Exclusive: Contestant and “The Beast” Face Off on “The Chase” (Video) Thumbnail

Exclusive: Contestant and “The Beast” Face Off on “The Chase” (Video)

It’s no big secret that we are eagerly anticipating GSN’s†The Chase, the big-money adaptation of ITV’s popular daytime quiz show. †Brooke Burns hosts as contestants face off against trivia genius Mark “The Beast” Labbett in a race to the finish line to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. †The series launches next Tuesday, August 6th, at 9:00PM ET. †We’ve seen pictures of the set. †We’ve seen pictures of the cast. †We’ve seen brief flashes of the show from previews. †How would you like to see some of the actual show? †Exclusive to BuzzerBlog, check out the first ever look at some game play, courtesy GSN. †Do you know the answer? †Better yet, can the contestant beat The Beast?

Again, be sure to watch†The Chase starting Tuesday, August 6th, at 9:00PM ET on GSN. †We’ve waited so long for a good quiz show in America and we finally got one. †Support it. †This is a publicity clip, remember, so check it out on Tuesday to see the finished product in full.

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33 responses to "Exclusive: Contestant and “The Beast” Face Off on “The Chase” (Video)"

  • Corey says:

    I do miss all the sounds though, unless this is a “raw” video.

  • Jason M. says:

    Yeah, I kind of missed the lock in sound.

    On top of that, while this was just one question, I didn’t like the lack of banter from Brooke and the contestant and how they went straight to the answer. It seemed, weird. But, it was just one question.

  • anonymous says:

    If these are the best 34 seconds from the show, I most certainly will NOT support it. It’s just so boring and bland-looking, especially compared to the original. Gosh I hope this isn’t the best of it.

    • HD says:

      Wow, Anonymous doesn’t want to be considered a troll, but won’t post his real name. LMAO

      I watched a British one and it’s good.

      Just ignore the trolls, don’t feed them, and move along

      • anonymous says:

        Hey, I love the UK Chase. Big fan, actually. That’s probably why I’m so disappointed by this. Not trolling. If you think this looked as good as the original UK version, then we simply have vastly different perceptions.

    • B. says:

      The video looked like it was cut here and there. This just looks like an example of how the traditional gameplay was kept.

  • Scott Carpency says:

    That’s gotta be a middle offer, pretty darn good the kind of money offered, which leads me to believe that GSN knows that during the entire show, a tremendous pot could be built, but evidently nothing could be won because of how tough the final chase is. Still, the show will be entertaining nontheless.

  • Alex Davis says:

    Just watch on Tuesday, guys. It’s a publicity clip. See what the finished product is on Tuesday.

    • Corey says:

      So the finished product has more banter and sound effects! Great!

    • anonymous says:

      Here’s an admittedly silly question: if this is a promo clip and the show is premiering in less than a week, why not show off the final product? Shouldn’t editing be done by now? I assumed (perhaps incorrectly so) that this was the final product. I mean, that’s how I interpreted “How would you like to see some of the actual show?”

      Again, I’m saying that IF this is the best, it’s going to be hard to get behind. I’d love for some excitement from the players, host, Beast, etc., and some inspired questions. Of course music and graphics are ancillary; but if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?

  • Clive of Legend says:

    I really don’t get why the bothered changing the graphics. Having the question be so long with all the choices shunted to left just looks awkward.

    If they’ve ditched the original music for some generic American schlock, that would be almost enough to kill the show for me. The Chase has some of the best music created for a game show in modern times and I’ll be damned if I’ll let GSN get away replacing it. I might even sulk a bit and whine on those “forums” on “The Google” just to show ‘em I mean business.

    • Corey says:

      Careful, Alex will make a snide comment on Twitter about you without mentioning your name.

      • Alex Davis says:

        Oh I’ll mention it by name. I think you’re being ridiculous as are many of the comments I’ve read. It’s a promo clip. Wait for the finished product. And if music and sound effects are enough to destroy a show for you then that’s very, very troubling.

        • Corey says:

          I never said that at all, actually. I was just wondering if they were edited out in this clip, as most news organizations edit out the sound in clips and they call it “raw” footage. No need for snide and pride.

        • Clive of Legend says:

          I’ll admit that saying them changing the music would kill the show for me was rather extreme hyperbole. So long as it still sounds like game show music and doesn’t go the path of Minute to Win It, I’ll probably still enjoy the show while occasionally grumbling about how the old stuff was better. Even if the new stuff is actually superior.

          • “Iíll admit that saying them changing the music would kill the show for me was rather extreme hyperbole.”

            Thanks for admitting that. Now I’ll completely ignore everything else that you’ll ever say.

        • Brig Bother says:

          I think that’s a bit harsh, I think the “show” element of “game show” is pretty important.

    • GameShowDude says:

      GSN has specific requirements for how graphics can be displayed on shows they produce.

