. terribly wooden host (although greenie did pick it up at the end but it was already too late) 2. Going from a tourney to a series was confusing for a primetime audience and wasn’t handled well. I agree the format was good enough that a rejiggered version could be a good chase compliment and it wouldn’t be that expensive to make I hope someone tries it was a fun little format.

  • CarShark says:

    I remember you had the blurb on here before, and my first thought was “Just Men reboot.” Still is.

  • Ted Cooper says:

    Actually that’s one that I’ve never been asked, Carrie…

    Mark Goodson had a very strict non-compete clause in employee contracts. We worked on an invoice/billable basis so, technically, I didn’t apply to me, but I followed it anyway. Only once did I waver, and that’s when I consulted on the set design for Jim Lange’s Spinoff in the mid 70′s.

    Please thank your mom for her kind words and, yes, I loved Jack as well.

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