  • Dale says:

    Too bad I dont have GSN

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    You don’t, and neither do a lot of other American homes. I was a customer of Comcast (Engulf and Devour, Inc.) when I lived in the States. They either didn’t offer it or put it in a premium package to make you pay top dollar. I wonder if people or Mark is aware that the numbers this show pulls in on GSN are going to be maybe one-fifth or one-sixth of what they are in the UK. Remember when Alex reported that the peak of “A Minute to Win It” in its premiere was 525,000 homes? And the two-hour average (two episodes) was 458,000, I think it was. In the UK, “The Chase” pulls in about 3 million homes, doesn’t it?

    Don’t get the wrong. I love the show — and Mark. But it does make you wonder what kind of numbers the show will have to get to persuade GSN to keep renewing it. Whatever the outcome, Mark is having a blast with all the big US promotion and hype — something the show doesn’t get much of in the UK. So, America, support the show and enjoy the beauty of the Beast.

    • Brekkie says:

      The Chase pulls in 3m viewers, not homes, so it’s probably at least 1m homes. Still twice as many as the In it to Win It figure you quote.

      And completely agree with Brig Bother – the “show” in “game show” is very important and though good presentation can’t save a bad game, a good game can definately get lost if the presentation isn’t up to scratch. Alex seems somewhat overly defensive here.

  • James Greek says:

    this doesn’t seem to work

  • Geptherigon says:

    This was really dark and cold compared to the Brit version.

    Also Mark needs to take Brooke out and get her something to eat. She’s unattractively skinny.

  • Josh J says:

    On the commercials which air for The Chase on GSN, the offer board they flaunt on it starts with an 11-correct Cash Builder, $55,000.

    In this case, the low offer to take a step closer to Home was $20,000 and the high offer to take on The Beast was $125,000.
    Personally, I’d have stuck with the $55,000 in that case. No idea what you guys think on that.

    • CouponBoy says:

      Depends on the circumstances. If there is already a huge amount in the team bank, I would take the lower offer so I could have the best chance of making it to the Final Chase and helping the team. Otherwise, I’d probably stick, as less than 2.5 times what I brought to the table isn’t enough of an incentive personally to put myself at greater risk of elimination.

      Also, one thing I’m concerned about is the very large amounts of money at stake. I doubt GSN has the budget for several Final Chases to be won, so they’ll probably give the contestants harder questions than the British version does.

  • JEFF S says:

    As I said in the last posting although many probably have not seen it, on you tube I found several video clips of the Russian show. Unfortunately I don’t speak or understand a word of Russian (other than I guess da means yes when a contestant gets an answer right in the cash builder portion. The show seems identical to the British version with the same musical effects, with the same stock footage of the chaser crossing the bridge and then showing the chaser taking in this case her seat. They also went with 4 contestants on the team including having a student type in the #3 slot.

    I said as the details started to leak out 3 contestants is a mistake and the huge amounts of money is a mistake. Cash builder round should be $1500 per question. Is it that GSN feels you need big payoffs to sell a quiz show in American prime time (I do get the British show is a daily and not a prime time show and thaqt perhaps if the British show went prime time, they would increase amounts). Will the chaser offer negative amounts in the third round if the team bank has become large?

    I still believe part of the beauty of the British show is the interplay between the host, the contestant and the chaser. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed. I mean when they imported Weakest Link, part of the beauty of the show was the biting commentary by Ann. So guess what? They brought her along. The host here seems to be very detached and cold at least in the clips I’ve seen. I know they couldn’t bring Bradley over because of his work on Law and Order UK but I’m afraid without that interplay, the show might fail here.

    I mean, I can’t wait to hear, ‘well played, mate.” Or “You have been caught and for you, the chase is over.” Or “Come on, be right.” or finally “Your time starts again now.”

    Maybe I’m being unfair and I hope I’m wrong but I’m ready to be very disappointed. Sorry for the repeats.

  • Tyler says:

    I can’t wait to see this show.

  • Big Gep says:

    The black guy was at my audition. He was all business.

  • JEFF S says:

    Horrible, horrible. Where’s the music? Where’s the grand entrance of the chaser crossing the bridge after each cash builder round with the music? She’s too slow paced. No wonder they dropped to 3 contestants.

    A bitter disappointment. Too many changes for change sake. They should have stuck more closely to what makes the show so cute all the music, grand entrances. Don’t need the chaser sitting there during the cash builder rounds.

    Perhaps I’m being unfair because I’m a big fan of the original but this is a pale imitaton besides the fact there’s too much money (part of the charm of the original were the low offers!) On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a negative 10.

  • Big Gep says:

    The crowd noise seems fake…

  • Ray says:

    Please tell me something. On the show The Chase, when the contestant locks in we always SEE what answer the contestant gave. But when The Beast locks in his answer, we the viewers never see his answer, and he always TELLS us what he answered. Why is this? it would be so easy to ‘rig’ a show in favor of the contestant if the beast chose to do so. Anyone know? Thanks.

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